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Six Kingdoms: Escapement - Character Profiles

Unreliable Narrator

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Happy 2020! I am proud to announce Six Kingdoms: Escapement is officially live. This will be where we put all of our profiles over the next three months. At the end of the game's run, this topic will be deleted so if you have a character you particularly love make sure to have a backup before the end of March 2020.

Remember, for discussions out of character about the narrative please see Six Kingdoms: Escapement - OOC Discussion topic.

I look forward to watching how we all tell this story in character in the Six Kingdoms: Escapement - Gameplay topic.

Please see the general rules, common sense guide, and BZPRPG rules of play (links incoming). We will abide by those unless otherwise stated here. Post your character profile in the “Character Profiles” topic for the game. Please await an approval post from the GM before joining the story. If an alteration request is made by the GM, please see to it before continuing to post with the character in question.

The “No” of Character Creation:

  • Characters must be approved in the Character Profiles topic before playing. This is to provide a fair narrative storytelling environment in a game with an elevated power ceiling.
  • At this time only Legendary kanohi are banned. If other kanohi prove they are being abused in a way that destroys the overall player enjoyment they will be added here. Play nice.
  • The Order of Mata-Nui is a secretive society known to very few. To join the faction, find a recruiter and roleplay the rites of passage discovered in-game. You cannot start your character in the Order of Mata-Nui.
  • Nova blasts are banned, unless you PM the GM and explain why it’s absolutely necessary for plot reasons to blow up your character and they say yes.

The “Yes” of Character Creation:

  • All canon bionicle species are playable. Custom species from the BZPRPG that were approved are also available without need for further re-approval. New custom species need approval of the GM before playing. 
  • Kanohi are not moral or immoral in this alternate universe. They are tools. Some tools are more feared than others based on famous users.
  • All elements are available for play. Think about how your character’s element would be viewed by those around them.
  • All beings are lightly resistant to psionic powers. Attempts to use psionic powers requires player consent in the same way as landing any elemental power. Dasaka are just matoran, toa, and turaga of psionics again. If you want to keep the powers as specified in BZPRPG, you certainly may.
  • Metru-Nui is more technologically advanced than Mata-Nui. Player characters may have a personal vehicle, and any amount of technological items that fit the character narratively.
  • Please make sure to address any character approval questions from the GM promptly before continuing play with the character question.

There is an elevated power level in this RPG when compared to the main BZPRPG, but it is not final season fighting anime where blocks or cities are being demolished with a single punch. Remember, your characters are part of a collectively told narrative and no one has plot armor. This is an altered league of six kingdoms era in Bionicle lore. Please remember this is a team game. We are all telling a story. What do you want your characters to contribute to that story? There will be an IC forum thread, an OOC discussion thread, and a character profile thread. Please post character profiles in the character profiles thread and tag me in them for a quick approval!

Three Strike System:

While this is a co-operative game, I expect there to be occasions where players disagree on how the story should go. That's fine and normal. However, if the GM is called upon to help facilitate, any participating player who is unwilling to listen to the GM or alter their posts or character to reflect requested changes will receive one strike. Once three strikes are met, the player is blacklisted for uncooperative behavior. Once the game ends in March, all blacklists will be lifted. If a player is listed in this section, players do not have to interact with their characters.

  • TheLegoRoleplayer

Character Profile template:

  • Name: if a matoran, have they passed the rite of naming day
  • Species: canon or approved custom
  • Faction: Metru-Nui, League of Six, Dark Hunter, Untethered, etc.
  • Brief Description: what’s their everyday or current appearance
  • Background/Occupation: what do they do, where did they come from
  • Flaws: character traits that hold them back, or where they break
  • Powers: stick to canon for what your character’s species can and cannot do

Approved Player Characters:

For those interested in the player character demographics, I actively maintain a spreadsheet on Google Sheets.

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Updated New Characters!

Happy chat.


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keeping it simple to start off since it's been a hot minute for me <3

Name: Jutori (JOO-tory)

Species: Ba-Matoran

Faction: Metru-Nui

Description: A Matoran of average height, Jutori wears black and purple armor as is common for his element, and a powerless Noble Mahiki. His eyes are yellow. 

Equipment: A personal iStone tablet

Background: Once one of the many Matoran laborers slaving away in Metru-Nui's workplaces, who has long wished he could aid in the conflict with the League, Jutori has abandoned his work to find one of the hidden Great Disks and become a Toa. Despite the threat of Vahki on his back, he is determined to rise above his lowly status

Personality: Believes life has dealt him a bad hand--that his status as a laborer was a mistake, and that becoming a Toa has always been his destiny. Not unpleasant to be around but to anyone who meets him, Jutori gives off a general sense that something isn't quite right with him

Powers: As a Matoran of Gravity, although he cannot access his element, he has the natural ability of being physically durable enough to resist extreme pressure

Flaws: A poor fighter from lack of experience, he's also stubborn

@Unreliable Narrator

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added a little rayg sprite of jutori to be cute
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(shout out to max)

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  • Name: Atamai (a-TOM-eye)
  • Species: Fe-Matoran
  • Faction: Metru-Nui
  • Description: A male Matoran of Iron, Atamai stands at average height, and has metallic grey and gold armor. His eyes are orange and have a look that belays a certain intelligence and inquisitiveness to him. He wears a powerless Mask of Conjuring in the shape of an Akaku. 
  • Background: Atamai lives in Onu-Metru and works in the Archives. Being obsessed with history, he takes pride in his work and strives to make the Archives more complete. With Turaga Dume’s announcement of the Great Disk Hunt, Atamai has taken a mild interest in finding one or several of the disks, believing them to be of high preservation value. 
  • Personality: Atamai often has a matter-of-fact attitude and a dry sense of humor. However, he means well, and those around him eventually get used to his demeanor. He rarely holds grudges, but when he does, he will hold onto them for a quite a while. 
  • Powers: As a Matoran, Atamai is unable to access Kanohi powers. However, he does have his natural Fe-Matoran trait of high physical endurance. 
  • Equipment: Satchel holding useful items such as an iStone tablet and a lightstone. For protection he carries a disk launcher; you never know if something might escape from its exhibit in the Archives. 
  • Flaws: Atamai is afraid of water, and this cannot swim. As stated above, he holds onto grudges for a long time, and will generally not cooperate well with those he dislikes. 
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Alrighty, here we go.

