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Your review on Tinseltown Toons’ Lego stuff


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Hi, guys! Ever since Bionicle: The Legend Reborn happened in 2009, Lego had been limited with Tinseltown Toons’ Lego stuff before Lego stopped using the company in 2014, when they made that silly Hero Factory web episode called Invasion From Below. 

In 2003-2005, we witnessed Lego creating three direct-to-video Bionicle movies, made by Miramax, which is a Disney thing (Disney should buy Bionicle to make it healthy again. Just my opinion.), where the characters are organic-looking cyborgs rather than looking like their actual Lego sets. It’s kind of a nice feel. They were the first things in Lego media. They had some good qualities, like the dark tone of the story and good character development, despite that not all sets appear in the story, some don’t look accurate, some designs were lazily created, like some masks and the red eyes, some important story content weren’t in the movies, and there weren’t any movies in 2001-early 2003 and 2006-2008. Some designs look a little weird, like that there are no mouths behind the characters’ masks. 

In 2009, for some reason, Lego replaced Miramax with TT, and TT, along with Universal Studios, made The Legend Reborn, which is a loose continuation to the trilogy. The movie uses more professional and more popular voice actors rather than reusing the ones from the trilogy. This movie also is where the characters look very accurately like their sets. I mean, they are living toys, like Toy Story (Lego is into that in all other Lego media since the movie) and Bionicle Heroes video game in 2006, and some of the characters have mouth guards that open and close, and they have organic teeth. However, there are some silly things in the movies, like the spinning axles, misplacement of the pieces and armor, not all characters carry all of their weapons from their sets, like the Thornax Launchers, Mata Nui’s sword should have appeared in his canister set, not all sets appear in the movie, the script is kind of wonky, as the script seemed a little rushed and there were less action, as we see characters talk and observe things often, the Glatorian heads look like skulls opening their mouths when they talk rather than having actually lips that express emotion (tell that to The Lion King remake this year. Lol.), and some designs were made lazily, like the Skopio using stuff from the Skopio XV-1 (I mean, what was that for?). It would also be nice if Malum would fight Mata Nui if the Vorox that Mata Nui fought is one of Malum’s Vorox. Plus, the Matoran in the prologue did the same repeated design thing and red eyes thing as the original trilogy. 

Originally, that movie was going to be a trilogy, where the second movie coming in 2010 and the third in 2011, but it got cancelled for some reason as Bionicle’s G1 toy line got cancelled for some reason. We were left with that silly cliffhanger from The Legend Reborn. However, we got a draft of a script for the fifth Bionicle movie, which wasn’t canon anymore, and in 2010, Michael Dorn, Mata Nui’s voice actor that we know and love, narrated a series of web video slides called The Mata Nui Saga, where Mata Nui completed his mission in restoring Spherus Magna (but Michael didn’t narrate in the last slide for some reason). That’s where Greg Farshtey released a few serials that continued the G1 story, with some things explained and where we should have see the Great Beings come back, but he stopped at June 2011, where there are two unfinished serials, thus the story is unfinished (what good comes out of that. Please finish the story for sake of us. Seriously. I wish Disney could help with that, too). 

Then, we have that TV short called Lego Altantis and Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers in 2010, which were made by the creators of The Legend Reborn. They follow the same pattern as The Legend Reborn, but they are original stories, so some of the cons that I mentioned are fixed, but there are no sequels for them (there should be, though, because the Atlantis toy line continued in 2011 and Clutch Powers has a cliffhanger). Plus, the Atlantis short has some cons, like the designs don’t like their sets for some reason and not all sets appeared in the short. 

Then, the Hero Factory TV show happened, it was made by the creators of The Legend Reborn, too. Like The Legend Reborn, the show is based on a constraction theme and followed the same pattern, but like Atlantis and Clutch Powers, it has an original story, so some of the cons that I mentioned are fixed, as the characters look like actual robots. However, there are still some problems, like not all characters have their weapons from their sets, the script is sort of wonky, as there are some cliffhangers and unresolved things, there are ten episodes that are like specials where they deceased by one episode every year, some characters look like their prototype sets, like Rotor’s gray shoulder armor, not all sets appear in the show, like Vapor, Thornraxx, XT4, Core Hunter, Breez’s Breakout form, Bulk’s Breakout form, and Nex’s Breakout form, some designs are lazily made, like Toxic Reapa’s eye color and Arachnix, which was never used as a gun, and reused, the release dates for the episodes weren’t announced immediately, not all episodes are released in DVD for some reason while the DVDs that had the episodes were wonky and never had scene selections for some reason, and there are some noticeable production mistakes, like scratches on some of the characters’ armor appear out of nowhere (if Disney decides to buy HF, too, it should fix all of those problems). Talk about false advertising a little bit. Some fans like to think that Bionicle and HF share the same universe, like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, because of TT. 

In 2014, for some reason, Lego stopped using TT for some reason, and Invasion From Below was made by different companies while HF got cancelled in that year for some reason. However, that episode and many other Lego media, like Bionicle: The Legend Reborn, followed the same pattern as the TT stuff, while most of them, like Ninjago, Legends of Chima, and Nexo Knights did a much better job with most of the characters and the scripts, even though some things seem like false advertising, like not all of them included everything from the sets. Along the way, Bionicle’s 2015 online shorts, Mixels and Unikitty did similarly while being 2-D animated. 

So, my point of this topic is this: What’s your review on TT’s Lego stuff and what’s up with them? For me, well, TT did a good job copying the sets, but it was kind of cheap with many qualities, like the accuracies to the sets and the scripts, which caused some inaccuracies to happen and the scripts to be wonky. Their stuff weren’t as popular as Ninjago or the Lego Movies. What do you think, guys? Do you think TT deserves a second chance?

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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