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if bionicle heroes got a sequel set in mahri nui what you think it wou


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It would be very much like the first game, but a little better (even without that overpowering “Super” thing where you turn gold. Lol). I bet that you can swim in the water by acting like that you’re “flying”. Plus, the first bosses would be the Piraka in snake forms, collecting something in Mahri Nui, six Titan bosses (Nocturn, Umbra, Karzahni, Hydraxon, Gadunka, and Voporak as I could say), and the Barraki as the main bosses. For the final boss, well, I would say either all six of them or Makuta Teridax as Maxilos.

The Toa Mahri would start with the Toa Nuva’s weapons, then the Toa Hordika’s, and finally their own weapons when you upgrade them.

The characters would be funny.

Deflaik would be the Matoran who sells you stuff.

I would hope that the glitches would not be in the game this time and the cliffhanger would be something relating to the 2008 storyline, like Karda Nui.

I understand that the game was called mediocre for some reason, but I don’t know why the first game didn’t get a sequel? Because of how the game went? Gee, that sucks a lot that it didn’t get a sequel.:(

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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I actually made stop-motion slapstick “cutscenes” for this very idea back in the day, featuring the Barakki giving orders to the would-be bosses, much like the original game (Umbra was one, and he slipped on his skates, for example).

My friend went to Po-Wahi and all I got was this lousy rock.


Blue sea...a Ruki leaps...the sound of water

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Piraka in snake forms



i've never heard about it so can you explain to me or send me a picture of it?


Well, in a book called Bionicle Legends #8: Downfall, the Piraka accidentally got mutated by a Mutagen in the waters into snake-like versions of themselves by losing their bodies, leaving only their heads and spines.

There weren’t pictures of them like that, but you can take the head off a Piraka set in 2006 to turn him into a snake.

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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