  • Name: Skorm
  • Species: Twi-Toa
  • Faction: League of Six
  • Brief Description: Skorm is slightly short for a toa and of average build. His armor has black and white components, but is largely different shades of gray. He wears a gray hooded tabard. As Sko and Orm, his colors shift lighter and darker, respectively; Sko gains golden components and Orm gains red components on their armor. He wears a rare, if not unique, kanohi called the Occan, a round, smooth mask that does little to soften Skorm's habitual frown.
  • Background/Occupation: Skorm himself knows little of his history. He simply showed up in the service of Barraki Takadox; few save the Barraki themselves know how a Toa of Twilight came to be in their service. There are theories among both the forces of Metru Nui that have witnessed him, and among the Barraki's armies, that he is a twisted experiment by the Brotherhood of Makuta, a fallen toa, or a shapeshifter masquerading as a toa. For his part, Skorm is loyal to the League of Six Kingdoms, assured of their divine right to rule. He currently acts as an enforcer of the Barraki's will, particularly that of Takadox.
  • Flaws: Physically, Skorm's fighting style is focused on short-ranged power and control; he lacks the reach of longer weapons, and extended combat can take its toll, something his opposed powers and mask contribute to. Skorm might be outwardly confident, but doubt constantly weighs on his mind. Sko and Orm, when separated, often exhibit opposed philosophies, and they have before come to blows over differing opinions. Skorm's mysterious past is a blade hanging over his head, however. However sure of his actions he may be, he craves to know who he truly is, regardless of his satisfaction in his current role. He is also slightly vulnerable to mental manipulation, as a result of repeated reinforcement sessions with Takadox.
  • Powers: As a Toa of Twilight, Skorm possesses limited control over both elemental Light and Shadow energies. He can manipulate physical light and shadow, including laser and shadow blasts. He does not possess the capability to use high-power manifestations of either element, such as hardlight, transforming and travelling at the speed of light, or affecting someone's mental state. He can sense to a degree if elemental light or shadow has been used to render someone calm or aggressive, but his control over this aspect of his power is vague. He is also able to hide himself from sight by bending light or shadow around himself. Skorm has a limited ability to meld with shadow to use darkness to travel, but he can only sustain this form for short bursts; it takes focus to begin or end the meld without losing too much energy, and he is incapable of using it without time to recover and refocus.
  • Equipment: Skorm possesses a rare, if not unique, Kanohi called the Occan. Activating it splits Skorm into two beings, each one capable of using one of his component elements. Thus bifurcated, these beings go by Sko (Light) and Orm (Shadow). They also have a changed personality; Sko is more passive and diplomatic, while Orm is more aggressive and cunning. When separated, each being will tire at twice the rate that Skorm would normally tire, and Skorm will retain any wounds either suffers when rejoining, which the pair must physically touch each other to do. Skorm is also equipped with a pair of retractable wristblades, and is very proficient in their use as a martial art.
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  • Name: Vashni
  • Species: Toa of Psionics. 
  • Faction: Metru-Nui
  • Brief Description: Her body is mainly a dark blue color with some gold highlights on her armor. Since her element is somewhat rare she's often mistaken for a Toa of different element such as water or lightning. She wears a mask of mutation, though the mask's appearance is rather similar to a Mahiki. though its slightly different. 
  • Background: Vashni has been living in Metru Nui for only a short while now. The city of course more than happy to accept the help of any Toa who wish to help defend it. Her home island was lost to her, so she wandered for a long time before ending up on Metru Nui. No one knows her well, at least not yet, but she seems rather determined to make sure Metru-Nui never falls into the hands of the League of Six. 
  • Flaws: Vashni doesn't have any weapons on her person other than her own powers, if she had to fight with her fists alone she would lose. Fighting multiple opponents at once would be troublesome for her as she prefers to focus on one opponent at a time. 
  • Powers: Vashni has the standard powers of a Toa of Psionics, which include but are not limited to mental energy blasts, telepathy, telekinesis, illusions that fool the senses, inducing dreams and nightmares in beings who are asleep, and hypnotic suggestion. Her mask of mutation allows her to mutate a target from a distance, though she can't do this to herself. 
  • Equipment: Vashni doesn't carry any Toa Tool because not only does her element not require one, she prefers not to have one. She does however have a hover bike that she uses to get around Metru Nui quickly, and being a hover bike it can conveniently transverse over water, it's big enough to fit two Toa sized beings at most. 
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My Bzprpg Profiles

Skyra | Hakari | Oceanna | Taleen | Arisaka | Zanakra

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Name: Vyarik

Species: Tobduk’s Species

Faction: Dark Hunters

Brief Description: Ten feet of hardened armour and mountainous muscle, Vyarik cuts an imposing figure. He’s clad in shades of black and crimson, with the skull of a Muaka – the first creature he ever killed – mounted on one shoulder.

