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Are Matoran have souls?

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Not long ago, I started creation of my fan continuense of G1 storyline with motto "Old heroes, new legend" in my head. One of this plan is rebirth of Toa Matoro that has comparison with rebirth of the Christ. But for realisation of this concept I have begun think that he need a soul where have to be placed mind of being that shrapened in Ignika. After that I developed one theory. It based on that Great Beings created for Matoran souls, tool that helps return Matoran back to life by Red Star. And I also think that part of dead beings not mentioned by Red Star only because of soul hasn't connected with body. In my imagination soul is gas-like object with small metallic shining ball that keep mind and memories of Matoran or other beings from MU.

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I would say so. They think and act like human beings. It’s all because a Great Being named Velika gave them their minds and souls. Plus, there’s the Red Star, which can revive dead people in the Matoran Universe if their bodies and minds are intact.

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Bionicle is basically fantasy, even if G1 tries (but fails) to go for a sci-fi lean, so nothing's stopping metaphysical concepts like souls from making sense there. 'Course, souls are such an abstract concept that it's hard to really say whether or not they would. What is a "soul," really? It's your fanfic and Bionicle never defines what souls are, so you kinda get to decide what that entails.

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The Mask of Spirit exists, and supposedly allows the user to project what the Matoran think of as their soul/spirit away from their body temporarily. Hahli,with the Kanohi Elda was able to see Matoro in spirit form, which she recognised as him since it mimicked the shape of his physical form. So I'd say this is pretty solid evidence for them having souls, and the souls existing as something separate from the circuits of their core processors or whatever physical part of them is used on the Red Star to revive them.


Mata Nui has a soul, as it left his body when he died. It should have returned to his body when Matoro revived the GSR, but Makuta took his place instead. In fact, we've seen several instances of a being's consciousness being transferred elsewhere, such as Lewa being bodyswapped with Tren Krom. Since their heads were not physically opened up and their brains swapped over, I think we have to conclude that their souls were exchanged instead.


We also know that the souls of organic beings can exist and function in a Matoran body, as seen with Velika. Presumably the reverse could also be true.


Further questions for speculation-


What happens to their souls after death?


When someone is revived on the Red star, does the soul return to the body, or is a duplicate one made?


Could someone with the Elda see a dying person's soul leave their body?


Do Makuta have souls separate from their antidermis essence?


Did the Great Beings create new souls in creating the Matoran, or just bodies for souls to exist in?

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TLG’s official stance is that the word “soul” has religious connotations and it’s not to be used as a result. The concept of “spirits” are a reasonable interpretation, though they don’t really cover the whole concept (just the individuality and consciousness parts).

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On 4/30/2019 at 5:14 PM, Cheesy Mac n Cheese said:

TLG’s official stance is that the word “soul” has religious connotations and it’s not to be used as a result. The concept of “spirits” are a reasonable interpretation, though they don’t really cover the whole concept (just the individuality and consciousness parts).

i they got it wrong, if you think "religious vs anti-theist way" soul is religious conept, but if you are somebody that rejecet doctrines and focus on theories that say faith can go along side science (yes im foilhead :P but dont judge me, this world is mess of lies and half trues where is hard to find whats right from wrong and see truth) soul basicly is like b0x which contains  consciousness and spirit is it manifestation (STANDO POWAH)

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in b4 lock

I think their concern is more with conflicting with kids' religions, rather than just with taking stuff from religion. They're probably worried that kids might say stuff like "Pastor says only people have souls but the Bionicles are saying they have souls too" and then their parents would say "Looks like you're too young to distinguish fiction from reality so no more Bionicle for you." Or maybe that a kid from an atheist family would become more interested in religion if they used "religious" words.

They're probably underestimating kids' intelligence, but I really think their reasoning is somewhere along those lines. There's also the question of whether Mata Nui as the "Great Spirit" is a religious concept, but that brings up whole different issues.

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This is 100% the kind of thing LEGO would never get involved in.

The absolute closest they get is that weird business with Jaller's mask and revival in MoL.

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