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The Brick Badge Contest Entry List

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This is the entry list for The Brick Badge Contest. Placement on this list does not guarantee entry into the contest, however; entries may be disqualified at any time.


1. Poor Disadvantaged >>> Silver Lining

2. The 1st Shadow >>> ShadowBadge

3. IvanisIvan >>> Ivan's brick badge

4. TuragaNuva >>> Uan, Badge of Earth

5. ~SUMMONER ~ >>> Not To Be Trifled With

6. CZQ >>> Aranya Brick Badge

7. Sergei Rahkmaninoff >>> Piano Badge

8. Paleo >>> Fossil Badge!

9. Mohamed Marei >>> Pharaoh's Breastplate

10. Steve The Squid >>> Fish Tank

11. Kat >>> Navigating the Open Seas!

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Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!
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