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Crimson Talon: Hawk Drone From The Heroic Beasts Line


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Creator's Note: Hello all. It's been aeons since I posted and this is my first MOC. Any suggestions are welcome.BackstoryDateline: Makuhero CitySally Sagittarius reporting from the Hero DeskHero Factory has rolled out a new line of autonomous drones meant to partner with active Heroes on missions. The project, titiled Heroic Beasts, presents four distinct drone types that will assist Heroes in the field. Crimson Talon is the name given to the hawk drone. It can reach speeds of 1000 mph in a steep dive and can carry its partner and one other. Additionally, a hyper-reality link can route the Hero's vision through the drone giving the hero the eyes of a hawk.Images released show Crimson Talon partnered with up and coming Hero phenom, Furno.


"Honor those the dragons heed, in thought and favor, word and deed"

"Worlds are lost and worlds are saved, from those dangers dragons brave"



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Great use of the 3.0 head. The colors are the main drawback here, with the big chunk of silver and bright red head. I think it would look fantastic in Mata red and silver. I would suggest adding more, smaller armor pieces instead of the big silver Bitil wing, it looks out of place. Great idea and shape, though.


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