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Happy 10th anniversary, 2009 storyline! :)


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Hi, guys!:) I know that Bionicle had ended three years ago sadly, but let’s be happy about Bionicle for something else. You see, this year, 2019, is the 10th anniversary of Bionicle’s 2009 storyline, which is a loose continuation/soft reboot for Bionicle 2001-2010 (think how Star Wars movies in this decade and Bumblebee in 2018 happened). While 2001-2008 storylines were about people in the Matoran Universe, this storyline is set in completely different new world, which is a desert planet called Bara Magna. In there, there are many people who fight each other in arena matches for scarce resources. Later on, that’s where the former Great Spirit Mata Nui, who is put into the Kanohi Ignika, aka the Mask of Life, and then got banished from the MU by his evil brother named Makuta Teridax in the 2008 storyline, arrived and had a big adventure in there where he had to find a way to get back to the MU and defeat Teridax in order to reclaim his lost kingdom, but he had to help the good-hearted people in BA fight against the evil ones first. I know that this year doesn't have anything Bionicle-related (well, Lego did mention Bionicle in one of its Instagram stories, and there have been some Instagram posts by one of Bionicle’s co-creators names Faber that seems related to Bionicle lately), let’s celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 2009 storyline. That would enlighten you more.:)


Let me tell you the 2008 storyline:

First, I must tell you about BA’s people and their lifestyle because this is a new completely different place. Like MU, there are many species of people and tribes of them, and each of most tribes represents an element that sounds like the MU’s elemental powers. These tribes are the Fire Tribe, Water Tribe, Jungle Tribe, Ice Tribe, Rock Tribe, Sand Tribe, and Iron Tribe. Each tribe lives in a region in Bara Magna that matches it. Most of them have villages there, and some of these villages are protected with giant chunks of mechanical and metal things that are used to make them. People also are mostly organic, but with metallic bones, and they have faces that look like Iron Man’s helmet from Marvel and don’t have any powers. They’re basically are like humans much, as they can biologically reproduce. They are warriors who wear various armor with various colors and weapons that match their tribes. Many warriors over there use guns called a Thornax Launchers, which shoot explosive spiked fruit called Thornax. There are also organic animals in the planet, and some are dangerous to and would attack people who come to their way and some can be ridden by people. BA is a place completely covered in desert where there are scarce amounts of resources, sadly.

The main species of warriors are called the Glatorian, but by title. They look like, are tall, and fight like Toa. They do arena matches. There are three classes of Glatorian in their tribes. One is the Primary Glatorian, and below it is a Secondary Glatorian, who is like a trainee. There are Pilot Glatorian, who drive fighting vehicles.

Another species of people are called Agori, who look and are short like the Matoran. They have Glatorian protect and work for them, and they set up arena matches for the Glatorian. Most of the tribes are led by an elected Agori.

There are a subspecies of Glatorian called the Vorox and a subspecies of Agori called the Zesk. They were once normal people long ago, but they regressed into animalistic people, making them act like hostile cavemen. They also turned evil and would go against anyone who gets in their way. They are nomadic and anti-social. They live in the wastelands and don’t have a village of their own. They wear tan armor and have stinger tails, which make them look like scorpions. The Vorox use weapons and are primary members of the tribe while the Zesk walk in all fours and wear helmets that look like that they have four eyes. The Sand Tribe’s stinger tails and bestial appearances were given by the Great Beings. They all make up the Sand Tribe, even though they usually go in small packs, which are from several to much more, like fifty.

A species of black-armored people are called the Skrall, who are related to the Glatorian species. They are evil, savage, and brutal and military terrorists who want to take over Bara Magna. They used to live in the north, but when shape-shifting robots that they called the Baterra, created by the Great Beings, the very people who created the Matoran Universe, attacked them, they moved down south before they thought about their conquest. These are the male Skrall, who formed the Rock Tribe, while the females wear cloaks, have limited psionic powers, and formed a group called the Sisters of the Skrall. The male Skrall have three classes through hierarchy. The lowest class is the Warriors, who are stronger and faster than Glatorian and as a strong as Toa, who are super-strong, but not as tough. The middle class is the Special Forces, who are stronger than the Warriors and are bulky. The highest class is the Leaders, who are Hulk-from-Marvel-sized leaders of the Skrall who are stronger than Skrall from other classes and have the authority to give these worthy Skrall names. The last remaining Leader is Tuma, whose class got killed by the Baterra.

The Fire Tribe are red-armored people who live in a volcanic region and a village called Vulcanus, and they are led by an old Agori named Raanu, who is very concerned about things, including Glatorian. Their Primary Glatorian is Ackar, who is an old dude who has self-esteem issues, but continues on fighting. Their Secondary Glatorian was Malum, who has anger issues, which led him to get exiled from his tribe after trying to kill a Glatorian named Strakk in an arena match. Before Malum became Secondary Glatorian, there is Perditus, who was a Secondary Glatorian before he gave it up to Malum and started being a Pilot Glatorian who drives a battle vehicle called the Thornatus V9, which is made from the Great Beings’ designs. Their Agori also include Crotesius, who drives a snowmobile-battle vehicle called the Cendox V1.

