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Paitini & Maku


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Paitini & Maku

While I'm sorting my pieces and can't get started on any more serious moccing projects, I'm making some additional Matoran using the template I used with Jala. Here's Maku and a random Po-Matoran! 

You can find more pictures of the individual Matoran on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/B7JUvHGJZaY/



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Wow, love how you meshed G2 with G1 pieces, not to mention how you gave them such smooth torsos. Makes them look sleek, like their parts were destined to go together. The additions of heart lights are always a feature I love in Bionicle MoCs, and I love how you created their hands. They look functional and have a great design, I am so glad I came back to BZPower in time to see these. And Macku was instantly recognizable. Thank you so much for sharing these incredible creations.

"Danger is the anvil on which trust is forged"-Jaller(Jala) :smilejala: 
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"He may seem slow and strange to you, but his simple words often carry a hidden wisdom"-Turaga Vakama on Kapura

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