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If the humans have discovered Spherus Magna...


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Hi, guys. Suppose some humans, like Neil Armstrong, were exploring space, but then they or some satellite accidentally discovered Bara Magna/Spherus Magna, Aqua Magna with the island of Mata Nui on it, the Mata Nui robot, or Okoto. Or, they would encounter Vezon teleporting to their ship. Lol. Anyway, how do you think the space explorers react to them? For me, I would imagine the humans would be shocked, like in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, when Neil discovered the Ark on the Moon. The humans would take pictures and tape this discovery and send them to NASA. If they go any further, they would be detected and probably run or fly away for their lives just in case they encountered some hostile beings.

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1 hour ago, Sir Keksalot said:

They wouldn't react because humans would never find the planet, nor should they because humans should stay out of Bionicle in every imaginable circumstance.

My thoughts exactly. What reason would humans have to become involved in Bionicle, anyway?

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    What would happen will depend on different scenarios. Once discovering one of those planets, it might take a bit to link what they found to BIONICLE unless they are well acquainted in popular culture. In which case it would be almost immediately. After that, taking pictures, investigating with N.A.S.A.; things would branch out to if they would release info to the public or not. Because BIONICLE existed before the discovery thanks to LEGO, the company would probably be investigated. If this info was released to the public, LEGO would receive a lot of attention and would invest in this opportunity with new BIONICLE products. Fans would obviously be very excited about the whole thing depending on the individual. I would probably be conflicted as it would most likely mean that we are not in the prime dimension.


    I have to disagree with the whole idea of “humans should not interact/ exist with BIONICLE characters whatsoever ”…  to a certain extent. There are at least 8 million dimensions in which BIONICLE exists. Surely some of those have to involve human contact. As for the original BIONICLE dimension or group of dimensions, humans would definitely not be involved unless LEGO updated the story with humans. In which case the dimension(s) would be updated as well.

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3 hours ago, toajamie said:

There are at least 8 million dimensions in which BIONICLE exists.

Where does that number come from? I'm just curious because it seems oddly specific lol. 


My prediction: several hundred AFOLs jumping off of cliffs hoping to get revived on the Red Star :)  


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