The Water Tribe are blue-armored people lives in a watery region and a village called Tajun. Their Primary Glatorian is Tarix, who is very successful and cares about his friends. Their Secondary Glatorian is Kiina, who is a pushy female who doesn’t like living BA and wishes to be in a better space alien world. Their Agori include Berix, who is a collector and some people don’t trust because because they believe that he is a thief. Scodonius and Kirbraz, who drive a motorcycle-like vehicle that can separate into two smaller vehicles called the Kaxium V3.

The Jungle Tribe are green-armored people who live in a jungly region and twin villages called Tesara. Their Primary Glatorian is Vastus, whose armor is based on a spiked snake, uses a venomous scythe, and is very skilled and guilty, so he wants to make up for his crimes in the past and defend his village. Their Secondary Glatorian is Gresh, who is very determined, wants to be successful, cares about his friends, and knows what is the right thing to do. Their Agori include Tarduk, who is a adventurous historian with claws on his hands and feet, blades on his shoulders, and walks like a gorilla who likes discovering things.

The Ice Tribe are white-armored people live in a bunch of snowy mountains called the White Quartz Mountatins and a village called Iconox. Their Primary Glatorian was Certavus, who died from natural causes, so Strakk, who was a Secondary Glatorian for the tribe, took over. Strakk is ambitious and would fight dirty in arena matches. Their current Secondary Glatorian was Gelu, who decided to retire and does delivering service. Their Agori include Metus, who is a recruiter and trainer for Glatorian who sets up arena matches and is a spokesman.

The Rock Tribe are black-armored people who used to live in the White Quartz Mountains, but due to the Baterra, they moved south, in a bunch of black spiky mountains called the Black Spike Mountains. They live in a village called Roxtus. Tuma is their only leader, and the Skrall are the primary members of the tribe. Warrior Skrall include Branar, who is like a second-in-command for Tuma. Special Forces include Stronius, who is fearsome and close friends with Tuma. The tribe’s Agori include Atakus, who uses two mysterious unique blades that glow in the dark and works as an assistant for the Skrall and works as a gate guard.

The Iron Tribe are orange-armored people who got plagued to not be able to dream and some of the members died from it 103,000 years ago, so the rest got disbanded. Plus, other people are worried that the Iron Tribe can spread their plaque to them, so they avoid them. The Iron Tribe turned evil. The Glatorian warriors for the tribe included Telluris, who is crazy, has a short torso, and drives a giant vehicle called the Skopio XV-1, which is based on a bio-mechanical creature created by the Great Beings called a Skopio and can turn into a tank. The Agori in the tribe included Sahmad, who is a collector who drives a chariot called the Baranus V7, which is pulled by a green two-headed creature called a Spikit that eats a lot. He also works for the Rock Tribe.

There are evil and nomadic species and tribe of people called Bone Hunters, who were once Rock Agori, but they somehow evolved into their own race who are stronger than Agori. They are thieves who steal things, and attack anyone that they notice. They ride on T-Rex-like creatures called Rock Steeds. They come in packs. One known Bone Hunter is Fero, who is confident rides a Rock Steed named Skirmix.

The Fire, Water, Jungle and Ice Tribes made a social structure where they send their warriors to arena matches to settle for disputes over resources. This happened because 100,000 years ago, people in Bara Magna used to live in a prosperous planet-Earth-like planet called Spherus Magna, but the Fire, Water, Jungle, Ice, Rock, and Sand Tribes had a planet-wide war with each other called the Core War over a magical substance called Energized Protodermis, the same substance in the 2002 storyline that turned the Toa Mata into the Toa Nuva. The war ended when the substance broke their planet apart into three pieces. One is Bara Magna, which was the desert region that turned into a planet, where there aren’t much resources. The other two fragments became smaller moons that orbit the planet. One of them was the watery region called Aqua Magna, which is where the Great Spirit Robot/Matoran Universe is. The other is the jungly region called Bota Magna. Since that day, the social structure happened to not cause another war like this. In the social structure, there are rules, and whoever breaks any of them gets exiled from its tribe and into the wastelands. The rules include that if one wins the arena match, he or she will get the resource for his or her tribe. Glatorian and Agori use weapons and battle vehicles in the arena matches, and they can partner with each other. The Rock Tribe joined the system, and the Skrall are usually victorious in the arena matches. The Sand Tribe members get forced to fight in there. The Tribes have a city called Atero, where there is an arena called Arena Magna, where they do annual championship events.

People from both worlds, the MU and the BA, are not aware of each other, but there is the name “Bara Magna” written in the Core Processor in Dwellers of Darkness serial in 2008.


Now, for the story. In the first half of it, or the winter half, Gresh is the main protagonist. He and his friends have various adventures and fought many bad guys. Along the way, after Malum was exiled from the Fire Tribe, he turned evil and took control of a pack of Sand Tribe members, and they attack anyone they notice or gets in their way. However, Malum is not completely bad, as a he acts like an anti-hero by warning his former people about Skrall attacks at times and helping them fight the Bone Hunters at one time. The Skrall planned to take over Bara Magna. They are secretly assisted by a mysterious person who betrayed the other tribes. When the tribes are doing their annual championship at Atero, the Skrall attacked and destroyed place, starting a big planet-wide war called the Skrall War. The Glatorian and Agori are good-hearted, and they needed help to fight the Skrall.

