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Spark Creative: Kanohi Masks and Powers

Toa Komali

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Ok everyone here is my attempt at bringing a new group of Topics together, Topics meant to "Spark Creativity" and show off something you came up with and are proud of as well as asking advice on how to improve if you feel it's not the best (Just a not you may not feel it is great but you are your own worst critic, so others may think it is brilliant) in the true spirit of Bionicle and Lego as a whole.


So here goes I hope this will be a great series. Our first topic in the series Kanohi Masks, whether the power of amazing almost supernatural feats or just very awesome design Kanohi Masks are the single most common element in the Matoran Universe with Matoran, Toa, Turaga, and many other races wearing them keeps them alive and can grant power if one's mind is less clouded and focused. But while many wear the same Masks no two Matoran's face are identical and have a unique appearance based on who wears them, yet at the same time being clearly a certain mask. But what kinds of Kanohi have we never seen?


What contours, shapes and powers have not seen. What makes a design of Kanohi just right that almost all masks with that power will be shaped with the same base, the most Iconic mask in the series the Kanohi Hau with its Helmet like curve on top, three vent lines along the cheeks and the determined look in the eyes that almost screams "Come at me, I can take it" this mask really gives off a air of protection. But what of the other masks, do they say their nature from looks alone, and perhaps you've got a mask design with a power yould like to discuss. That is exactly what this thread is for.


I would post my first mask creation if I were at my computer but I type this on my mobile so the Great Sakon will have to wait till tomorrow. Feel free to continue the thread and don't forget "Keep that Spark of creativity going till you have a flame of imagination!"  

Bionicle is amazing.

Legends Never Die!

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I think there's already a mask of Clairvoyance, although I don't believe it has a canon design. I thought it would be neat if the mask was the inverse of the Mask of Time: instead of covering just the lower-half of the user's face, it would cover the upper-half. There would be no eye-slits since (using a mask that shows you the near future) you would already know what your next step was.

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