Background/Occupation: After being driven from his home by the Visorak, Vyarik migrated along with most surviving members of his species to the island of Stelt. It was here that he was thrust into a life of brutality, forced to fight for survival each day in the coliseums of the city. Many beings would have resigned themselves to despair in such circumstances, slowly losing hope, but not Vyarik. He stood tall, head held high, winning every fight with pride and spitefully smiling up at those who had enslaved him.

His demeanour and skill caught the attention of a member of the Dark Hunters, who chose to buy Vyarik’s freedom and bring him to Odina, where he was offered a position with the organisation. Vyarik was all too happy to accept, delighting in the chance to put his skills to use in service of a greater cause.

Flaws: Vyarik is – somewhat by necessity – proud and self-assured to the point of outright arrogance. His certainty and conviction in his own superiority is unwavering, which has led him to stubbornly refuse to back down or retreat from situations where doing so may be the wiser option.

Vyarik also has a somewhat twisted sense of honour. He wields no ranged weapons, and though his profession often involves assassination and the like, he always tries to offer his targets a chance to fight back… unfair though that fight will likely be.

Powers: Vyarik can increase his strength by feeding on feelings of confidence, whether they come from himself or others in his vicinity.    

Equipment: He wears a Kanohi Pehkui, custom-forged into the shape of a skull-like helm, and wields two upsized Kanoka Blades, each imbued with the power of a Kanohi Crast. Vyarik has spent many years honing his mental acuity, allowing him to exert the focus and willpower necessary to operate the blades and mask simultaneously.

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BZPRPG Mercenary Organisation - Description - History - Base

BZPRPG Characters - Minnorak, Kain, T'harrak, Savis, Vazaria, Lash

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Hope it's alright for me to join in here as well? I haven't forgotten Skyrise; I'm in the middle of working on a post there. I just thought maybe I could take a try at this game too? ^^

I'm... not completely sure the character's name works; please let me know if I'd do better to change it? Thanks ^^


Name: Varxii

Species: Vo-Toa

Faction: League of Six Kingdoms

Brief Description: A female Toa of lithe build, Varxii stands about a head taller than your average Toa. Her armour, following the standard for Toa of Lightning, is primarily dark blue with white highlights around her joints and the bottom of her mask; said mask being a great Kanohi Kiril. She carries a powered blade slung across her back for melee combat, but prefers to channel her power through her bare hands rather than getting down and dirty in physical combat.

Background: The lone guardian of an island that was conquered by the League of Six Kingdoms. Varxii started off life as a fighty Matoran, always quick to brawl over little things; a tendency that made her an outlier from her community. When she was transformed into a Toa, the new Lightning elemental decided that was all the excuse she needed for the ways she'd always acted, and quickly took to the role of lone guardian of the island, fending off rahi and other attacks with ease and rarely mingling with her former fellows. She was keeping them safe, she was doing what she was good at... who needed their constant tutting and murmuring to themselves about how she shouldn't be so quick to a fight?

And then, one day, came the real test of her worth as a Toa; word reached the island that the League of Six Kingdoms was advancing on them, with every intention of wiping them off the map as a little-remarked footnote on their way to bigger prey. And, though she knew she shouldn't be, Varxii was thrilled. Finally, a chance to do what she was born to do, to prove her worth as a guardian! After overseeing the evacuation of all the rest of the island's inhabitants to safety, she returned to the place that was soon to be overrun, confident that she could repel any and all invaders.

She put up one Karzahni of a fight; but, in the end, her overconfidence proved her downfall, and she was overrun by the sheer number of the League forces. By the time Pridak arrived on the island's shore, she had been beaten into submission; the warlord was, however, impressed by the ferocious fight she had put up and decided he wanted that destructive capacity on his side. He demanded her loyalty in exchange for her life, and Varxii was in no position to refuse. Pridak allowed her time to heal, then placed her near the front lines of his assault force; though he keeps her on a short leash to keep her from betraying him, never taking for granted that she is trustworthy.

For her part, Varxii hasn't complained or protested. She does her part... but her true motive for being here, aside from self-preservation, remains a mystery to all.

Flaws: Overconfident, in a word. Varxii is just a little too sure of herself, of her powers, and often feels like she's unbeatable; this can have the effect of her failing to keep her guard up even in dangerous situations. So far, she has paid the price for this flaw only once, but it's just a matter of time before it happens again. Additionally, she's not so good at utilising her powers with pinpoint accuracy; she tends to think of them more as a powerful blunt instrument, and would struggle if she found herself in a situation that required a more delicate touch.

Powers: Possesses most standard powers of Lightning Toa, including the ability to shoot concentrated bursts of lightning from her bare hands, to cause electric shocks, and to create shields and cages of electricity. She can overload electrically-powered objects and opponents with ease. Additionally, her mask allows her to repair physical damage to any objects in her vicinity (although not organic damage).

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"New legends awake, but old lessons must be remembered.
For that is the way
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Sorry for the somewhat rudimentary backstory, I intend to flesh out his character in game as time goes.

Name: Thom 

Species: Male Ko-Skakdi (Skakdi of Ice)

Faction: Dark Hunters

Description: Thom is a bright white usually associated with his element, with dark blue accents and a single glaring amber eye, the other covered by a eyepatch. The eye is still there, mind, he just wears an eyepatch. The Skakdi is fairly skinny and actually not particularly tall, and his spines are less pronounced than others in his species, curving back like the blades of a razor. Thom also has a clockwork watch on his left wrist that continuously clicks. He sometimes wears a dark blue hooded cloak on missions.