In the second half, or the summer half, that’s where the 2008 storyline left off, as Teridax banished Mata Nui’s spirit from the Great Spirit Robot, put him into the Mask of Life, and then banished both into space, so Teridax could start his tyrannical reign on Mata Nui’s people, who didn’t like this at all. Mata Nui promised to return to save his people and reclaim his body. The mask was flying toward Bara Magna. Many people noticed the Mask coming to the planet, but they ignored it. When the Mask crash-landed there like a meteorite, it used sand particles to create a new Toa-or-Glatorian-sized body with yellow armor with spiked shoulder armor pieces for Mata Nui to use to move around. Mata Nui was able to move around with his new body. That’s where Mata Nui is the main protagonist of the entire 2009 storyline. He found a beetle called a Scarabax Beetle, who had the courage to be curious about Mata Nui and his mask. When the beetle touched the mask, the mask gave the beetle the ability to turn into a powerful shield called the Scarab Shield. Mata Nui got attacked by a Vorox, but he was able to defend himself by using his shield to break the Vorox’s stinger, making it retreat. Mata Nui and the beetle became friends. He got the stinger for a new weapon.

When he was found by Metus, Metus took him to Vulcanus, where an arena match between Ackar and Strakk happened. When Strakk conceded, he was so ambitious that he attacked Ackar and was trying to deliver a final blow, but was stopped by Mata Nui, who accidentally turned the stinger into a new sword. Mata Nui had Strakk concede finally, and since Strakk broke the rules in the arena, he was eventually exiled from his tribe and into the wastelands. Ackar thanked Mata Nui for the rescue and then took him to his home. While they were introducing each other, Metus wanted Mata Nui to be a new Glatorian to replace Ackar or fight for other tribes, but Mata Nui declined. When Mata Nui and Ackar continued their conversation, Kiina got into it because she was happy to hear that Mata Nui is from another world. She wanted Mata Nui to promised that he will take her to his world, and she made Mata Nui name the beetle “Click”.

She decided to use a Thornatus to take Mata Nui and Ackar to a place in Tajun where Mata Nui could find something that can help him go back home, and during their journey, they were talking about there being the mysterious traitor who is causing the tribes problems, but they were attacked by a Skopio and a bunch of Bone Hunters sent by the traitor. Mata Nui was able to get his friends to safety and defeat their foes. They noticed Tajun in ruins, Gresh being injured, and the Skrall and Bone Hunters, who are the ones that destroyed Tajun, working together. Kiina brought her friends in the Great Beings’ Underground Lab hidden in the village to hide in there. Kiina talked about the history of Spherus Magna and she blamed the Great Beings for the destruction of the planet. The gang found Berix in the lab, which upset Kiina because this is her secret sanctuary, but Berix went to help heal Gresh while the others investigate the Lab. Mata Nui’s mask was able to open another room in there, where Mata Nui discovered that he, along with his former body, were created on Spherus Magna. The whole gang, with Gresh being healed, snuck out of the village. The three Glatorian’s weapons were no longer able to fight their enemies because of the bad guys’ alliance, but Mata Nui used his mask’s power to enhance their weapons while giving the three Glatorian elemental powers. The weapons can also use their powers. Ackar got Fire powers, Kiina Water, and Gresh Air (rather than the Green for some reason. Lol.), which is like Toa. Ackar saw that Mata Nui was not ready to fight, so he wanted to teach him how to fight. During the gang’s journey to Tesara, the Glatorian were learning on how to use their new powers while Ackar was teaching the others about fighting.

When they arrived in Tesara, they noticed an arena match between Tarix and Vastus, with the Fire, Water, Jungle, and Ice Tribes watching the fight. The gang stopped the fight and they warned the tribes about the Skrall and Bone Hunters uniting, who took an advantage of their social structure, and told them about Tajun being destroyed by the bad guys, which saddened Tarix. The gang convinced the tribes to abandon their social structure and unite to fight and defeat the Skrall to end the new war and save Bara Magna from them. Along the way, Mata Nui upgraded Tarix’s and Vastus’ weapons and gave them Water and Air powers, respectively. Kiina and Berix got kidnapped by a bunch of Bone Hunters sent by the traitor, and then when Metus told Mata Nui and his allies about the kidnapping, Mata Nui goes alone to save his new friends, even though that he had Click along.

Mata Nui and Click went to Roxtus, where his friends are imprisoned, and then when Mata Nui got to the village’s arena surrounded by the bad guys, he challenged Tuma to a duel to free his friends. Mata Nui was having a hard time, but when he noticed a weak spot on Tuma’s back, he went to hit it three times before defeating Tuma, which is a lesson that Ackar taught Mata Nui about. However, before Mata Nui could free his friends, Metus showed up and revealed to be the traitor who is the main antagonist of the 2009 storyline. Metus planned to take control of the Skrall and Bone Hunters, defeat his former people and win the war, and take over Bara Magna. However, Click summoned his fellow beetles to form a large figure to scare the united bad guys and scattered them. Then, Mata Nui freed his friends before Mata Nui’s allies showed up to fight the bad guys. Metus tried to get away, but Mata Nui got him and then used the power of his mask to turn him into a snake as punishment for his crime against his own people. Metus vowed revenge against Mata Nui and his friends before retreating. Mata Nui then went to help his friends fight and defeat the other bad guys, making them retreat, so the good guys won the war and peace is restored in Bara Magna.

