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Unmasked 2 + Rare Prototypes/Promos/Comics for SALE


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Hi, Its been a while since ive made one of these topics. Im looking for some very specific items. So if you could look at my "want list" to see if you got anything I need. I am more likely to deal with you if you have something rare on there. LISTS WILL BE UPDATED. If a photo is removed it means that thing is gone. Some bundled stuff certain things may be gone so just ask to what you are after.

FULL Sell/Trade List:


Want List:


Brief 'For SALE' List if youre just browsing:

Prototype Nuva/Tohunga pieces

Unmasked 1 and 2 Comic

SDCC 2003 Issue 1 Variant Comic

Sealed Rahi Challenge Booster Box

Rare Promo CDS

G2 Tahu Display 

Tons of spare QFTMs cards 



Edited by Slumber

Looking for rare Bionicle Promo Materials!

  • Press Kits/Press Packs
  • Promo CD/DVDs
  • Style Guides
  • Promo posters/leaflets etc
  • Anything Unique or one of a kind!

Please message if you have anything of interest

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I'm interested in the unmasked 2 comic, and the rahi challenge booster box. Potentially other things as well. Feel free to reach out here or on my Face-book page "The Bionicle Archives"

Were you a member of the Protosquad? if so please PM me! I'm looking for Grey Plastic Krana Kal, Or GPKK. I only need the 8 Variations of the GPKK to have The only complete collection of BIONICLE in the world! Please contact me if you, or someone you know has any GPKK!



Mask Collector


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