Powers: Physically, Thom is not particularly strong. The Ko-Skakdi has all the innate powers that his species has, but he obviously can't utilize them without help from a fellow Skakdi (though he gets around this quite easily with his weapons). More usefully, he has X-Ray and telescopic vision which improves his marksmanship greatly, as well as allowing him to relay vital information to his colleagues. His Skakdi ability allows him to temporarily speed up his own thought process, allowing him to think over situations in a small portion of time relatively. 

Equipment: To compensate for his somewhat underwhelming powerset, the Skakdi tends to rely on technology to win his fights. As well as his clockwork watch, Thom carries some actual weapons as well. His most useful is an incredibly customized ranged weapon that was based on the model of a Xian firework revolver, but due to frequent modifications it seems to be an entirely different weapon now. The revolver-like weapon has an extendable stock and a revolving chamber that carries multiple types of ammo. The revolver, after being modified by Dume's orders, can now fire long range slug rounds for sniping, and anti-gravity tag rounds that keep people off the ground for a short period of time (about 7 seconds). He carries a less flashy backup weapon on his back, too, a straight shortsword (though he has little skill with the weapon).

Background: A Skakdi that didn't particularly like fighting on the frontlines, Thom was almost doomed to be a mercenary. Despite his cowardice, though, his skill as an assassin left a good impression on the Dark Hunters and was offered a more formal job as one of them, provided he never abandoned his jobs and played nice with the others. So far, he's furfilled his end of the bargain, but time will tell how well that deal holds up.

Flaws: Thom is a complete and utter coward and hates fighting hand-to-hand. This means that, if you disarm him, you're likely to have him on the backfoot. He's also, slightly less importantly, the least funny person you'll ever meet and he sort of knows that, which is even more infuriating.

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Name: Tallea (Formerly Talia)

Species: Matoran

Faction: Metru-Nui

Brief Description: Outside of her suit Tallea is of average height and appearance for her species and race. Mostly dark blue armor plating with segments of bright turquoise showing like hints of neon lightning. Her face is when things fall outside the norm. An eternal smirk creases the lower half of a powerless Mahiki. Above that lies a pair of bright yellow eyes that burn with equally eternal curiosity.

When inside her suit Tallea appears at least a foot taller and somewhat broader than your average Matoran. Sleek and slightly bulbous silver armor covers every part of her in a protective shell. No weapons are obvious although one looking carefully could find attachment spots for a variety of tools.

Background/Occupation: Tallea was originally a scientist on the central continent before the League invaded. Specializing on the integration of kanoka disks into conventional systems. Being unused to warfare, she was forced to flee her home town when the warlords took it. Since then she has been staying one step ahead of the various forces of the Six. At first she restricted herself to only giving technical assistance to the various defenders. That couldn't last however. As the front lines were pushed closer and closer to Metru Nui the defenses became more desperate and chaotic. More than once Tallea found herself caught in an unexpected assault and had to fight her way free.

Now she has taken up residence in Metru Nui, helping to create new arms and armor for the war effort.

Flaws: Her neverending curiosity fuels a mule-headed stubbornness that has gotten Tallea into trouble more than a few times. Once she has set her mind on something it takes a very compelling reason for her to give up the chase. This can send her into situations that an otherwise clear headed person might avoid.

Powers: As a Vo-Matoran her powers are limited to a passive resistance to lightning.


X3N2-Komu Matoran Enhancement Suit (Modified)

Originally designed to give Matoran enough physical abilities to be useful on the battlefield, the base model simply gives the user strength and speed comparable to that of a Toa. That wasn't enough for Tallea however. In her time since acquiring the armor she has extensively modified it. Several extra lumps can be seen when compared to the base model, additional systems that allow the wearer significantly more options than normal.

As one might guess from the current owner's technical specialization, the new systems involve the use of various kanoka disks. These particular disks are smaller than the norm, sacrificing the power of their high quality manufacture for the utility of having more types available. Three disks in total have been worked into the armor. X-Ray Vision into the helmet, Weaken into the top of the gauntlets and Regeneration into the back of the cuirass.

"I serve the weak. I serve the helpless. I am their sword and their shield. If you want to strike at them, you must go through me, and I am not so easily moved."



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Name: Iona

Species: Ba-Toa

Faction: Metru Nui

Brief Description: An athletic female Toa of around average height for her species. Her natural armor is bulky, with an exotic geometric styling unlike the Toa Mangai of the city. The plates have a circular motif to them, broken up by sharper trapezoidal segments. Her right arm and leg are noticeably entirely mechanical, and bear a resemblance to the robotic enforcers of Metru Nui. Her armor is primarily a bright mauveine and inky black. Accents of iridescent cyan speckle her armor. Her artificial limbs are a dull charcoal grey. A sly electric blue gaze looks out from beneath her Kanohi, which is similar in appearance to a (unmutated) Shelek.

Powers: Her elemental powers grant her the ability to manipulate gravity in a number of ways, limited by her Elemental Energy reserves. Her Kanohi, the Great Mask of Biomechanics, gives her the ability to influence machinery depending on the range and complexity. While she cannot manipulate sapient beings without their consent, she can slightly slow down their mechanical anatomy.

Equipment: In combat she wields a Gravitic Pulse Launcher, a weapon from her home island built to channel her elemental power into ranged implosions. It has been modified slightly to allow it to launch Kanoka disks as well. She wears a communication device designed to allow her to understand the ultrasonic signals used by Vahki to communicate. A sturdy, double bladed axe serves her well in melee combat.