After the war, the good guys were pulling the giant machines from their villages, including Roxtus, together to combine their village into a new bigger village called the Mega-Village. When Mata Nui saw the giant machines being put together, he saw that the shape they formed looks like his former body. Mata Nui named Ackar leader of the united tribes’ military while Raanu became the chairman of the united tribes. Berix found a coin in the lab and showed it to Mata Nui. He learned that a symbol on a side of the coin that looks like the Skrall’s symbol represents a map that leads to somewhere that is the next step of his journey back home. Mata Nui also saw some things in Bara Magna that remind him of his people during his journey.

At one time, Metus tried to crush Mata Nui and and some of his gang with a big boulder to have his revenge on them, but Click and his swarm stopped him.

Mata Nui and his gang went to the place that the map was leading them, but when they fought two Skrall who injured Berix, Mata Nui decided to go alone for the safety of his friends. During Mata Nui’s journey, his friends fought and defeated Sahmad, who was trying to attack the Mega-Village. He and Click went to the spot where the map was leading them, which is a maze-like place called the Valley of the Maze, where the Great Beings worked in. Along the way, he survived various traps in there and continued on his journey into the center of the Valley to try to find a way back home. Meanwhile, Teridax crushed rebellions in Mata Nui’s former body and then flew out of Aqua Magna to go find and destroy Mata Nui to take over the outside universe. The end of the 2009 storyline and to be continued in the 2010 storyline.


To celebrate, let me ask you this:

What are your fond memories about the storyline and/or what do you like about it?

For me, I like how the sets use more color variety than in 2008. Plus, we got a lot of new pieces. They are the transparent heads that look like Iron Man from Marvel, the hands (well, they are four-fingered), the Thornax Launcher rods, the Thornax fruits, the fancy new helmets, the life counter wheel-like pieces, a lot of new weapon designs, and those new limb pieces where you attach an axle to the sides rather than the pins on the top or bottom. These are neat, including the fact that most of the designs are based on the tribes that the sets belong to. The non-small sets have the Thornax Launchers, where you squeeze the rods together to shoot the Thornax fruit, where the gold part with the spikes is rubbery while the black band is hard plastic. Plus, there is a game called the Bionicle action figure game where you can shoot Thornax at your opponent’s non-small set or its canister to decrease points on that guy’s life counter, which has five lives, in a battle. If the number of lives reach to zero, this guy loses and you win. Most action figures have a Life Counter on their back. Some of the large sets have two Life Counters. You can also include the small sets, which are Agori, or other non-small sets to assist you as long as you and your opponent are even with that. The Agori are just used as shields while the non-small sets work the same as your figure. I find that game quite enjoyable, and the same goes to the Thornax Launchers. That’s something action figures can have sometimes.

The Agori sets look very much like the 2008 Matoran sets.


For the Fire Tribe sets, I like the use of fiery-looking pieces and the red and orange pieces. The gray parts are there for some reason, though. The canister sets are Malum and Ackar, and their Agori is Raanu. Malum looks like a fearsome and bulky wrestler, and I like his bulk. His claws are very cool, but they make his arms lengthy. Lol. Raanu has a neat shield and flame torch weapon. Ackar looks cool, and I love his flame sword, spikes, and the guard things on his ankles. He looks like Tahu sort of.

For the Water Tribe sets, I like the use of the different shades of blue, and their weapons quite look like water very well. The canister sets are Tarix and Kiina, and their Agori is Berix. Tarix has a neat helmet with a tube (can he breathe underwater with the tube?), long spikes on his shoulders, and blades. The gold color is a nice touch. He looks skinny. Lol. Berix has a neat sword, which is a blue version of Tahu Mata’s sword in 2001, with a tube connected between it and his back for some reason and a gold shield. Kiina has an amazing double-edged trident, and I like her spikes and helmet. They make her look like a fish. She has skinny limbs. Lol. Her torso looks tiny compared to her limbs and weird for how the arms are positioned. Lol.

For the Jungle Tribe sets, I love to see different shades of green. Most of the 2008 sets had only lime green. Anyway, the canister sets are Gresh and Vastus, and their Agori is Tarduk. Gresh looks very cool with his spikes, and I love his big shield, which can split into two blades. I also love that he can hold his Thornax Launcher without taking it apart to remove it from his hand. I also like his helmet. He is quite tall. He looks skinny. Lol. Tarduk looks like a gorilla for how he can move in four limbs. I like his helmet with the long spikes and his claws and shoulder blade spikes. Vastus has neat snake-based pieces and scythe. He looks like a tough guy.

For the Ice Tribe sets, I like the use of white and blue, and their weapons look quite icy. The canister sets are Strakk and Gelu, and their Agori is Metus. Strakk has a cool (get it? Lol.) spiked helmet, big axe, and arm spikes. His axe is big like Lewa Mata’s in 2001. His helmet is quite rough on the forehead. Metus has a cool shield that looks like a snowflake. Gelu looks cool with his spiky armor, and his double-edged sword looks awesome. I like how Metus’ shield pieces are used for Gelu’s armor as well.

For the Rock Tribe sets, I love the rocky designs and the use of black and red on the canister sets. The black and red makes them look evil. They also look quite fierce, fearsome, and menacing. They have pointy helmets as well, which are very cool. The canister sets are both Skrall, and they are Skrall (a generic Warrior Skrall) and Stronius. Their Agori is Atakus. Warrior Skrall looks awesome, and I love his big sword with a Thornax Launcher attached, spikes, and big saw shield with the fancy maze-like symbol. He has a Life Counter on the back of one of his feet, which restricts his mobility a little bit. A bit silly. Atakus looks cool because of his helmet and glow-in-the-dark blades. Stronius is a bulky dude with spikes all over his armor and club weapon. I love his bulk, armor, spikes, and club.

