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Ride the Crab?

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Ride the crab? Yes or No?

Ussal Crabs are a species of domesticated animal on Okoto commonly used to ferry passengers and cargo. One of the more famous crabs, Pewku started her career as a racing crab used by the future captain of the Ussalry the earth villager Onepu



A common example of her species, Pewku with careful training and skill went on to become an early champion of many Ussal races in the years prior to the arrival of the Toa. The crab was outfitted with special racing colors, a blue and yellow scheme in contrast with her natural brown and black colors; and was a crowd favorite in many races. However, the increasing threat of the Skull Spiders forced Pewku into retirement. After the Skull Spider and other threats had passed; Pewku had grown to old for the racing circuit and Onepu retired the crab for his current purple armored mount.



Pewku had been  sold to Midak, an earth villager who used the aging crab in a subterranean taxi servic. Eventually though the Ussal caught the eye of wander-prone fire villager Takua; who purchased her. For several years after the Defeat of Makuta, Takua and his partner the famed archaeologist Harvali used Pewku as a mount to carry equipment and tools during their frequent explorations across Okoto's wilderness. Since Harvali departed over the seas several years ago searching for the lost continent to the east, Takua has kept the crab at his home on the outskirts of the Fire Village, on occasion using her to carry musical equipment for his band "The Chronicler's Company."


Pewku is a character I have long wanted to do in CCBS, but I have yet to have a spark of inspiration on how to tackle the crab. I felt that if I were to do Pewku, I'd have to make her large like her 2003 set was; and wasn't particularly looking forward to investing so many parts into one character. Well today I got the idea to check my parts bin, and noticed the Star Wars back piece designed to fit over a Toa Master's gearbox, made for a really decent crab shell shape. The rest just started to flow from there. Yes, the crab has only four legs instead of six, but I am happy to have a smaller build more reminiscent of Pewku's MNOG appearances. Yes, just barely big enough to fit a G2 villager figure on her back too; with enough attachment points I could feasibly add a cart or something in the future. Pretty happy with how this small build turned out. 


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All aboard the hype train!




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He's very cute, like the original. Great model. I do think he's still a bit small compared to the Matoran, but I doubt CCBS could make a smaller villager to match the original proportions.

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