Background/Occupation: Iona was previously a Ba-Matoran living on an industrial island off the western coast of the Northern Continent. Primarily a source of manufactured technology, it was targeted early for conquest by the League of Six Kingdoms to serve as a industrial hub for their early expansion. At this point of their quest for power the tyrants' true goals were unknown to the larger universe, and the island was annexed without bloodshed. It didn't last. As the Barraki continued the expansion the population of the island worked to shake the chains of their despotic rulers. The response was swift and brutal. In a matter of days the armies of the League had crushed major resistance, killing the island's Toa protectors and Turaga leaders with merciless blows. Not before the Toa had transferred their Power into a new generation of protectors, Iona being among one of these select few. Unwilling to lose this new hope, they each had been sent to distant islands in an attempt to find help. Iona herself traveled northward to the island city of Metru Nui, the fate of her brothers and sisters unknown.

There she found Metru Nui already locked in battle against the forces of the League. She now fights on the front lines for Metru Nui, in the hope that she can one day return and free her own home.

Flaws: Hot headed and quick to action, her experiences on her home island have left her with little regard for her enemies. This combined with her relative inexperience as a Toa lead to some very un-Toa like decisions on her part.

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Name: [ Irna, Sixth-Born of Perror of the Northern Continent ]

Species: [ Zyglak ]

Faction: [ League of Six Kingdoms ]

Description: [ An average-enough looking Zyglak, standing about half a head above most Toa, with a long reptilian face, a powerful frame, and a tail. She wears a battered half-cape over one shoulder trimmed with Muaka fur, as well as a well-worn metal pendant around her neck depicting a broken hammer which has been welded back together — the Zyglaki symbol for Karzahni, patron of the unwanted. ]

Background: [ Irna, the sixth-born child of the great warrior, Perror, grew up in a small Zyglak village deep in the Northern Continent. They were a generally peaceful folk, but the nearby Matoran settlements, fearing the strange beings, regularly attacked, pushing Irna’s people deeper into the mountains. As she grew, Irna cut her teeth in such skirmishes, learning the art of combat — but she forever dreamed of a day when the Matoran would no longer view her as a monster. When the League of Six Kingdoms came to her village looking for soldiers, Irna volunteered. In her heart, she holds out hope that she will be able to win some sort of medal or trophy, to show as proof of her and her people’s valour to the Matoran and end the hostilities between the two groups. ]

Flaws: [ Coming from a small village in the middle of nowhere, Irna is unfamiliar with the technology and customs of Metru Nui and the surrounding isles. While not foolhardy, her desire for recognition of valour and skill can sometimes push her to act rashly. She also tends to favour close-quarters combat, leaving her at a disadvantage against those who know how to keep their distance. ]

Powers: [ As a Zyglak, Irna is naturally stronger than even a Toa, topping out just below the capacities of a Pakari, as well as amphibious. She is also able to secrete an oil from her skin which can dissolve organic matter upon contact — she is, however, able to control when this oil is secreted, and the effects of the dissolution depend on the duration of contact, wearing off gradually once contact has ended. This dissolution can also be halted by the application of Irna’s saliva to the affected area. She carries with her a spear topped with a flint head, as well as a well-worn metal knife. Both of these weapons are treated with the same dissolving oil. ]


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*Cracks knuckles*

Let's put some characters in this here RPG, stretch the legs a little big with all these potential powers...

  • Name: Knichou (Neh-Chow)

  • Species: Fe-Matoran

  • Faction: Metru-Nui

  • Brief Description: Knichou wears a set of custom adaptive armor that changes its configuration in response to his surroundings and situation. While highly versatile for surviving in extreme conditions, this armor’s form cannot be directly controlled by the user. As such, Knichou’s shape is not always consistent depending on where he is and what he’s doing. What is consistent between all forms is the white and grey coloring of the majority of the armor, with his kanohi and gauntlets being a distinctive purple shape, and a purple matoran ‘x’ symbol emblazoned above his heartlight. This unusual coloration and branding is a permanent reminder of his exile from the Ghosts.

    Knichou always carries his trusty lightstone rifle with him in case of danger. It’s been modified to have a top-mounted magazine that has space for 5 lightstones, and a bayonet in case of close quarters fighting. Although it is powerless for a matoran, his Kanohi is a Kakama.

  • Background/Occupation: Knichou is an Ex-Nynrah ghost who immigrated to Artakha where he established himself as a successful protodermis smith, specializing in manufacturing extremely precise and intricate parts for commercial machinery. As the League of Six Kingdoms made major land grabs in other parts of the Matoran universe with startling speed, Knichou panicked and sold his home and shop for a medium-sized hauler airship commonly used for inter-island trade. He put everything else he owned in the airship and left just days before a Kingdoms fleet established a blockade around the island. In the weeks since that escape Knichou has been running small cargo transport operations in order to build up the widgets to reestablish his business, while modifying the new airship where he sees fit.

  • Flaws: Knichou is extremely curious yet cautious. His intense focus on small details and learning more can blind him to a the wider problem. Given his past as a member of the Nynrah Ghosts, a notoriously secretive guild of craftsmatoran, he isn't known for being the most open or talkative matoran around. That lack of care and trust in others can cause problems when personalities clash. While he has lots of experience testing weapons during his time in the Nynrah Ghosts, he has only used them on firing ranges, and has no combat or tactics experience.

  • Powers: As a Fe-Matoran, Knichou has more physical endurance than the average matoran.

  • Vehicle: The Taku
    The Taku is a medium sized airship built for inter-island shipping, jokingly named after the small bird common throughout the matoran universe. It has a bridge with two sets of controls for a pilot and co-pilot, with a small two-bunk crew quarters attached to the bridge that Knichou lives in. Secured to the other side of the bridge is an empty toa canister – a custom addition out of Knichou’s paranoia when leaving Artakha. It’s intended as a makeshift escape pod – although unfortunately he hasn’t had any luck yet trying to tune the inertial dampeners to make its use completely safe for matoran.
    The center of the Taku houses the storage compartment. Half of this is pure storage space, the other half having retractable floor coverings that are opened during the loading and unloading process. A primitive crane system on the ceiling allows for the loading and unloading of cargo. Overlooking this cargo bay is a catwalk directly along the spine of the ship that connects the bridge and the engine compartment at the rear, where transport chute tech provides propulsion.

