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The Toa That Shouldn't Exist

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I've recently found my love of Bionicle reignited and have returned to this delightful corner of the interweb after a time away. To celebrate my return, may I introduce you to the star of a new Bionicle story I'm working on:


Corros, the First and Only Toa of Acid! (Working name because I'm shite at naming things!)




Ready for battle, Toa Corros does not remember where he comes from or how he came to be. All he knows is that he possesses control of an element that no other Toa has: Acid. Corros is cautious when using his power, as his powerfully corrosive acid can be dangerous to both friends and foes, and it is for this reason that he travels alone.


As a Toa of Acid, Corros can create, control and absorb any acid. He is near immune to any corrosive substances, and possesses the useful skill of altering the acidity of any liquid he touches, both increasing or decreasing its corrosive-ness.




Corros's element is not his only unique trait; he also bears the one and only Kanohi Juule, the Mask of Kinetics, which allows him to absorb and wield kinetic energy. This mask is always on at a low level, absorbing kinetic energy around Corros and storing it for later use. Corros can then channel this energy into his weapon strikes and physical blows, or when in grave danger, even unleash all of the stored energy in a devastating wave of force. Corros takes great advantage of his mask, using it in favor of his destructive element as often as he can and even fooling some he has come across into thinking he is a Toa of Kinetics, equally unheard of but without the negative connotations that Acid may bring.




In battle, Corros wields his massive Titan's Battleaxe with great proficiency, making use of his mask's powers to allow him to swing it with great strength and imbuing the edges of its blades with his acidic power to ensure his enemies are rendered unable to continue fighting. The smaller blade on the opposite end of the shaft grants Corros much greater versatility in battle, earning him a reputation as a foe most don't want to cross when all of his skills are in play.


More story to come (likely sporadically) as I begin the process of actually building this poor fool. Reviews and constructive criticisms are of course encouraged, as I'm a little rusty and LDD is terribly limited. Additionally, if anyone can think of a better name for a Toa of Acid, I'm open to suggestions!

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