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For Sale or Trade: Guides (Rahi Beasts, Dark Hunters), plus a few other bits

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Nothing overly special to offer here, I'm afraid: but I've just lately been sorting a lot of my stuff in preparation for moving out, and decided to pass on a few of my remaining Bionicle things. I was gonna go for eBay, but I figured I'd let you guys have first refusal, just in case anyone's looking for these things. And I still haven't got around to going to eBay, so most of these things are still here if anyone wants ^^

I can provide photos of anything, if you want to verify condition before committing.


I'm offering for sale or trade:

1x Glatorian Mata Nui set. Very good condition; only opened two or three years ago, been posed, displayed and stored but not seen a lot of wear. Unfortunately has one damaged joint (one of the yellow upper-arm sockets) that cracked when I was taking him apart, though the piece is still useable. Complete with canister and instructions.

1x Bionicle: Rahi Beasts guide. Decent condition; it came to me used, so it's not perfect, but no substantial damage. Just a bit of creasing, slightly tattered edges here and there.

1x Bionicle: Dark Hunters guide. Good condition.

1x Bionicle: Raid on Vulcanus novel. Very good condition, only read twice.

1x Bionicle: the Game for PC. Average condition; played a lot but not showing any damage, though the instruction manual has a couple of Bionicle stickers slapped on its cover. Can't get it to work on new systems (it ran on my old Windows 7 PC, even when I upgraded to Windows 10; but won't play on my newer laptop), but is still good for a pre-Windows 10 machine.

A small handful of promo CDs: the Toa Mata, Nuhvok-Kal, Lehvak-Kal, Panrahk and Toa Nuju. The Kal and Panrahk have had the character names scrawled on them, however a CD-safe pen was used so the content isn't damaged in any way, and they still played fine when I last used them. I can't test the Toa Mata disk because it doesn't run on my current machine; but I recall it did work back when I had an older computer.

Also a bunch of spare Bionicle pieces that my Bricklink store is failing to move. If you want to make me an offer for anything in particular, or just the job-lot of them (32 pieces total, plus 4 slizer parts, unless anyone else buys some from my store first), I'm open; I just want to get them off my hands at this point!

On the same note, a few empty Slizer / Throwbot containers, if anyone wants them. I don't keep the sets in the containers, so I have no use for them; but I also don't just want to throw them out if someone else might want them.


I know there's probably not a lot here of much worth; so I'm just running this like... I'm willing to accept reasonable offers, really. Alternately, there are a few things I'd be looking to trade, if we can reach a mutual agreement; I'm almost more interested in trading something for something than in getting money out of it, although I'll accept money offers as well. Basically, make me an offer whichever way works for you, if there's anything you're interested in ^^

I'm interested in trading for:

**Tohunga / McToran, any except Kongu and Nuparu. Particularly looking for Maku, Matoro, Jala. Used condition is fine.**

Possibly certain other G1 sets of appropriate value? I'm just a little nostalgic for a few of the ones who I used to have but don't anymore, although I don't have a specific list of what I'm after here; if I've anything you'd like to trade for, throw some suggestions at me, and we can hopefully come to something we're both happy with ^^

Maybe the 2002 gold Kanohi (except the Miru, which I already have), depending on what they're being offered in exchange for.


Also of note: I'm in the UK, so international shipping costs may need to be taken into account. If you'd like a shipping estimate before committing to anything, feel free to ask!

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"New legends awake, but old lessons must be remembered.
For that is the way
of the BIONICLE."

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