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Toy Fair 2020: Star Wars: The Mandalorian Sets Announced

Hapori Tohu

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In advance of Toy Fair starting this Saturday, LEGO has shared some details on two sets coming out later this year based on Star Wars: The Mandalorian - the Disney+ series that helped launch the streaming service. Making up for the initial dearth of baby Yoda the Child merchandise, we're getting a BrickHeadz set of the cutie and the titular Mando, as well as a set of the hero's ship, The Razor Crest. To check out some early pictures of the sets and learn all about their design and play features, read on!

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Having not watched the show or paid too much attention to this yet (besides the bombardment of baby Yoda memes) I'm getting some major Serenity vibes from this ship.  Spaceship has an interesting design for sure.  If it wasn't obviously going to be pretty pricy, I might be tempted to pick this one up.


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I watched the whole season already, they're not lying when they say it's the best Star Wars in a while.

This set's cool but not really on my list. The Child's decent for the format but it definitely misses a good bunch of its charm (plus I still think Rotta's cuter, fight me >:P)... The BrickHeads though, those are just good!

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