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New Kolhii game for PC! (Looking for fans or volunteers)


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Hello and henlo everyone! I am here to announce that I have begun the process of creating a new Bionicle PC game, based on the Matoran sport of Kolhii! This game will be free to everyone who has a windows pc from as early as it's beta stage. What stage is it at right now? ....well...


That video says it all. I call it the "pre-pre-alpha" stage. What is shown in this trailer is literally almost all I have, and this means 3 things.

1. I need help!
I have no idea what I am doing! : D
Seriously though, my experience with modeling, scripting, and all around game design is very rough. I've got a good grasps of the ideas that need to get across but I have no idea how to achieve them. This is the first time I am really committing to a big project like this, and I could really really use some help! I would be more than willing to actually hire people, but I am living that sweet college life and can barely even afford to feed myself, never mind a whole team of programmers. So yes, I am looking for volunteers to help out. It can be with just about anything. Map making, modeling and animating, programming especially. Even something like managing a social media account. Anything you can do to push the game forward would mean a lot!
If you are at all interested in being part of this project message me...anywhere. I am going to list my Discord name and my email, but if there is a better way for you to get in touch let me know! I am more than willing to accommodate for that!   uwuziel#2438     jmil7700@gmail.com

2. Everything is subject to change!

At the end of this post I am going to give a list of some ideas I want this game to include. If there is something you want added in to be a core feature or future update now is the time to let us know! If it's something that can be included at launch we want to make sure we have it before the game goes live. If it can be included later, we want to be sure we are building the game in a way that supports what you are suggesting. This is a key time to make sure we start things off right! Again, feel free to use the contact info above if you wish to contact me directly. However, a much more efficient way of being there to make sure your suggestions are considered is heard is to join the discord server we have set up! 

We have a channel dedicated exclusively to suggestions for both the game and the server itself. Even if you don't have any ideas off the top of your head, feel free to join anyway! This is a lovely and humble little server where you can come in and make chit chat with me and anyone else there, or challenge others to a game when it's finally released!
And yes. We have a meme channel.

3. No one knows this exist!
The worst part of starting off is that usually, you don't have any initial momentum. Even if you have no programming skills. Even if you aren't an artist. Even if you don't have discord, there is still something you can do to support this project. All you have to do is shamelessly advertise us spread the word! Go to twitter and shout "Oh hey Kolhii for PC exists!" Or at dinner with your family when your parents ask about your day, let them know that you left a like on the pre-pre-alpha trailer. Letting other people know is actually the best thing you can do for the project. I'm sure I'll be able to trudge though all the messy code and tedious models myself if I had the support to back me up! Who knows, maybe you'll catch someone's eye and they are willing to lend a hand in this!


Ok, got those out of the way. Now, about the game itself. What I have envisioned for the game this:
You are a matoran on the island of Mata Nui. Each of the six Koro have their own kolhii fields, just waiting to be try and test future athletes! You shall face off against rookies such as Takua, and play alongside champions like Hewkii, and perhaps come across new faces. All of who seek the copper masks, and the tile of Kolhii champion!

So essentially, it will be an online game of Kolhii, where up to (insert number here) players face off in one of six stadiums each located in their respective Koro. You can customize your matoran to reflect your inner self, or support the Koro you choose to align with! Whats this? The game is dead tonight? Have no fear! If the server list is empty you can face off against AI, who will be represented by famous faces such as Hewkii, Hahli, Matoro, Takua, and many more! You will be able to perform special moves such as diving, wall running, and pole vaulting to get an extra edge on your opponents. Coordinating with your brothers and sisters will be a key element, with many stunts being a "do or die" situation. This game with have a very fast paced atmosphere, with the ball bouncing back and forth between teams and rounds that take either several minutes, or a few seconds.

To summarize, here is a simple list

  • 6 different stadiums
  • 12 familiar faces as npcs
  • Fast environment
  • A slew of stunts and combos
  • Dedicated "attacker" and "defender" roles, or no roles at all
  • 1-6 teams, each with no limit to number of players

If you are curious about following the development of this project encourage you to join the discord! (linked again if ur lazy https://discord.gg/sbHaw5g) Any major updates will be posted there, alongside my other social medias which can be found on my page. Thanks for sticking around and reading this whole thing.

Play well, Matoran!

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For the love of all that is holy change your font colour



I don't really mind it myself.


lol thats cause I just fixed it. I had dark theme on when originally posting this so I had the text set to like. white. it was physically unreadable lmao.

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