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bmp4.pngBioMedia Project 4.0This is an effort to collect, organize, and provide BIONICLE content to the fan community. Here are our current project co-ordinators:Minsts97JrMasterModelBuilderTOA PIRAKA HAKANNGuurahk203Pirok the Va-MatoranCaptain TayzAuronIf you'd like to help out, send a PM to one of us.LinksMain SiteAuron's FilefrontJrMasterModelBuilder's FilefrontCaptain Tayz's FilefrontCheck out KANOHI.novus, the BioMedia Project of fan-created content!Banner468a-1.jpgNewsDec 9, 2010A lot of these links are outdated, visit the main site for content. I'll be fixing these links over the break. When this angry red text is removed, all the links in this topic will have been fixed.We still need more staff!If you have a lot of spare time, and you'd like to help us out on a regular, continual basis, send one of our staff members a PM or email (located at the main site).We expect staff to:-Respond to emails at least once per week for the majority of the year-Check the team Google Doc at least once per week for the majority of the year-Work on a To-Do list item during a fraction of your spare time for the majority of the yearAs you can see, these aren't unrealistic expectations; we're simply asking that you check the team Google Doc and respond to emails at least once per week, and work on a To-Do list item when you have the time to do it. However, we need to have these requirements in place because a project of this scope provides a great deal of work and without these requirements we would never get any work done.We are looking for people who have experience with the following:-Graphic/Web Design-Flash/Shockwave-Media CreationCredit to:The following members of BZPower have contributed to the BioMedia Project, and their names and contributions are listed here.First and foremost, Tronec, for without him we would not have a dedicated server of our own to host the files. Tronec paid for the server out of his own pocket, stepping up to the plate after the BCG server went offline and we were left with the prospect that we would always have files going offline from inactivity on the usual file hosting sites, and for this I am infinitely grateful.JrMasterModelBuilder has also made more contributions than I can count, and most notably he is credited with maintaining, updating, and fixing the massive Bionicle Game Pack, and providing the winning entry for the BMP4.0 site favicon.Biomaniac for the MNOLGII which I rehosted and JMMB editedTakua Me for his MNOLGII which we rehostedHUKI365 for the Bionicle TranslatorToa of the Blazing Inferno for the Tahnok-Kal discTronec, Leynok, and JrMasterModelBuilder for the bannersCrystal Matrix for the rehosted comics, VNOLG dev files, and some older archive contentJohnny Hobbs for the complete Powerpack CDToatapio Nuva for the Mask of Light CDTakua Me for his MNOLG IIIgnika Warrior for the Robot Showdown wallpapers~~Natalie Breez~~ for a few Serials and the Nestle Promo CDAlpha Dragonis for the 2001 Lego Software Demo CD and Legend of Mata Nui Trailer!toamatoro for the Hordika Bionicle Battle Zone game!TheSkeletonMan939 for the TLR trailers!Shockblast for his bannerLunekk for the BMP4.0 BannerTriggy of BS01 for missing picturesKickflip645 for reminding us where to place the LDD1.3 brick palettes for LDD1.6.LegomationStudio for letting us rehost their BIONICLE The Original Saga THE MOVIE.DownloadsGamesBionicle Game Pack 5.4 Or as Parts: 1 2 3 4MNOLGMNOLGIIVNOLGAll Individual GamesMusicBionicle Music 1.2 MP3Bionicle Music 1.2 SWFPowerpack MP3+SWFPicturesBionicle Pictures v0.5 Or as Parts: 1 2Contents:-Wallpaper-Advance Concept Art-Original Concept Art-Movie Concept Art-Legend of Mata Nui Game Artwork-Comics-Posters-Bionicle Web KitVideosBionicle Videos v0.3 Or as parts: 1 2 3 4Contents:-Bionicle Flash Episodes 2001-2006-Bionicle.com site videos 2007-2010 Or as parts: 1 2-Bionicle Character Videos-Game and Movie Trailers-Miscellaneous-Legend of Mata Nui Game Videos Originals FLVTextSerials v1.2All Individual SerialsComputer ContentComputer Content v0.1Contents:-Icons(PC and Mac)-Screensavers-Toyspins-Font Package (3x Mata Nui Font, Piraka, Rahkshi, Vahki, Voya Nui)-Translator (Rehosted)Promotional CDsBohrok-KalRahkshiOtherBohrok Swarm CDBionicle Gold CD (From TRU Manas Promo)Mata-Nui Mini-CD (From Toa Mata)Nestle Promo CD (Thanks to ~(Glatorian Gelu)~ of BZPower)Mask of Light CD (Thanks to Toatapio Nuva of BZPower). Partly broken, dropdown_nav.swf and trailer.swf (at least) are missing. The EXE is not original.Barraki CDPower Pack CD (Thanks to Johnny Hobbs of BZPower)Toa Inika Promo CDLEGOLEGO Digital Designer 1.4LEGO Digital Designer 1.6 LDD1.3 Brick Palettes for LDD1.6LEGO Digital Designer 2.0Auron's LDD ModelsLEGO Demo CDBrickmaster CDLego Offline GamesContents:-Worldbuilder-Worldbuilder 2-Drome Duel Canyon Zone-Drome Duel Desert Zone-Junkbot-Junkbot Undercover-4x4 Extreme RallyStreaming MediaGamesVNOLGMNOLGMNOLG IIFlash Minigames:2001 (MNOLG):-Pohatu vs. Nui-Jaga-Nui-Rama battle with Kongu-Rahi battle with company2007 (Toa Mahri)2008 (Battle For Power)MusicSongsPodcastsSound EffectsPicturesPicturesVideosFlash Episodes:2001 (MNOLG) 2002 2003 2004 (Vahki) 2005 2006TextComing SoonBanners:Thanks to Tronec, Leynok, and JrMasterModelBuilder for the new banners! No written credit needs to be given.bmp_2.png
[url="http://Site with forums removed/bmp/"][img=http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/SuleToaOfPickles/Banners/bmp_2.png][/url]
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