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Toy Fair 2019: City

Hapori Tohu

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Toy Fair 2019 Technic Teaser

I believe City is the longest-running LEGO play theme at this point, so I imagine it must be hard to come up with new ideas and designs year after year. Despite that, I think the team has done a great job of mixing things up, taking familiar vehicles and giving them some fantastic builds and new features. To get an overview of the current wave of sets, read on!


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Hey, if we can encourage kids to be "master breakers", why can't we encourage them to be arsonists too?


I mean, that's why the cities are all cops and firemen, right?


This is much funnier for those of us old enough to remember when LEGO invented fire...back in 1993. It was nearly impossible to get your hands on enough flames to build a burning building until 1998, when this set came out: https://brickset.com/sets/6580-1/Land-Jet-7

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Omg why is LEGO setting everything on fire? The dock, the bbq and the burger joint! LEGO are you okay?


Truth be told, I think it's a neat way for LEGO to market buildings and structures to kids that might not be as exciting to the LEGO City target audience as fire trucks and police cars. Same with some of the buildings or scenery used as crime scenes or crook hideouts in the past several years of police sets and civilian boats appearing in recent Coast Guard sets.


I remember that with other toy brands of the 2000s with a similar emphasis on action-packed real world careers like Jack Stone or Rescue Heroes, it was a frequent frustration that most toys only featured heroic characters, and not more "everyday" characters for them to "protect and serve". With the ubiquitous and near-constant presence of police, fire, and construction categories in LEGO City since 2005, and the shift among many of the less constant subthemes to other types of adventure/exploration scenarios, it's nice that LEGO has found a way to make other types of scenery needed to flesh out a city setting readily available in spite of that.

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