    More characters to come later, but I'll drop this one early

Edited by BULiK
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Well, here goes nothing.

Name: “Karista” is the closest Matoran translation

Species: Krahka

Faction: Self

Brief Description: As a shapeshifter, Karista can appear as any being she has seen before, but in order to blend in she takes on the form of a short Toa of Water with a Mahiki. She also wears an exotic necklace of talons and bands of colorful feathers around her arms, legs, and back of her head that do not change with her, giving her away if she forgets to remove them.

Background/Occupation: Karista fled her homeland to escape the ever-advancing Barraki armies, eventually ending up in Metru Nui. At the far end of the universe, she only hopes to be able to hide until the dust clears, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep herself and her powers away from either side.

Flaws: Karista doesn’t get attached to anything, all too aware of how this war can continue to take from her. Yet she’s also young and inexperienced in civilized societies, prone to gullibility and mistakes with powers she hasn’t mastered yet.

Powers: Karista’s species has the ability to change their physical shape into any living thing they have seen before (she has never seen a Makuta), able to even change their mass by a factor of two. They also gain any innate powers of the form they take they have seen them in use, from a Toa’s elemental manipulation to a Skakdi’s vision power. However, Karista has not mastered the ability to merge forms and powers.

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Never fear, The Law has arrived. Hope I didn't typo super hard.

Name: Citizen Pacification Unit K1R1 Kilo-M9

Species: Kralhi

Faction: Metru-Nui sort of

Brief Description: Kilo-M9 is a standard Kralhi in shape and size, a scorpion-like mechanical creation about the size of three Toa clumped together. It has four legs which are able to grip all manner of surfaces and two arms that are usually holding its tools, two wide curved blades for defending itself and the city’s citizens and for guiding and encouraging wayward Matoran back to their workstations. On its rear there is a prehensile tail with two prongs for emitting energy bubbles. Its forelegs and head are metro green, with the rest of its body and limbs being black for camouflage in its home metro. Both of its front legs have noticeable scars and chipping from lack of maintenance and there is a large running diagonally down its face. Side compartments on the main body contain a store of Kanoka discs. It has green eyes during normal operations but will switch to a red-orange color during combat situations or dim them entirely for stealth. On its face is a permanent expression of determined authority which can come across as more terrifying than intended.

       Background/Occupation: Kilo-M9 is but one of many Kralhi that were created by Nuparu as a predecessor to the Vahki. This particular unit was assigned to the Onu-Metru region, warding overly curious tourists and archivists away from restricted zones and assisting with the often frequent break-out attempts by the exhibits. Unfortunately, the Kralhi’s method of enforcing order by draining the energy of troublemakers was deemed an issue as the affected individuals were too dizzy or exhausted to work for a while after an encounter with the law. Turage Dume commissioned the Vahki as replacements and ordered the Kralhi’s destruction, but the machines would not go quietly. Many rebelled against their fate and were forced out of the city. Others took up hiding in the various Metru. Kilo-M9 is one such unit. After fighting off several attempts at deactivation by Vahki squads the battered law enforcer took up residence in the deeper sections of the archives. The network of tunnels provided ample space to hide and make repairs. Despite its isolation and betrayal, the unit is still given purpose by the same primary objectives:

       1. Preserve this unit at all costs

       2. Bring efficiency to the city

       3. Protect and serve the Matoran

Despite the necessity of staying hidden lest the Vahki resume attacking it, Kilo M9 has mostly resumed its primary duties patrolling the sublevels of the Archives, assisting individuals out of the restricted areas whether they want to or not.

Flaws: Kralhi are able to analyze opponents and devise plans to deal with them based on their abilities and traits. However, the machines are limited in their ability to think on the fly, and quick improvisation can trip them up. Kilo-M9 is also limited by its primary objectives and will follow them at all costs. It will not take violent action against Metru-Nui citizens unless hostile action is taken against it or there are conflicts with objectives 1 and 2. Kilo-M9 also cannot swim and will avoid having to submerge its body whenever possible.

Powers: Kralhi have strong mechanical joints making it somewhat stronger than the average Toa. It is able to climbs on walls and cling to ceilings with its clawed feet and can remain still and silent for long periods of time, making it surprisingly good at hiding. It is programmed to be skilled at hand to hand combat with its blades, and while it has primarily fought Rahi it is no stranger to having to engage in battle with the more sentient creatures of Metru-Nui. Its signature weapon is the energy bubble generator in its tail. The tail launches bolts of energy that when striking a target encases it in a bubble which lifts into the air and begins draining their energy into the Kralhi. Said bubbles can drain energy at a fast enough rate to knock out an unsuspecting Matoran or exhausted Toa within minutes. The bubbles are difficult to break out of from the inside and do not burst upon contact with walls or ceilings. Direct force needs to be applied to escape. Kilo-M9 also carries on its person a selection of Kanoka discs, usually 3 weaken discs and 3 regeneration discs of various power levels which it uses against opponents in combat and for field repairs, respectively. It acquires these from individuals it helps and from hunting stray Vahki units that wander into its jurisdiction. Finally, Kilo-M9 features a voice recording functionality which enables it to play back any words or phrases it hears. While it can speak Matoran freely at ultrasonic frequencies much like the Vahki, it usually uses edited and rearranged phrases to communicate directly with Matoran and other sentient beings.