For the Sand Tribe sets, they look like scorpions. I like their scorpion-based helmet designs, stinger tails on their backs, and the use of clawed feet. The canister set is a Vorox and the small set is a Zesk. The Vorox has neat spiked pieces with tan and brown blended together. The spear is good. Like the Warrior Skrall, one of the Vorox’s feet has a Life Counter on the back, which is restricting the mobility a little bit. Also a bit silly. The Zesk has four eye holes in his helmet, which is okay.

For Mata Nui, who is a canister set, he looks cool. I like the spikes next to his shoulders and the ankle guards on his ankles. He looks like a pretty tough guy. I like his spiked shield. He also has a version of the Mask of Life that is designed to fit on a Glatorian’s head, which is near. Interesting thing is that he is yellow rather than gold, like his mask should have been. Lol.

For Tuma, who is a Titan set, he is a black-armored guy with a big sword and blades on his back. I like the bulk and secondary green color on him. His helmet is rocky, which looks neat. I love his big sword and the blades on his back, which can rotate like wings. Cool thing is that he also has two Life Counters on his back. He also is the first constraction set to have the black sword piece rather than silver, like Brutaka in 2006. It’s interesting that his helmet looks like a movie version of Nidhiki’s face in 2004.

For Fero & Skirmix, who are in a rider-and-steed large set, like Vezon & Fenrakk in 2006, they look cool. Fero sure looks evil with his intimidating look, with the Skrall helmet, black armor, and red eyes. He looks cute. Lol. I don’t know why he has 2008 hands instead of 2009 hands, though. Skirmix looks fierce, and I like his spikes and stinger tail. He has Shadow Matoran legs for arms. Lol. There is a summer packaging for this set, where Skirmix have slightly changed, but I’m not sure if it’s worthy buying that.

For the Cendox V1 set, it looks cool. I love the blades and the new treads. Crostieus looks cool, and I like his helmet.

For the Kaxium V3 set, it’s neat. I like the idea of it being a motorcycle that can split up into two smaller vehicles, which the smaller one being a sidecar. The drivers look cool and have some color diversity. They look like twins, and I wonder if they are twin brothers. It’s neat that their helmets are reversed versions of Crotesius’ helmet.

For the Baranus V7 set, it’s very cool. Sahmad looks very cool, and has neat weapons and helmet. His chariot looks cool, and I like how Vezon’s/Hewkii’s chains are used. The Spikit looks cool, and it’s neat that it has two Glatorian heads for heads. You can also have Sahmad ride the Spikit like a steed, which is a neat feature.

For the Thornatus V9, that thing is awesome! The vehicle has a large wheel in the back. Its spiky sides with wheels can go forward to make the vehicle look like a trident, which is a cool feature. I like that the vehicle has Midak Skyblasters, which are force launchers in the story. I love the design on the vehicle. Perditus looks cool, too. The set is kind of like the Jetrax T6 set in 2008.

For the Skopio XV-1 set, man, oh, man, that thing is very awesome! The vehicle looks like a giant square-shaped spider with four giant legs with threads, same as the Cendox’s, inside them and long spikes, and a scorpion-like stinger tail with a Thornax Launcher for the tip and two force launchers on the sides. It can turn into a tank by folding its legs. It’s neat that you can move the legs around. It has mandibles that can pinch. Its red shell parts look like the Axalara T9 set’s armor in 2008. Telluris looks cool, and I like his tube parts and how they can connect to his machine. He has a 2008 Matoran torso for a torso, which makes him scrawny for a Glatorian, like the Penguin from DC Comics. Lol. Weird. Plus, there are two Life Counters, but you place one from Telluris to the back of the stinger, which is kind of weird, too. I mean, is that necessary? That set is one of the most expensive BIONICLE sets, is one of the biggest BIONICLE sets, and has one of the most amounts of pieces. This set is also called special or something in December 2009.

For the Toa Mata Nui set, the Titan one, my, he looks awesome! It’s basically a large-scale version of the canister set. The use of the yellow is a bit overused while he has four gold pieces, but one of the gold pieces is the golden version of the Mask of Life in 2008. That’s something that we wanted, isn’t it? He has a Thornax Launcher attached to his shield, the sword, posable fingers, and two Life Counters on the back, which are neat. The pistons on his torso makes him a bit stiff, though. He’s quite chunky.

For the Click set, which is a promotional bagged small set, it’s very cute. I like the use of the claws and blades that he has for horns. I wish Mata could have more gold on him, though.


There is one combo model in 2009, which is called the Sand Stalker, which looks like a bear-like version of Skirmix. In the story, it’s a steed ridden by Glatorian. It is made of Fero & Skirmix and Malum. Well, it looks cool, and I like that one of Malum’s claws is used to help a rider sit on the beast. It has a weird-looking mouth, though.

How come we got one combo model? Why not do much more, like combining Glatorian and Agori into more Glatorian or creatures? You can do that with Tuma to create the Element Lords, and the Baterra. You can create a Sand Bat and a Skopio by combining Skopio XV-1 and some other set, maybe the red ones.


