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A Fair Fight For Fire

Toa Komali

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Ok I just saw the most recent Death Battle of the Dragonzord Vs. Mechazilla and it got me trying to think of a possible Bionicle rep. While I settled on Toa Tahu Mata as our hero I cannot for the life of me think of any characters in other media that could work, I've had this conundrum before ages ago after seeing the Charizard fight Augumon. Tahu's skills, strength and abilities can be quantified and all his masks (This is why I picked his Mata form as the Nuva doesn't have all his masks anymore, granted Death Battles are set in alternative and often conflicting timelines a one on one fight makes the Nuva's share enhancement moot) 


The best idea I have for a suggestion is The Human Torch of Fantastic 4 fame but he isn't exactly a fair opponent since Tahu can literally pull his power away and into himself. I'm not sure if the forums allow for this kind of discussion, since by and large a Death Battle with Wiz and Boomstick as the hosts automatically mean someone has to die and it could be messy. But I can't think of any reason it would break any rules I know of.


If it happens that it isn't I ask the Admins to lock or delete the thread and as well give me a warning, I do not want to be banned from a place as awesome as Bzpower. As the great Scott McNeil (Who was the voice for two of the Toa Nuva in Mask of Light) "I have found my clan" one of many I do not wish to be banished from, and I know what you're thinking "I think you're over thinking the



Bionicle is amazing.

Legends Never Die!

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