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Matoran from bionicle animated


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The matoran are the 2nd sets i made for bionicle animated.

This is what i do best.Untitled4_20200523124039.png.ea3eaae931abcd19094b66e17546ba7a.png



Kaita of loyalty  mahuliUntitled4_20200523124417.png.51c56c894f05c4c9be685e5df9dc43a1.png

Fastest and smartest, also kind.


Kaita of courage   hakato


Strong in 3 ways, its determenation is durable



Nui kaita akachi 


Strong and fast, but the only downfall is its temper

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I'm reopening the comic forum on this link below
the ask-along-phinto comic
make your own chibitoran
game programmer wanted.
try my sprites if you like.

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Oh wow, they look great! :D I love how, even with a different take on their designs, they're all instantly recognisable and full of personality; your use of posing, in particular, conveys their individual personalities so well. It takes me right back to Bionicle's early years, to meeting these characters for the first time!

Really like what you've done with their designs, too; the way they're very new, but still hold callbacks to the original Matoran builds; I'm especially fond of the way you've given each of them a classic-style disk throwing arm.

I look forward to seeing them in action when you come to animate them ^^


"New legends awake, but old lessons must be remembered.
For that is the way
of the BIONICLE."

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