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Bionicle: Ignition Video Motion Comic (Voice Actors!)


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TLDR; More artists and voice actors are needed, please comment if you're interested in joining our project!


Hello everyone, I’m Joev14, or Joel. You may be familiar with my work on the Bionicle: Audio Narration Project, a project that included full voice acting, SFX, and Music for narrating the Bionicle Chronicles series, my Exo-Force Reviews, or my Podcast.


Since completing Chronicles ANP, I have been searching for another project to work on, and was approached by a member of this community named Casiano (AKA Toa Fierek), to be voice director of a new project—a project that aims to create six video motion comics of the Bionicle 2006 story. I have now taken on the role of lead director of the project, and since then work has gotten underway. We currently have a team of five artists (Kevin Adorno, Julie Stewart, Felix Lortie, Henry Price, and Alice Rieker). I have posted some of Julie and Felix’s work below as a reference.






In addition to art, the comic will feature a fully voice-acted cast for the various characters. I have included a spreadsheet with the various roles, as well as people who I’m considering for them. If an actor has a “Yes” next to their name, it means they have been confirmed for that role. Anyone who doesn’t has not been confirmed for that role, and other people are completely free to try out for that role; I will choose the actor that I think suits the role best. Those of you who haven’t yet heard of or joined this project, we have a discord server and would love to hear your auditions, or see your artwork! Many possible ways of helping with the project are still open, and we’d love to have you join us. Those of you who are already part of the project, please PM me your email so I have a solid form of communication with you as the project continues; this will solidify your role for voice acting or artwork.







We look forward to presenting our first episode in the next few months; based off the 2006 short story “Hope”, written by Lady Kopaka (who has graciously offered to help be involved in the project).

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I'd be willing to give it a try, I see Hewkii has yet to be claimed. :) Or if another character would work for me I'd be happy to lend a voice to them.

Shoot me a PM! As I said, any role that doesn't have a "Yes" for confirmation means it's still open. You'll just be in competition with another voice actor for the role.

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