For the media, there are a bunch of stuff. They include five comic issues, two chapter books, three young readers books, three serials, a series of Polish AMEET activity books with chapters of a story called The Crossing, a guidebook called Mata Nui’s Guide to Bara Magna, a trading card game, that online game called Glatorian Arena and its sequels, the Lego Campaign thing with the Hero Agori, and the fourth direct-to-video movie called Bionicle: The Legend Reborn in September 2009. Here’s how they go:

One of the chapter books is called Raid in Vulcanus, where Glatorian go to stop Fero and his squad of Bone Hunters from attacking Vulcanus.

The Secret of Certavus - a young readers book where Gresh and Berix look for a book written by Certavus to help Gresh learn new tricks.

Desert of Danger - Mata Nui fights a Sand Bat while he and Metus are going to Vulcanus.

Mata Nui’s Challenge - Ackar teaches Mata Nui on how to expect his opponent’s next move,

Empire of the Skrall - Tuma is the main protagonist as he goes to fight against the Battera.

Reign of Shadows - The MU people are uniting to form rebellions against Teridax, who took control of Mata Nui’s giant original body.

Riddle of the Great Beings - a podcast - Tarduk and his two Agori friends, Crotesius and Kirbold, who is an Ice Agori, go on a journey up north to discover a secret. They have to survive various danger, like the Element Lords, who were created by the Great Beings to lead the tribes before Core War and the Shattering happened, while they encounter some new things.

The Crossing - It’s about Gresh and his friends escorting some metal called Exidian while fighting various threats. This story is written in Polish, but it is translated in English in BioSector01. Sadly, the books weren’t sold in America.

Glatorian Arena - It’s where you play the first six Glatorian in a one-on-one fight. Those awards are hard to achieve, though. It has a game called the “Spikeball”, which is like soccer. You can talk to Agori in the Arena Magna. There is a sequel called Glatorian Arena 2, where you play six characters who were released in Glatorian Legends sets. This time, you got new moves. You talk to the Agori in Vulcanus. In another sequel called Glatorian 3, you only play as both waves of characters, and you can do multiplayer and fight in more places. Sadly, you can’t do other stuff that you used to, and this sequel wasn’t released in BIONICLE.com, but in only BZPower for some reason. All of the games are made by Unity.

The Lego Campaign thing - It’s where you play as the Hero Agori, a Fire Agori whose name is unknown, as you have to gather up some allies to fight against Bone Hunters and defend Vulcanus from them. This story is considered canon.

BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn - It’s Mata Nui’s adventure, as he goes to find a way back home to save his people from Teridax, but he have to help BA’s people fight against their united enemies. He is voiced by Michael Dorn, a famous actor. The movie’s animation is very much like the video game called Bionicle Heroes’ animation in 2006, rather than using the animation from the first three films for some reason (well, at least we got better voice actors in my opinion). The movie is very good, and is my favorite BIONICLE movie. There is an additional short included in there called Metus’ Revenge, which takes place after the events of the film where Click saves his friends from Metus. It was funny to watch. Lol. There is a novel based on the movie as well. The movie got some positive reviews, though I wish there should be more action rather than talking. Lol. It doesn’t have an actual trailer or a website, though. Plus, its soundtrack wasn’t released for some reason. Quite weird.


These are great stories, I tell you.


There is a music video that promoted the movie, which is “Bye Bye Babylon” by Cryoshell. Very good song.

There is a graphic novel in 2010 where three are three stories that are centered on the 2009 characters before the events of the 2009 storyline. One tells about the Skrall with their encounter with the Baterra and how Branar got his name, the other about how Malum got exiled and went to the life of crime, and and the last one about the Core War.


For the story, well, it’s very good. It’s nice that we get to learn about a new culture, world and people, rather than focusing on the MU people all of the time. Plus, it’s good to see how Mata Nui develops as a character and hero rather than just a ruler who needs to be saved anymore. He learns on how to defend himself and survive in his own, with the help of his new friends in Bara Magna. He is very inspiring, and he taught Bara Magna’s good-hearted people that unity can help them save themselves from their enemies. He is very compassionate for them, and wants to do the right thing by helping them out, something that relates to the fact that he had been ignoring his people in the MU before Teridax took it as an advantage and put Mata Nui to a coma. Along the way, he learns in how to be a warrior, since he told Metus that he would like to be called “Toa” Mata Nui. Lol. He didn’t get out much before he was overthrown, but he can learn. It’s interesting that Bara Magna was his birthplace. I mean, he was banished to his original home. Lol. As for the people in Bara Magna, we got a lot going on there. There is a lot of good character development here and there. It’s interesting that the people are like humans and Spherus Magna is like the planet Earth, and that make Mata and his people look like space aliens to them. Gresh is a compassionate fellow who wants to be successful. Tarix and Vastus are very nurturing people. Ackar is a good teacher who is worried about how people think of him, but he fights for them. Raanu is a concerned elder. Berix is a silly collector who likes collecting things. Tarduk is a determined adventurer who loves history. Kiina is a pushy person with a temper who just wants to have a sanctuary and a place much better than BA. Gelu is a shy fellow. Click is a compassionate and cute creature who weaves to help his friends. It’s sad that when BA people’s precious planet called Spherus Magna got split into three pieces, they have to survive on the desert part by fighting each other in arena matches over scarce resources. It’s like post-apocalypse. Things gotten worse when some of these people are villains who want to cause trouble in any way. These guys are jerks. I feel bad about some of those guys’ problems as well. Malum should have calmed down and not become a criminal, but he is an anti-hero as he helps out his fellow people whenever he feels like it occasionally. Strakk shouldn’t fight dirty or become a corrupt jerk with bad sportsmanship. Metus shouldn’t have betrayed his people like a selfish and power-hungry jerk. There has to be a cure for the Sand Tribe. The Rock Tribe should have asked the Glatorian and other tribes for help against the Baterra. Tuma shouldn’t be arrogant about things whenever he is in a situation. The Iron Tribe should have stayed together. The Bone Hunters are scrawny guys, but they are strong as they can fight against Glatorian. Lol. Mata Nui should have cured the Sand Tribe. Metus united the Skrall and the Bone Hunters, but how about Malum, Strakk, the Sand Tribe, and the Iron Tribe? It would be cool to have the Element Lord of Iron, even if the tribe has disbanded. Some of the characters, like Perditus, should do more stuff. Why not have Mata Nui fight against every foe in BA? Why not give Mata Nui’s canister set a sword, give Mata Nui in the storyline a Thornax Launcher, and give Tuma’s set a shield? Seriously. I would like to think that the Vorox whose tail stinger that Mata Nui broke is one of Malum’s Vorox, which could cause Malum to get angry and try to have revenge on Mata Nui for the breaking. I also think that many characters are uneven in many ways, like in the media. There are a lot of similarities between the MU and BA. Here’s this:

