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Happy 5th anniversary, Mixels!


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Hi, guys!:) Do any of you remember that Lego theme called Mixels? It’s a theme that is like constraction, like Bionicle and Hero Factory, but everything is made of bricks with those new ball-and-joint pieces designed for them. The theme is about fun-loving and creative colorful creatures of various shapes called Mixels having wacky adventures by using magical objects called Cubits to mix together into new crazy-looking combinations. The Mixels also have various powers, like fire, rock, electricity, ice, and much more, and are divided into many tribes because of that. Their only challenge is the Nixels, which are evil, small, crazy, destructive, colorless, and black and white creatures who want to destroy the Mixels and the Cubits, so they can't mix.

Anyway, it's like Monsters Inc. and Monsters University (ever watched these Pixar movies?). There is a TV series in Cartoon Network that went from 30-second-to-2-minute shorts in early 2014 to 22-minute specials, where each is the half of a year, it ran from February 12, 2014 to October 1, 2016, and it had 9 episodes in total. Lego creates and sells 9 different tribes of three Mixels every year since 2014 (which is when the franchise was born), three tribes at a time and some of the Mixels sets include Nixels and fun accessories.

There are 24 known tribes of Mixels, and they are the Infernites (red guys with fire powers) Cragsters (gray guys with earth powers) Electroids (yellow guys with electric powers), Frosticons (blue guys with ice powers) Fang Gang (brown guys who are based on wood and have fangs that help them eat lots of stuff), Flexers (orange guys who can stretch like rubber bands), Glorp Corp (green guys who are slimy), Spikels (tan guys who have silver spikes), Wiztastics (purple wizards), Orbitons (green and white space alien guys who are based on astronauts and rockets) Glowkies (dark blue space alien guys who have eyes that glow in the dark) Klinkers (brown and gold guys who are based on steampunk machines) Lixers (yellow and orange guys who can lick with their long tongues), Weldos (yellow and black construction workers), Munchos (purple and lavender guys who can eat lots of stuff and love food), MCPD (blue and white police officers), Medivals (brown and gray Medival-based knights), Mixies (yellow and purple guys who are based on musical instruments), MCFD (red and yellow firefighters), Pyrratez (brown and green pirates), Medix (white and blue doctors), Trashoz (dark green garage guys), Nindjas (orange and black ninjas), and Newzers (blue and yellow news reporters). There are 27 groups of three Mixels (81 in total) because there are six members in each of three tribes, the Infernites, Frosticons, and the Glorp Corp, released as sets, but three members of each of these tribes are called “cousins” in 2015. Each of the theme’s years, 2014-2016, has nine of the groups of three Mixels. There are also 27 Nixels, as one is included in one of the members in one of the groups. The Nixels in 2015 can combine into King Nixel, the main antagonist of the franchise.

There are three kinds of mixes, and they all use and combine the powers of their Mixel components. One is a Mix, which is a mix of two or more Mixels. The other is a Max, which is a mix of three members of a tribe. The third is a Murp, which is a Mix or Max gone horribly wrong. A Mix or a Murp can happen depending on a Cubit itself (I’d say that defective Cubits can cause Murps, but it’s impossible to tell which one). Mixels, who are in their Mixes, can use the Cubits to shape-shift. Even Mixes can use Cubits to combine.

The Mixels and Nixels are cyborgic, and they live in a planet called Planet Mixel, which has a moon called the Mixel Moon, where two tribes, the Orbitons and the Glowkies, live. The Mixels are the Heroes while the Nixels are the villains. The Mixels’ tribes are led by overall leaders, and probably their overall leader of them all is Flain, the leader of the Infernites. King Nixel has a second-in-command named Major Nixel, who is an old guy with anger issues. King Nixels constantly screams at Major Nixel for his failures by the Mixels. King Nixel looks like that he is the tallest of people, but he is actually a normal-sized Nixel who uses other Nixels and some robotic equipment to make him look tall. However, with those, he is very powerful.

There are also special Cubits called Rainbow Cubits, which are colorful Cubits that can used by any two or more Mixels rather than just Cubits with one or two colors, as each color only responds to a certain tribe with the same color.

Cubits are very important to Mixels, as they are used for their everyday lives and emergency. They are ultimate weapons against the Nixels. The Nixels want to destroy them, and draining the color out of the Cubits and Mixels can give the Nixels advantage over them. The Nixels usually say “Nix” all the time as a way to talk, but they speak other words rarely. They are probably not bright at all.

The Mixels also live in a city called Mixopolis in 2016.

There are two significant characters who were never released as sets, and they are Major Nixel and a Glorp Corp Mixel nnamed Booger, who is a young kid.

There’s also two app games that promote the theme. One in 2014 is where you explore the 2014 Mixels’ home environments and battle Nixels to defend their Cubits. The other in 2015 is where you have to run away from a storm made of Nixels. There are also some online games.

The sets have a lot of new Lego pieces introduced in the theme, including those small circle tiles that the Mixels have for eyes and teeth, those ball pieces that the Mixels use for eyes, the half-oval-shaped pieces that the Mixels have for eyes, and the ball-and-joint limbs.


In my opinion, the theme is quite fun. It’s a creative way of building something based on your imagination. The Mixels and Nixels are quite fun and funny. There are some good character development on some of them, but why not all of them? I mean, the Mixels are not equal to each other on every single thing, like certain videos and app games. Plus, why not put more shorts to expand of that. We don’t know how do Mixels and Nixels came to be, and I would like to learn much more about them. Plus, I wish that Major Nixel and Booger could be released as sets because they are significant characters. The theme is overly weird in many ways. I also wish that there are more Mixel tribes with more powers, like Stone, Magnetism, Gravity, Air, Plasma, Plants, and Psionics (I’m thinking stuff from Bionicle). I don’t feel what happened is enough. It’s sad that the theme ended with so little story, and it became of the victims in this decade. Plus, the app games are kind of glitchy, and that’s annoying. The TV show also has some animation problems, which are annoying to look at. Seriously. What’s up with Lego these days?:( Man, I wish Mixels could last for another year and bring back the old ones.

Unlike Bionicle in 2001-2010, there is no replacement for Mixels.:(


Well, it’s a downer, but the theme made a legacy for other themes:

1. Bionicle 2015-2016, Ultra Agents, Ninjago, Legends of Chima, Lego Dimensions, Nexo Knights, The Lego Movies, Lego Super Heroes themes and many others has been using the Mixels parts, as you can see.

2. Lego Worlds video game has one of the Infernites named Burnard from 2015.


The theme impacts me of my life because it reminds me about me hanging out with my friends. It also inspired me to make certain ideas for my drawings of my friends as superheroes, so they can look like that they have the same powers as the Mixels.:)


Anyway, I’m saying all of this to celebrate the Mixels TV show’s 5th anniversary since it came out on February 12, 2014. It’s a good theme, so yeah. What’s your favorite thing about Mixels? Any good memories about it? What franchises remind you of the theme? For me, there’s some:

1. Bionicle - the Toa with various elemental powers and the ability to combine into fusions with their elements.

2. Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University - The monsters are like the Mixels

3. Steven Universe - Gems do fusions. Some of them are made of same Gems while others with different Gems.

4. Ben 10 - the aliens are kind of like Mixels because of their powers. There are times where they are combined to form new beings.

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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