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I'm around. If you really need me and I haven't responded quickly, send me a pm.

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Name: Stannis

Species: Toa of Stone

Faction: Metru Nui, the Matoran

Brief Description: Stannis stands a little taller than most toa and looks strikingly heroic in appearance, with long bones and lithe muscle in a combination of blacks, browns, and tans. He wears a large mottled, dense dark gray cloak over all this sagaciousness, however, and most of the time the only things visible are his, mask, hand and feet. His eyes are a uniform grey and impossible to catch subtleties in, though they seem to drink in everything in front of Stannis. He wears his weapons in an X with a sling harness.

Background and occupation: Stannis is a former member of an ancient toa team who’s adventures are long since forgotten in the Histories, but his Destiny seems to remain unfulfilled even though his former teammates have all been turaga for centuries now. Talk about him is a strange mixture of emotions, and depending on who you ask Stannis is either a hero or pariah, wizard or illusionist, high priest or false prophet, selfless historian or selfish warmaster. One thing almost everyone agrees on is that Stannis is an enigmatic figure who travels and intercedes with no pattern, and always—somehow—is always where he needs to be when he needs to be. Nowadays Stannis journeys around the Matoran Universe, always seemingly on one quest or another, though in reality he has been working to both unravel the mysteries of the realms and protect Matoran from dangers they are not always aware of, oftentimes by waging minor guerrilla campaigns and serving as a spontaneous war leader. As a result, he has become rather despised and occasionally feared by both Dark Hunters and Barraki lords alike, seen as a boogeyman and opposition general by both factions.

Powers and abilities: After his millennia of practice Stannis is an accomplished elementalist with incredible power and finesse with his Stone powers, capable of almost every feat imaginable with his element. As a bonus of his element, Stannis is extremely physically strong, surpassing most beings save exceptionally brutish species or beings boosted by masks. Secondly, Stannis has something known simply as his “wandering,” which has supported many rumors about both his supposed wizardry and divinity. This ability is always on at a low level and can be best understood as Mata Nui’s touch on him; wherever Stannis "wanders," or travels, Destiny seems to unfold without any provocation. This translates as an intuition that borders on prophetic, an uncanny ability to sense imminent danger, and a propensity to always be headed in the right direction regardless of logic. He denies any actual divinity, but saying that just seems to make people endorse the “he’s a wizard” theory.

Mask and tools: Stannis wears a Kanohi of Conjuring, which allows him to very carefully program a power into the mask if he verbally specifies the power and its limitations. He usually does this in the form of a prayer or litany, and typically before a battle as programming the mask in the midst of fighting is extremely hard to do. His chosen toa tool has been a pair of spear with elaborate tips, which he is very proficient at using as both throwing and melee weapons.

Flaws: After his many, many years on the hunt, he has lost his way somewhat, and without a galvanizing main threat Stannis is more distractible and able to be caught unawares. His mask’s abilities have to be very carefully laid out, so someone who manages to listen in will understand the functions of the mask in the moment and know how to exploit any weaknesses. Stannis is also much, much older than most other toa, and as a result of age is slower and less agile than he used to be.

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@EmperorWhenua, Stannis is good to go. @TheLegoRoleplayer, "Victim" is good to go. Please DM me the mechanics of how his power works and what the Shadowed One knows about it. Thanks. 

01/21/2020: "Victim" no longer approved. Needs further description of weakness for immortality.

01/21/2020: "VIctim" approved after additional weaknesses for immortality added.

01/31/2020: "Victim" no longer approved. TLR has been asked to step away from SKE.

Edited by Unreliable Narrator

Happy chat.


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Name: Triki

Species: Le-Matoran

Faction: Metru-Nui

Brief Description: Triki is best described as eccentric; he acts impulsively and his goals can change on a whim.  He is often looking for ways to express his creativity and go on adventures, but often doesn't think of the consequences of his actions, and is prone to violent outbursts when provoked.  He is a green Le-Matoran who wears a Great Kanohi Kakama (powerless).

Background/Occupation: Triki is a mechanic in Le-Metru, specializing in flying vehicles.  His designs are unconventional and hazard-prone, but often clever enough to work in the end.  He likes to go exploring in areas where he shouldn’t, which has earned him the ire of the Vahki.  He is intrigued by the idea of searching for the Great Kanoka, believing it would make for a fine adventure.

Flaws: Triki’s crazy persona and chute-speak are often found off-putting to others, and his violent tendencies and shortsightedness often land him in trouble.   

Powers: Triki has innate elemental air abilities as a Le-Matoran, but is otherwise powerless.

Equipment: Triki often has a pack of mechanic equipment with him, including wrenches, plyers, and a blow torch, so he can tinker with equipment he comes across.  His primary ranged weapon is a Kanoka launcher, where he specializes in Reconstruct at Random Kanoka (and also Regeneration Kanoka to fix up his messes).  He has a circular Chakram blade for close combat.  He also has a customized flying Hover-Bike that he uses for travel, but often has to tinker with it to get it into working condition.