1. I see that the Glatorian and Agori are good-hearted, like the Toa, Matoran, and Turaga. The Glatorian look and fight like Toa, and the Agori are like Matoran and the Turaga. Glatorian with elemental powers are like the Toa as well.

2. Ackar is very much like Tahu and Onua.

3. When Berix is named chronicler by Mata Nui after the battle in Roxtus, he reminds me of Takua and Hahli.

4. The Skrall are like the Makuta species how corrupt and arrogant they are.

5. The Skrall and Bone Hunters are like the Skakdi by being savage.

6. Tuma and Metus are like Makuta Teridax. Tuma wears black armor, is mean and tyrannical, and big like Teridax. Metus is a conniving planner like Teridax.

7. Tuma has similar color schemes as Mutran. Lol.

8. Metus is like Ahkomu by being a short traitor.

9. The Baterra are like the Makuta by shape-shifting.

10. There’s a giant robot in the Mega-Village that looks like the Great Spirit Robot.

11. The Element Lords are kind of like the Toa because they have elemental powers.

12. The regions in Bara Magna is sort of like the island of Mata Nui in 2001 for how naturally-looking they are.

13. The Cendox and Crotesius look kind of like Vultraz and his vehicle.

14. The Baranus and Sahmad look kind of like Pohatu and the Rockoh T3.

15. The Thornatus V9 and Perditus look kind of like Antroz and the Jetrax T6.

16. The Skopio XV-1 is like the Axalara T9 because of the red shell parts.

17. The Bone Hunters and their Rock Steeds remind me of Vezon and Fenrakk/Kardas Dragon.

18. The Skopio and Vorox are kind of like the Nui-Jaja, you know, the Rahi scorpions in 2001.

19. The Sand Bat’s face is like Chirox’s Mask.

20. Some of the creatures in BA are like the Rahi.

21. Tuma’s helmet like like the movie version of Nidhiki’s face.

22. Mata Nui’s fight with Tuma is like Takanuva’s fight with Teridax in the Mask of Light movie.

23. How the Scarabax Beetles encountered Mata Nui’s arrival in Bara Magna is like the Ussal Crabs encountering Kopaka’s arrival in the island of Mata Nui.

24. How Mata Nui made friends with Click reminds me of how Jaller made friends with a Hanna Crab in the 2007 storyline.


Well, I consider the storyline to be one of my favorites, and it’s a good reboot.:D


Well, in 2010, more stuff in Bara Magna happened, and we get to learn more about the 2009 characters. Plus, some 2009 characters play big parts in the 2010 storyline.


Sadly, this is the last full G1 year. The film was supposed to have two sequels, one in 2010 and one in 2011, but they got cancelled because BIONICLE G1 was going to end in 2010. Dang. Bionicle was doing good so far during the time. Quite disappointing. However, Greg Farshtey was kind enough to show us the treatment of the fifth movie in November 2009, which is where the cancellation of G1’s toy line was announced. That was one of our darkest days in Bionicle’s history, other than G2’s cancellation.:( (crying in tears of sadness). Then the Great Depression of constraction started in 2010.


The 2009 storyline was the last good G1 year for sets.


Well, I think Lego cancelled the G1 toy line due to so many sets being sold and expensive prices. Well, we got a lot of minor characters, anyway. All of those are just my theories.


So, guys, what are your fond memories of the storyline, what do you think about it, what’s your favorite 2009 set, favorite character(s) in 2009, favorite moment in the storyline, what things remind you of the 2009 storyline, and/or how would you celebrate it? For me, well, my favorite sets are Mata Nui, both canister and Titan sets, Tuma, Skopio XV-1, Thornatus, Gresh, Vastus, Malum, Vorox, Skrall, and Stronius. My favorite characters, are Mata Nui, Gresh, Ackar, Malum, Tuma, Stronius, and Berix. My favorite moments are when Mata Nui makes friends with Click, the big fight with the Skrall in Atero, the Glatorian’s fight with Telluris, Mata Nui’s fight with Tuma, Mata Nui’s and his two friends’ fight with the Bone Hunters and the Skopio in the canyons, Mata Nui turning Metus into a snake, Mata Nui and his friends discovering stuff in the Great Beings’ Underground Lab, Mata Nui and his gang convincing the good-hearted tribes to work together, Berix kicking some Bone Hunter butt (lol), and Mata Nui and his friends combining their new powers to defeat the united bad guys. The things that remind me are:

