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That theme ain’t popular much, but it is known for inspiring the creation of Bionicle. It has some Lego parts that the Toa had. 

People are more interested in Bionicle and Hero Factory (Bionicle mostly), though, so I believe a cinematic universe-esque theme, which has Bionicle, Hero Factory, Throwbots, and RoboRiders, would be a much better idea if people want compromises. No offense, bro.

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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20 hours ago, Jaekoff said:

Why not?

I'm about it.

I think a line of constraction that doesn't rely heavily on a story focus would be a nice change of pace. The thing with both Bionicle & Hero Factory is that they were story driven. (I'm sure someone will eventually tell me there was a story for the original Throwbots/Slizers)

But for a 2020 edition of Throwbots, they could just make a mobile game that has 0 substance outside of just utilizing the throwbots against the enemies. Market the bots through that game and making them look awesome like a Ninjago or something.

Just as you said, "Why not?"


Other great bands:

Iron Maiden    Journey    Mercenary    The Unguided    Trivium

Boston    Stratovarius    Symphony X    Epica

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