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LEGO and Nintendo Lift Lid on Super Mario Theme

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LEGO_Super Mario_Announce_teaser.jpg
After a cryptic teaser earlier in the week, LEGO and Nintendo have shared their first images and a video of the upcoming LEGO Super Mario sets. And it's very different. The reason Mario looks so odd is because he's an interactive piece, complete with an LCD screen, camera, speaker, and Bluetooth. You use Mario to play games with levels built out of bricks that feature barcodes that Mario scans to interact with. Confused? Read on to learn more!

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I gotta wonder why this didn't happen sooner. I know Nintendo has/had a license with K'Nex, but c'mon. Gaming giant here, toy giant there. It's a no-brainer.

Not the first time anybody's said it, but this isn't the first thing that comes to anyone's mind when they hear "LEGO Super Mario Bros." Doesn't mean it's a bad idea; not saying that. If anything, I'd have expected some kind of level-building aspect of the theme, much like Super Mario Maker, but with real LEGO pieces. I saw the trailer on Twitter; it looks like level creation is the case. As for what's on everyone's mind, we got the robot Mario minifigure. It's weird to see Mario this way, but he looks happy, so I'm not about to stop him. Of course, the looks department is a minor sacrifice in the quest for innovation, and I know that's what Nintendo and LEGO are going for. They came up with a new way to play with LEGO; a minifigure that actually responds to its resident set. He's also outfitted with technology that kids would know how to use or can learn easily. LEGO's been clawing for ways to marry its plastic bricks with technology, and this mecha Mario is a way to do it.

I'm a pretty casual Mario fan, but you can bet money that I'm not gonna hand off my debit card to the nearest LEGO Store for this. Same goes for a lot of other adult fans of LEGO and Nintendo alike. Both companies have very strong and vocal adult audiences, and their essentially being borderline alienated by this product. Of course they're free to buy it and play with it themselves, but they're obviously not the target audience; kids are. Nintendo has a history of making controversial technological sacrifices on their consoles for the sake of preserving fun and making their games appealing to kids, and that's okay. I applaud LEGO and Nintendo for focusing on just the kids this time. I hope the kids who buy this set have loads of fun with it and use their imaginations to create new levels for their LEGO Mario to conquer, eventually moving on to Super Mario Maker games and torturing eager players worldwide. I won't be having a piece of this upcoming set, but that's another copy on the shelf somewhere for whoever does want it and would enjoy more than I ever would.

Do I think a line of Super Mario sets with traditional minifigures is on the horizon as well? I'm not betting on it, but I'm not ruling it out, either. I do, however, think we're looking at the birth of a promising license...

...That will hopefully result in LEGO Smash Bros. so I can get LEGO Pichu and Ice Climbers! :D

mindeth the cobwebs

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