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Six Kingdoms: Rebirth -- Out Of Character Topic

Unreliable Narrator

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Hi all, 


I think most of you already know I broke my glasses over last weekend. With everything rapidly changing in my life, having impacted vision really pushed things over the edge. I need to take a break from GMing until I get my new glasses, about 1-2 weeks. In the meantime, Vezok’s Friend is fully in charge. Please address all game related questions to him until I get some glasses on my face and can see again.


Happy gaming,


Unreliable Narrator

Happy chat.


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No GMs. No kings. 

Only players. 

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Embers - A Bionicle Saga - Chapters/Review

Class Is Out - A Farewell To Corpus Rahkshi - Chapters/Review

BZPRPG Characters - Minnorak, Kain, T'harrak, Savis, Vazaria, Lash

BZPRPG Mercenary Group - The Outsiders - Description - History - Base

Ghosts Of Bara Magna - Ash Tribe - Precipere - Kehla, Somok, Skrall, Gayle, Avinus, Zha'ar

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  • 2 weeks later...

OK, so, for reasons that are beyond my comprehension, I can't get to the login screen on Discord, it just assumes I'm a new person and goes past it, which means I can't access my account, therefore cannot access the Discord channel we use, and others.

This is not good for me.

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Hello everyone! 

First, the survey is STILL OPEN. Please, please, pretty please... FILL IT OUT. 

Weekly Updates:

At long last, they're back! Given I did a bit of a reading marathon over the past three nights to get caught while working one job (well two but the second just furloughed again) and potentially moving in the next two weeks and existing in the current state of the world and so I probably missed something. Please comment if I missed something you feel should be in the weekly summary!


June 1st-7th

  • Ice and stone ruins get to Nuva chamber, discovering a Great Disk is necessary to continue further. 
  • Ruins of fire progress beyond the first chamber
  • Miserix awakes, revealing herself during the duel between Barius and Boss. Meanwhile, a new skakdi leader gains allies. 
  • Tac panda 2 gets to Zataka
  • The coliseum assassins get closer to their fight with Pridak, Rose providing  a brief glimpse beyond the scarlet warrior's hard shell. 
  • Airship fight heats up as Kat prepares her fiery attack, the Taku invisibly grows closer to the fray, and the Inferno begins to falter.


June 8th-14th

  • Cravius hires Uraborask to capture flying rahi in the Fau Swamps.
  • Drukarus and Marrow form an unlikely team as they continue on their ascent of Irnakk's Tooth. 
  • Viltia, part 1 
  • The battle in the skies continues as Poroka commands his ship to avoid destruction. 
  • Aurax's Assassins prepare to get the drop on Pridak, hiding themselves in the throne room of the Coliseum. 


June 15th-21st

  • Yumiwak and her crew finally meet their prize: Zataka.
  • The Ruins of Fire continue
  • Arkius seeks out Kanohi to talk about the future of Po-Koro
  • Iradra discovers hardlight elemental manipulation, drawing on the teachings of Ko-Metru scholars and her old element.
  • The skakdi of the Rig continue their lives. Gore Fury finishes his conversation with McGrokk, Cravious considers life as a detective, and Uraborask goes to sleep on his couch with the sounds of his stolen radio in the background. 


June 22nd- 28th

  • The skakdi of the Rig continue their machinations of power, engineering, and a halfway decent meal. Gore and Cravious meet at last. 
  • The Taku prepares to finally board the League airships as Zaliyah, Dar Poroka, and Ostroxx draw closer to Metru-Koro
  • Kat of The Flame, order of the Kanohi Dragon, releases her powerful technique: Dragon Flare! Will the Razorfish be destroyed?!
  • Dru and Amarth board the Wombat, Dar Poroka prepares for a good fight!
  • Knichou and his ever growing list of sudden recruits jump from the Taku for a mid-air boarding action of the League airships. 
  • Keitara and Kat board the Tranquility


June 29th - July 4th

  • Gnabol and Mazor learn parenting isn't easy, and decide to travel to a matoran camp.
  • Cravious and Gore Fury plot out a new ACR.
  • The airship battle above Metru-Koro grows hotter as the Wombat pulls evasive maneuvers and the Tranquility takes on boarders.
  • The first bombardment of Metru-Koro begins, destroying the garrison and laying waste to the village. 
  • Takadox convinces Nu-8020S and her companions to leave.
  • Drukarus and Marrow enter the Nightmare Pits.
  • Yaushe becomes the Taku! As the Taku takes heavy damage, the ghost in the van takes over the airship in an attempt to save the day.
  • Sans and Zaliyah have their showdown aboard the Razorfish. Ostrox is captured as a prisoner while the Tranquility beings a crash landing. Dar Poroka engages the boarders of the Wombat in melee combat.


