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Seeking Nestle + Kraata / Offering MANY Kraata, branded items


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NOTE, 4/2/2019: 2001 watch and a very large number of Kraata have been reserved! If you want Kraata, check quickly before the remaining few go!


Hello all --


I am looking for a few rare items, as well as looking to sell or trade some of my BIONICLE collection! Primarily, I am seeking collectibles and offering an array of Kraata and BIONICLE-branded merchandise, but please ask if you are interested in specific parts or masks not listed; my collection is in no way complete, but extensive for a casual collector (LOTS of Tohunga/McDonalds Matoran parts, various masks, etc.).


My biggest objective is the full set of 2006 Nestle BIONICLE spinners. Example images of them can be viewed here as well as here; they are throwing stars with one Technic pin hole at their top, and came packaged with a paperboard "opponent". I own the Reidak spinner and associated Inika Nuparu card -- I would be looking to buy or trade for any or all of them, including duplicates of that one, but especially the other five.


I am also seeking Kraata of all kinds. The empty squares on this chart plus Stage 2 and 6 Guurahk, Stage 3 and 6 Turahk, and Stage 5 Shadow Kraata are what I am most interested in, but I will trade or pay for any Kraata!


As such, I am offering Kraata in kind (more or less). I've listed them below with head color followed by tail color; S1 = Stage 1, etc. Rahkshi Kraata are the most well-represented, but there are plenty of Wild Kraata too!


Lastly, I am interested in just about any Mata-era mask, especially any misprint or prototype (excluding white Noble Ruru). Please let me know if you have any that you are willing to trade/sell!


Happy browsing...


Rahkshi Kraata: $0.90 each, $8 for 10

PearlLtGold/Red (Fear): 2x S4

MetalGreen/LimeGreen (Poison): 2x S1, 2x S3, 1x S4, 4x S5 2x S5, 2x S6

PearlDkGrey/LtGrey (Hunger): FULL SET AVAILABLE -- 1x S1, 3x S2, 1x S3, 4x S4 2x S4, 3x S5, 1x S6

PearlDkGold/Tan (Fragmentation): 4x S4 3x S4

Pearl/White (Anger): 3x S1 2x S1, 2x S2, 1x S4

Purple (Shadow-Kraata): 1x S1


Wild Kraata: $2 each, $18.50 for 10

Black/Orange (Heat Vision): 7x S1 4x S1, 2x S2, 5x S4 2x S4, 2x S6

Orange/Black (Magnetism): 1x S1

Red/Black (Power Scream): 2x S1

Yellow/Black (Insect Control): 3x S1, 1x S2, 4x S4 1x S4, 3x S5, 1x S6

PearlLtGold/Black (Plant Control): 1x S4, 2x S6

PearlLtGold/Yellow (Darkness): 1x S4

MetalGreen/Red (Teleportation): 1x S1, 1x S2

Green/MetalGreen (Density Control): 2x S2

Tan/Green (Ice Resistance): 1x S2, 1x S6

MetalBlue/PearlDkGrey (Stasis Field): 2x S2

Pearl/MetalBlue (Slowness): 1x S1

MetalGreen/PearlDkGrey (Weather Control): 1x S4


Other Merchandise:

$10: 2001-2003 era BIONICLE early wristwatch (Unity, Duty, Destiny logo, silver face, red/brown/green/black band)

$20: 2002 Cahdok and Gahdok original box (slightly worn edges and corners, but never flattened)

$9: 2002 Bohrok Awake trading cards, McDonalds promotional pack (new, sealed!)

$10: 2002-2003 Pohatu Nuva buildable ballpoint pen (includes detachable Kakama Nuva in brown, 4 extra add-on pen segments)
$5.50 each, $27 for the set: All six 2003 Rahkshi mini-CDs (Turahk, Guurahk, Lerahk, Vorahk, Panrahk, Kurahk)

$30: 2003 Red (Turahk) Rahkshi shoes, US size 4Y. (No Transparent Orange Kraata included, sorry!)

$9: 2003 Rahkshi wristwatch (includes Vorahk and Lerahk heads plus extra silver outer ring; no manual, sorry!)

$35: 2004 Toa Metru Whenua Colgate electric toothbrush (new, sealed! permanent marker scribbles and small price tag on packaging back)

$10: 2004 sealed bags #2, #4 from Krekka (white front has some dings, but definitely sealed)

$9: 2006 Nestle Avak, set 6997 (reddish brown figure, transparent neon orange disc, and bright light orange/Keetorange launcher)

$0.90 each, $4.30 for the set: 2006 Vezok cardboard discs, 6x (like new but with a couple of faint scratches -- from the McDonalds figure)

$2.50: 2007 Mantax McDonalds figure (working light-up eyes, no extra accessories)
$20: 2007 Karzahni original box (slightly crushed front, but no price sticker and never flattened)

$20: 2009 Ackar watch (new, sealed!)

$25: 2009 Skopio XV-1 original box (front opened, top side faded, but otherwise almost pristine)

$1.25: 2009 Tarix original can (used but with no issues)

$18: 2009 Tarduk "Glatorian" T-shirt, white, size XL


Non-BIONICLE things for sale/trade:

$8.50: Nexo Knights promotional polybag (Shop@Home offer)

$50: 1999 Electro Throwbot/Energy Slizer (new, sealed!! upper left front of box is slightly dented near picture window)

$7: 2002 Nick Bluetooth McDonalds buildable figure (new, sealed! bag is softer than regular LEGO polybag material and shows some wear)

$69: 2002 Darth Vader, set 8010 (new! box top flap unsealed, but parts new inside, sealed bags)

$5.25: 2015 Doctor Who (LEGO Ideas) original box (great shape, opened as display box but never used otherwise)

$21: 2005 Star Wars 7260 Wookiee Catamaran original box (great shape, includes original inserts/minifig display plastic)





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