1. Hero Factory - it used a lot of elements from the 2009 storyline, including the heads and hands. Plus, a Drop Ship pilot looks like one of the guys who drive the Kaxium. The 2.0 Heroes remind me of some Glatorian whose helmets don’t cover their mouths. Core Hunter looks like Stronius. Thornraxx’s name reminds me of Thornax. The animation in the Hero Factory TV show is made by the same company who made Bionicle: The Legend Reborn. The relationships between veteran Heroes and rookie Heroes are sort of like the Glatorian’s. How the Brain Attack episode kind of started with a beetle crawling around in the desert and discovering something alien is like how Bionicle: The Legend Reborn started with Click witnessing Mata Nui’s arrival.

2. Ninjago - The summer storyline, Hunted, is like Bionicle’s 2009 storyline. Plus, the Oni from Ninjago’s “TV movie” called March of the Oni remind me of the Skrall. Also, the Serpentine are kind of like the Skrall because of their hierarchy. Skalidor reminds me of Stronius, as his head looks similar to Stronius’ helmet.

3. The live-action Transformers movies - In the first and second films, how Scorponok attacks people in the desert is like the Vorox and Skopio attacking people in the desert. Also, in the second film, the Fallen looks like a Skrall, and this whole battle in the desert in that movie sort of reminds me of the 2009 storyline. In the fourth film, the poster does look like a desert, and the plot is a loose continuation. Optimus Prime is like Mata Nui, Bumblebee is like Gresh, and Megatron is like Tuma.

4. Star Wars - Episodes 1, 4, and 7 are like the 2009 storyline by starting with the lonely desert planets.

5. DC Comics - How Mata Nui got to Bara Magna is like how Clark Kent/Superman got to Earth when he was a baby. Same kind of goes to Hal Jordan for how he became the Green Lantern and meets the Green Lantern Corps.

6. Marvel Cinematic Universe - In the first Thor movie, Thor is like Mata Nui when he got banished to a desert on Earth, his god-like powers being stripped away, and makes some new friends in the desert. How Thor fights the Destroyer is like Mata Nui fighting Tuma. In the third Thor movie, how Thor unintentionally ended up in the planet of Sakarr is sort of like how Mata Nui ended up in Bara Magna. How Thor and the Hulk fight in an arena is like Mata Nui’s fight with Tuma. Avengers: Endgame’s trailers and posters remind me of the 2009 storyline for how the logo looks dusty, like Bara Magna, and people are suffering oppression from a mighty tyrant. I haven’t watched the movie yet, though.

7. Disney’s Aladdin - How Aladdin and his faithful pet monkey named Babu have an adventure in the desert is sort of like how Mata Nui and Click have theirs in Bara Magna.

8. Disney’s The Lion King - How Simba ended up being out from his home, being in the desert, and made friends with new people in a new place is sort of like how Mata Nui got removed from his home, ended up in a desert, and made some new friends in a new place.

9. Samurai Jack - How Jack ended up in another place and goes to return home is like Mata Nui’s quest to return home.

10. Disney’s Hercules - How Hercules ended up in the surface while having his god-hood stripped away is sort of like how Mata Nui ended up on Bara Magna while his god-like powers got stripped away.

11. Disney’s Alice in Wonderland movies - How Alice end up in a new place kind of reminds me Mata Nui ending up in Bara Magna, and for how Alice learns how to fight against evil in the 2010 movie reminds me of how Mata Nui learns how to fight when fighting against evil.

12. Sonic and the Black Knight - How Sonic uses his magical sword is sort of like Mata Nui. Plus, how Sonic fought the Black Knight and then discovered that his new friend, Merlina, who is a conniving traitor who is responsible for everything is like how Mata Nui fought Tuma and then discovered that Metus is a traitor who was responsible for everything.

13. In Planet Sheen, how Sheen ended up in the planet of Zeenu is like how Mata Nui ended up in Bara Magna.

14. Bionicle 2015-2016 - the heads are like the Bars Magna people’s and the Okotans are like Agori.

15. Two Lego Toy Story sets, the brick-made Buzz Lightyear and Emperor Zurg’s action figures have the hands.

16. The Bara Magna people’s heads remind me of Iron Man from Marvel.

17. The Glatorian hands had been used since 2009, but in 2011, when CCBS happened, the hands went from four fingers to five fingers. Plus, the Thornax Launchers has been used a little since 2009, but in 2012, they got replaced by smaller versions with two different new molds. The piece that a Life Counter comes from is used since 2009, including Burnzie’s hammer from Nexo Knights in 2016.


Also, in terms of my life, the 2009 storyline reminds me of a fact that when I made a lot of good memories and friends in my past schools, my graduations forced me out of my schools and I ended up in a new school, where I make new good memories and friends in there while trying to reconnecting my past ones. The past ones define me for who I am. Plus, Mata Nui’s power to give Glatorian powers is one of many things that inspired me to draw my friends as superhero versions of themselves to honor, respect, and appreciate our friendships. My friends appreciate this and are happy to have me as their friend. It’s very impactful to my heart in terms of nostalgia.:)

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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