FAVORITE PART OF THE WEEK -- remember this?

Yes! Favorite part of the week! It's back! Comment what you enjoyed the most this past week. I personally loved catching up and seeing all the story that developed while I was gone. I also loved seeing how well Vezok's Friend ran the ship in my absence. <3 

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Happy chat.


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Great to have you back, UN. Can't believe you didn't miss a single week of recaps. Impressive.


My favorite part of last week would have to be how everything with Metru-Koro and the assault is progressing on all fronts. Wonderfully done by all.

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--------- “BRUH” -Makuta, probably ---------


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14 hours ago, Unreliable Narrator said:

The skakdi of the Rig continue their machinations of power, engineering, and a halfway decent meal. Gore and Cravious meet at last. 

HALFWAY DECENT!!! Gore is a culinary genius, and although humble he is, HE will not accept such an insult to his skills.


But glad to have you back all the shame UN.

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Happy to be returning to Gaius.  Writing up an incredible re-entry into the character proved too intimidating so I settled for just something short and sweet for now.  I hope the rest of this summer sees me getting to jam out some really nice work writing for that character.  I'm excited for my own progress... and for what lore and world building is yet to come from it >:)

In a world where heroes and villains battle for the fate of the universe‚ some people have normal lives and work normal jobs... Zimixes

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7 hours ago, Taka Nuvia said:

Ok so I guess this is where I will ask my questions from now on:

I was wondering if there's anyone (any PCs) on the bridge of the Taku rn? (I guess I can count Yaushe, technically)

I think it's just Ulkarr right now. The NPC Le-Matoran pilot is there as well. And I guess Yaushe now sees all inside the ship so her too.

Edited by BULiK
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BZPRPG Profiles - Ghosts Of Bara Magna Profiles

Exo-Force RPG Profiles - Six Kingdoms: Apocalypse (Knichou, Berys, Arnex, The Taku, Exuze)

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Pridak vs. the World continues

FYI: I am hoping to wrap this fight up within the next 2-3 days, so we can get to the really giant monsters and other fun stuff ;)

For that, it'd be really helpful if characters would take a few more hits here and there. Nothing too grievous that can't be healed in time of course. Pridak isn't exactly Thanos, but he is a big baddie, and you know how beat up the heroes in movies get before winning. The more hits the characters take, the more punishment he gets as well. I think it'll be a satisfying narrative that way.

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From The Desk:

Hey all, happy Monday! We got a lot to talk about after a very busy weekend, and we’re excited to provide some additional details for you all here. The three main topics we want to go over today are:

  1. The mid-game survey
  2. Reflections on the current game state
  3. End of the official Discord server


The Mid-Game Survey

Results are in, and we’re poring over them and considering how to best adapt the game! 20 players filled out the anonymous survey, so thank you for your contribution. The surveys really are the best way for us GMs to pull data and look at possible trends. We’ll be providing additional details over the course of this week on several points, so keep an eye on the OOC topic.


Reflections on the Current Game State

We’re two thirds of the way through the allotted time for SKR. It’s been a wild ride, and the choices you’ve all made have been interesting. This is the time last game where I said pick one thing you want your character to accomplish and see it through. As always, collaboration is the key!


End of Official Discord Server

We chose to end the officially supported Discord server due to a multitude of reasons. If you want to connect, you may do so using the PM system and the OOC topic to plan with GMs or stay up to date. We’ll have a bigger announcement on Conduct reports and GM questions in the coming days, so stay tuned!


As always, play well and be kind.

