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Has anybody else had their Bohrok-Kal canisters and instructions suffer severe fading from UV exposure over the years?


Back in the day I used to display some of my canisters on shelves where the sunlight would hit them directly for years on end; thankfully this is something I stopped doing after a certain point, but unfortunately some damage has already been done, specifically to my Bohrok-Kal canisters.


Curiously enough, my Bohrok canisters were displayed right next to my Bohrok-Kal canisters and their labels look as well as they did on the day they were purchased, whereas the damage on the Bohrok-Kal is so severe that even the instructions inside them have faded around the edges where the labels hadn't covered them, and Kohrak-Kal's lid in particular has begun to deteriorate and smell like old/burned plastic.


Has anybody else had this happen to them? I'm curious whether US releases may have been of better quality than the European ones?


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The title made me think this was gonna be about Lehvak-Kal getting exposed to radiation after being shot into space...


Honestly if you told me that one of the Kal's powers was "UV Damage," I'd probably believe you. Not much weirder than "vacuum."

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Most of the Bohrok canisters I've had have faded stickers on the back, but the actual sets themselves remain relatively unscathed. All my canisters are in the loft at home, but I think it's just the 2003 canister sets which suffered this.

My OG Bohrok don't appear to have suffered too much from this, though the 01 Toa sets get bleached pretty easily too.


Not too sure on the smell thing though...

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Or is it?

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