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I've been making some art pieces based on some events inthe Six Kingdoms: Resurgence (I mean Rebirth... heheh) RPG. So I thought I'd share some of them here so y'all can see what I've been up to, and maybe even offer some critique of my work! I'll update this as I make more.

1. The surprisingly wholesome polycule comprised of my character Keitara, @Keeper of Kraata's toa of twilight Skorm, and @Conway's bigge stronk zyglak warrior Irna. Just imagine there's a couch there...

Irna and Skorm's designs were based on @Onaku's frankly superb art!

2. A very rough WIP of Kei as a matoran. She rebuilt herself, you know! I bet she'd be totally jazzed if you complemented her on it!

3. Sad daughter is sad. Kei as she currently appears in the story. I altered her colour scheme a bit to signify that she's changed quite a bit throughout the campaign.




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