~UN and Veef


July 13th - July 19th:

  • The fight for Metru-Koro’s survival continues! Zaliyah’s airship becomes stranded above the village, relying on the levitation disks to keep her from crashing and ending her own life. In a desperate gamble, Zaliyah begins peace and reconciliation negotiations with toa Iradra via radio.
    • Aboard the Wombat, the fight continues fiercely, with Dar Poroka and his crew going toe to toe with the boarding assailants and defenders of the refugee settlement. Knichou continues to work on dismantling the dangerous warhead attached to the underside of the airship.
    • Ostrox surrenders as his ship crashes into the grassy bluffs surrounding the village. He exposes Skorm and Irna as turncoats of the League.
  • Tuakana collects a taboo ritual from the furnace of the Ruins of Fire. The others in the ruins work on solving the puzzle.
  • Korruhn collects a taboo ritual from the Ruins of Ice. 
  • Atamai travels to the cavernous warehouse in Onu-Metru where Dume’s machine resides. There he encounters Tuyet, and the two travel to the past for answers.
  • Barius defeats Boss, casting his enemy into the Nightmare Pits. Boss becomes a tahtorak! Miserix hides herself and plots her revenge...
  • Aurax’s assembled assassins continue their brutal fight in the Coliseum against Barraki Pridak. Oreius joins their forces, and the vahki guard begin to arrive.
  • Viltia is finally open for interaction. If you haven’t read her five post introduction, make a cup of tea and sit down. You’re in for a long night of lovingly crafted explorations of the dangerous Fau Swamp.
  • Zataka and Yumiwak continue their banter aboard Yumiwak’s airship.
  • Gore and Cravious enjoy the finer things in life, like food… and, uh, food.


What was you favorite moment of the week?

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Happy chat.


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1 hour ago, Unreliable Narrator said:

Ostrox surrenders as his ship crashes into the grassy bluffs surrounding the village. He exposes Skorm and Irna as turncoats of the League.

Pretty sure Skorm had already spilled the beans on that back when the expedition got back after radiation poisoning ruined the trip, at least in regards to himself.

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The times, they are a-changing...



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Tuesday: Conduct and Questions

We are rolling out the NEW system for conduct and questions today! What does this mean? Let’s look at it. These rules will be updated on the Rules page and the first posts of all topics ASAP.



Conduct is defined as anything requiring GM intervention for resolution. This can be facilitating the resolution of a scene or handling reports of rule-breaking. Please note, we only handle conduct for BZPower specific issues. We do not handle conduct related to 3rd party sites like Discord or Google docs unless the conduct directly involves the GMs (i.e. harassment in private message threads). If you have an issue with a player on those platforms please contact the appropriate support team. While we hope players can be kind and collaborative, we understand sometimes not engaging is the best solution.


Reporting Conduct:

To report Conduct issues, please submit a single PM on BZPower to the GMs. In the subject line please include “SK CONDUCT” along with the type of isse (dispute, rules violation, etc.). We will read and reply to these PMs on a weekly basis. Thank you for your patience in advance.


Gameplay and Lore Questions:

Please post all questions regarding gameplay, planning, and lore in the OOC Topic for the game. For visibility, tag both GMs in your post. We’ll answer these questions as they come up, or during the weekly news roundup on Mondays.


Teaser for new NPC system (more when ready):

We’ll be fully revamping how player controlled NPCs work in Six Kingdoms. The new system will be a whole new character type, World Characters, and will have a streamlined profile system with classes and roles. We hope this new system will provide better functionality and remove confusion. SK:R will have a system to help transition things over. SK:A will have the full system from the start ready to go. Stay tuned for more details!


Today's Discussion: The Character Roster & Collaborative Storytelling

The majority of those surveyed have four or less PCs, with four being the most popular amount. We had a cool discussion last week when the official Discord was live about this point. For reference, my original comment is below:


Larger rosters of PCs create an interesting problem of providing short term solutions while exacerbating long term problems. First, they allow players to engage in the short term in other locations and scenes when others feel stale or hit a snag. However, this seems to create a form of avoidance, and overall leads to stagnation of the game world. About every 1.5 months, it seems a new batch of PCs gets made to create new plots and provide further escape from situations that still have not resolved. This doesn't solve the problem. Players get bored, players get stuck. Instead of trying to work through a moment that's harder, it's easier to make a new character and say "I'll get back to it later.”

But then it seems to lead to players with larger rosters apologizing more often for being inactive, needing more time, or feeling dispassionate towards the scenes their characters are in. 

How to solve this? I propose a couple solutions: limited game time and limited player character rosters. First, limiting the duration of the game decreases the plot stagnation and the number of character creation cycles. Having a maximum player character roster for each player means if a character isn't sparking joy, they need to be dropped from the roster before someone new can take their place. This limitation actually overall allows for greater post productivity and interaction, as well as increases the focus on each character and their role in the game's evolving narrative. 

