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What happened to Takuas mask?

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11 minutes ago, Biological Chronicler said:

I always assumed he discarded it in favor of the Avohki. It's probably sitting still in Metru Nui's spare mask inventory as we speak.

Uh, hey, nice name you got there.


Addressing the question: I don't believe it's ever been specified, in-story or by Greg.

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I think someone asked Greg about it a long time ago, but it's such a minor piece of trivia that BS01 doesn't consider it worth wasting page space to say "When Takua donned the Avohkii, his Pakari was absorbed into his being during the transformation and was lost."

The Mask of Light novelization clearly mentions that he placed the Avohkii over his own mask, which initiated his transformation. Because it's never addressed later, the most logical thing to assume is that the mask was just absorbed by the transformation.

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