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Nuparu's Folly Review Topic


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This is the review topic for my story Nuparu's Folly.


Sorry if this is kinda not what you wanted but I really did like the idea of writing about Krahka so here we are. Tell me what you like and dislike.


New entries should be in every week, if not, the week after.

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This is an interesting setting... I'm guessing Matau's appearance means it's not set in the official canon. (I was thinking at first Krahka was wandering around the MU after Makuta had been defeated.) But you're building a cool narrative; I'm especially intrigued by the mech operator, and am expecting a cool reveal since you're doing so much to hide his identity. :P My main complaint are that the chapters are so short that the read's over quickly and now I have to wait to see what happens next. ;)



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Oh, hi, I'm the user that used to go by AceGreenLegend. Sorry, I haven't spent much time on the forums in years, and I only found your fic today-- gosh, that's a long while-


As it has been quite a while since the exchange event, I really had no expectations going into the story, but it's quite an interesting mystery about a post-apocalyptic Metru Nui. It's cool to make a designated Vahki into an individual character, so Ahurei is a welcome OC for the story!

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