My hypothesis is that the problems involving stagnation or overwhelm are actually from perpetually making new characters instead of sticking with a few core characters for a few months. 


With all that said, the overall response during the conversation was general agreement. There are three major areas I see Player Character inflation having a detrimental effect on gameplay (and possibly story):

  • Making a character because you’re stuck in one scene. It’s highly likely your new character will get stuck too.
  • Creating characters due to a feeling of social responsibility, but not playing them. Perhaps have compassion for others if they can’t participate in something, and give yourself a break as well.
  • Creating a character to join a scene. Usually, I see this done to try and stop something from happening. It more often stalls out a scene, which may cause lingering player frustration and hostilities.

While counterintuitive, having less characters may increase the amount of gameplay and story you as a player can engage with during the course of a game. You will see your characters accomplishing more, as the deeds and actions are not spread out over a larger roster but instead are focused on a smaller stable of regularly played PCs.

We will be limiting the character roster for SK:A. Keep in mind who your darlings are, and maybe consider helping out a poor aspect looking for a beating heartlight with your others? The game duration will be shorter too in SK:A! So when going into the next game ask yourself: “what is the one thing I really want to do?”


With all this in mind, what are your thoughts? Tomorrow we’ll be going over the different kinds of characters, and a new type as well!

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Happy chat.


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Couple questions, just to confirm my assumptions about Barius' new position:

1. Barius' connection to Bossorak is psychic in nature, yes? Assuming that's true, and given that he is bound to obey my commands, how much leeway (if any) do I as a player have to control or "bunny" him?

2. Did you intend to write how the Warband itself receives and reacts to Barius' emergence from the Nightmare Pits, and any orders he gives going forward, or am I free to write such things myself? Essentially, is the Warband now going to be treated akin to Po-Koro or one of the other player-controlled locations?

I think I'll hold off on my next post until I'm certain of these bits. Thanks in advance.

- :burnmad:
Edited by Burnmad

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To answer @Burnmad...

1.) The Tahtorak formerly known as Boss is under GM control for the foreseeable future. Feel free to interact with him as you would with any PC.

2.) Barius has full control of the warskaks (60 NPCs). This is not to say you fully control the horde following him around, but you are able to give directions and those who have characters may respond. As they are NPCs, anyone can move the warkskaks about as needed to fit the narrative within reason. You can assume warskak NPCs will follow Barius's orders above all else and may describe them doing so as needed. 

Happy chat.


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@Unreliable Narrator

Hello! Hope you're doing well!

Wanted to ask if you still wanted to do a dream interaction between Kei and her mysterious benefactor at the current time, as I know things are hectic for ya right now.

I'm still happy to, but I want to ask so that if not I can have Kei wake up and do more Things.

Whatever mountain you are climbing, you can do this.

                                       BZPRPG character masterpost


                      "Just promise me something... don't let me go."



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Happy Monday,

You may have noticed I said "tomorrow" in my last weekly update. Funny how a week can go by and it's still "tomorrow." We were planning on rolling out a new NPC system, but we're considering sticking what we have for now. Don't fix what isn't broken, am I right? In any case, the game goes on!


Questions Round Up:

There weren't really any questions that didn't get answered as far as I'm aware.


Weekly Summary:

  • Well, we got a tahtorak.
  • The fight with Pridak continues, revealing Stannis and Oreius to be more than they seem (but like Megatron, can Stannis still function?!). Saybo continues to follow the dogged command to "protect Pridak", and the fight continues to escalate with ever increasing damage and danger! 
  • The battle for Metru-Koro comes to a shaky conclusion on the ground and Iradra and Zaliyah begin their discussion about the possibility of peace. Dar Poroka, has other, shall we say big, plans. 
  • Mazor walks back in Ostrox's life. I'm gonna get my popcorn for this one. If you don't know why, go read SKE.
  • Those not on the Western side of the island continue their lives of conquest, adventure, and fear.


Weekly Fav:

I'm very partial to Mazor straight up walking back into Ostrox's life. It's a sign I need more snacks in my house.


That's all from the desk, keep on being nice.


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Happy chat.


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The Stannis twist and orieus/inu backstory is clearly the coolest thing I've seen in a while

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