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Toy Fair 2019: LeGlue

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LeGlue is a special glue designed for holding kids' LEGO creations together. Their booth in the Launch Pad area of Toy Fair 2019 spotlighted their product and highlighted their appearance on TV's Shark Tank. We were able to get hands-on with some bricks that had been adhered using LeGlue, and sure enough, it does provide a firm but not completely permanent connection that will allow a model to withstand more play than normal. We asked how well it works with the various plastics used in Technic and Bionicle pieces, and they said it has similarly positive results there (with the obvious caveat that you shouldn't glue parts that are supposed to move). Regardless of whether you're comfortable crossing the line into gluing your models, you can get a look at their booth and product after the jump.


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Having something less permanent than Krazy Glue is definitely appealing. Then again, with the variety of brackets and Technic elements that can be used to brace things today, I find that there are very few situations where normal LEGO pieces won't hold well enough already. To make matters worse, LEGO has started making more and more SNOT pieces to the point where most places I've been tempted to use glue, tape, cutting etc over the years are now moot - I could make the pieces stay where I want by swapping out old parts for the newer ones.


I wish we'd tried getting video here - we were allowed to intentionally break some samples of glued bricks at their booth. The real fun would probably be intentionally using this weak glue on something that would eventually be worn down, so the MOC would seemingly break free in the middle of a convention. I'm convinced that with proper planning, LEGO pieces alone could un-glue themselves.


On second thought, this might help with less-sturdy GBC designs, too...

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I know that some people (kids, parents, and AFOLs alike) have legitimate reasons to want to glue certain creations, but what exactly does this product offer that an ordinary water-soluble glue like Elmer's school glue would not?

I believe this, as advertised at least, is significantly stronger than Elmer's. Based on my hands-on time with the glued parts, I would agree that it's quite strong. The company rep that we talked to said he had creations that his child had made years ago that were still glued together and holding strong.

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