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Selling most of my Bionicle Collectibles (Kanohi, Kanoka, Rhotuka)


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Hello! Welcome to my trade topic. I am selling a large assortment of Bionicle Collectibles, with pictures of what I have below, and prices. (It may be edited as I find more things to sell, so keep an eye on it!) If you have any inquiries feel free to PM me or reply to the topic. I will only be accepting payment through PayPal, and all price are in Canadian Dollars.

Silver Kanohi: $5 each

Copper Masks of Victory: $10 each

Kanoka: $0.75 each

Rhotuka: $0.75 each





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Kanohi and Krana sold through eBay, Kraata sold.


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I've been slowly piecing together complete collections of all the masks and krana and kraata, so those there are very interesting to me. However, it's hard to tell which ones are what from the picture. Would it be possible to take another picture (or multiple closeups) of them all organized in groups of their specific color so I can figure out exactly which ones I don't have?  Scratch that. Technology wasn't cooperating with me for a minute there. I got the full size picture loaded now. Will send PM shortly.

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