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  • Name: Mazor
  • Species: Unknown (custom, from the south)
  • Faction: Leauge of Six Kingdoms
  • Brief Description: Mazor is a tall humanoid figure, about a head higher than a Toa. He is extremely gaunt and lanky. His organic tissue is diseased and rotted, barely holding his limbs together. His armor is green and grey. A cracked Mask of Undeath is fused to his face.
  • Background/Occupation: Mazor started his life on a small southern island. He was very well known for his skills at hunting Rahi. Seeking fame and fortune he traveled to the southern continent and took jobs hunting both Rahi and People. His skill attracted the attention of the Shadowed One. He relished the chance to improve his skills, but as time went on he found the life of a Hunter to be unsatisfactory. He was no longer his own boss, and he began to dread executing targets. However, abandoning the hunters is a death sentence. So he stayed, until one day, while out on mission he obtained a mask of undeath. The mask was improperly made and when he put it on it fuzzed to his face, mutating his life essence. After discovering his new powers Mazor faked his death and made an escape. The Shadowed one was not fooled for long, and Mazor has been on the run from the hunters ever since. He currently works for the league of six kingdoms as a way to get by. 
  • Flaws: His decaying body is extremely fragile, making him easy to injure. He is also not very strong. After leaving the Dark Hunters he committed to avoid killing if at all possible, and will often go against orders to preserve other's lives. If his mask is destroyed he will cease to exist, even if his body is still intact.
  • Powers: Mazor has a mask of Undeath Fuzed to his Face. The faulty mask's power weakens his strength and durability, but makes him hard to kill. So long as the mask is attached to his face, all parts of his body he is connected to will continue to function regardless of how injured he is. Disconnected body parts cease to function, but can easily be re-attached.  He also carries a short sword and a specialy built Kanoka launcher. This launcher is designed to fling disks extra far, and has a sniper scope. His disc collection is made mostly of weakens, freeze, and regeneration disks, all of Le-Metru Make.


I hope this works, let me know if I need to change anything.

Edited by Smudge8

Six Kingdoms Characters: Mazor, Jephro, The Janitor, Informant




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'ere we go again
Name: Nale (NAH-ley) Vella

Species: Toa of Magnetism

Faction: Metru-Nui

Description: A fit, gunmetal and black-armored female Toa. She wears a Kanohi Kakama, and her eyes are a bright blue color. A bundle of thin, cord-like "hair" extends from behind her mask tied up in a ponytail. She has a belt slung over her chest attached to a rifle holster on her back, and a small sheath wrapped around her thigh, all black. She stands at average height for her kind. Despite being a Toa for some time now, her armor appears to have remained pristine all these years

Powers: Can control, create, and absorb magnetism, and her Kanohi grants her greatly enhanced movement speed

Equipment: Nale carries a sniper rifle-type weapon, powered by her element (essentially a Gauss rifle). It is entirely silver, save for blue electricity that crackles along the barrel, and can swap between a long-range and short-range scope on the fly. For close-quarters encounters, she carries a knife with the name KARVAN engraved on it

Personality: A no-nonsense type, she believes Toa are to be upheld to high standards and take their job as seriously as possible. A strict follower of the Toa Code, she is more likely to wound her opponents than kill them. Despite this, she has a soft side she hides underneath the stoicism that she has allowed very few to see

Background: Born on a far-off island, Nale moved to Metru-Nui after becoming a Toa. Although she has had companions in the past, she currently works alone, patrolling the island to ensure the Matoran are safe

Flaws: Doesn't play well with others. Due to the amount of elemental focus her weapon takes, it is essentially useless in high stress situations

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Name: Aksa
Species: Toa

  • Element: Stone – creation, control, and absorption of stone, rock, and crystals; enhanced strength.
  • Kanohi: Mask of biomechanics (form: great Rau) – The Mask of Biomechanics is a Kanohi that allows its user to mentally interface with machinery and control or influence them, depending on range and complexity of the technology. It also gives the user a minor enhancement of their mechanical strength. The user cannot control the mechanical parts of other beings without their consent but can slow them down. (BS01)

Faction: League of Six Kingdoms
Description: Matte silver body with pale blue armor and mask. Aksa is shorter and slimmer than the average Toa. Her left arm is a mechanical prosthetic and is of copper and gunmetal coloration.
Background: Aksa is an engineer and inventor originating from the southern continent. She is employed by the League of Six Kingdoms for the development of weapons and other technology useful in the war effort. Aksa prefers to field test her own creations.
Aksa harbors no strong moral convictions and is primarily concerned with her personal advancement and that of her research. Her loyalty to the League extends as far as their sponsorship of her work.
Aided by the use of her mask, Aksa has deconstructed and rebuilt some of her own mechanical components with the intent of improving their strength, durability, and dexterity. These modifications have resulted in chronic minor pains that tend to flare up under heavy exertion. Her left arm was lost under traumatic and mysterious circumstances; Aksa created a mechanical replacement with various enhancements, described under the "equipment" section.
Special Equipment:

  • Mechanical arm. As described above, Aksa's left arm is a mechanical prosthetic. The arm may be detached at the mid-forearm and launched at high speeds. The detached section can be controlled remotely. The arm also features a retractable grappling hook and a flashlight.
  • Animated shield. When activated, this shield hovers near Aksa, protecting her while keeping her hands free. This functionality is especially useful when her left hand is detached. The shield's position is controlled via the movement of Aksa's left arm.
  • Mask enhancements. Like most Kanohi in the form of the great Rau, Aksa's mask has lenses over its eyeholes. These lenses may be adjusted to enable telescopic or microscopic vision, though not to the extent enabled by the lenses standard in a great Akaku or Matatu. The lenses also feature experimental night and thermal vision modes. The lenses may be adjusted mentally, but this process takes several seconds.
  • Spear. This is Aksa's Toa tool and primary weapon. After throwing the spear, she can concentrate on it for several seconds and cause it to fly back to her hand.
  • Other equipment. As Aksa is an inventor, she will likely develop more equipment as the game progresses. Such items will be approved by the GM prior to use.

Flaws: Aksa is prideful and suspicious. She spends more time in the lab than in the field and has limited combat experience. As most of her equipment is experimental, it is prone to malfunction.

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