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New story parts in G1 that you would like to add?


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Hi, guys. You know, there are some things in Bionicle G1 that are utilized in the story and some sadly didn’t, like Akamai Nuva and that Vahki combined model with six limbs. Well, we can talk about what needs to be added or what would you like to add on. Here’s my ideas: 

1. I would like to think that Akamai Nuva was formed when the Toa Nuva that formed him witness Tahnok-Kal, Pahrak-Kal, and Nuhvok-Kal, who combine into their own Kaita as well. The Bohrok-Kal Kaita also defeated Akamai Nuva. 
2. Velika, while living in Voya Nui after the Great Cataclysm, went to observe the island of Mata Nui to see the events from the 2001-2003 storylines without letting anyone noticing him. 
3. Nobua, a Matoran from that cancelled video game called The Legend of Mata Nui in 2001, had been collecting the Charms and Crystals from Mata Nui Online Game 2 and then hid them everywhere in the island of Mata Nui while putting the Crystals in temples. These were created by the Great Beings just to make someone exercise before going to Kini-Nui. 
4. The Matoran Kaita had formed to fight the Rahi while protecting Kini-Nui. 
5. Vezon had visited the G2 universe for fun. 
6. Melding Teridax and Mazeka went to find a place in Spherus Magna to get Terry’s armor fixed. Then, Vultraz shows up in the main universe being cured. The Great Beings from the Melding universe told Teridax to come home. 
7. Perditus has fought Telluris on their vehicles at one time. Crotesius and the Kaxium V3 duo also fought Sahmad on their vehicles at one time. 
8. Bone Hunters are evolved from Rock Agori. The Great Beings’ experiments had caused the Vorox to turn animalistic on Bara Magna. 
9. Agori and Glatorian are probably distant cousins in terms of species, and the same would go with the Skrall and Glatorian. 
10. The female Skrall could look like the three kinds of male Skrall, like with the height. 
11. When people from the Matoran Universe left their world to live on Spherus Magna, they probably brought their Energized Protodermis pools with them, but these things will not be used to destroy the planet again. The Order of Mata Nui may have one for Tahu to use to turn back into a Toa Nuva. 
12. The Bohrok and Bohrok Va had formed their Kaita during the 2002 storyline, and the Toa Mata formed their Kaita again to fight them. Or, same with the Toa Nuva Kaita against the Bohrok Kaita and Bohrok Va Kaita while getting some of the Kanohi Nuva before the Bohrok-Kal stole the Nuva Symbols. The Bohrok Kaita and Bohrok Va Kaita would also fight the Kardas Dragon and then Teridax’s forces on Metru Nui during Destiny War. 
13. Kaita would happen more often, like the Toa Nuva Kaita fighting against enemies in the Toa Nuva Blog. The Rahkshi Kaita could happen in Destiny War and the Battle of Bara Magna in 2010. Plus, Matoran Kaita, Matoran Nui, Turaga Kaita, and Nui would do the same. 
14. The Toa Kaita could change the shape and colors of their masks, like a chameleon. For example, Akamai’s mask could be red, brown, or black, and it could look like a Kakama or Pakari. 
15. The Kanohi Olmak could be a Legendary Kanohi because of how powerful it is when opening inter-dimensional portals. All Legendary Kanohi can be different in many ways, you know. I’m think about the Infinity Stones from Marvel, so yeah. 
16. The Great Being that impersonated Velika may have made Velika the first MU person to have a complete mind of his own before the Great Being switched bodies with Velika. 
17. The G1 universe probably has its own version of characters and stuff that are exclusive in G2. Like, Umarak, Ekimu, and the Elemental Creatures are created by the Great Beings in the G1 universe, and Okoto could be an island on Aqua Magna which inspired the island of Mata Nui’s look. The G2 universe probably has its own version of characters and stuff that are exclusive in G1 as well. Like, the Toa Metru and Toa Inika may be in the Elemental Stars as well. 
18. The reason why the G1 Vahi looks incomplete is because that when the Great Beings we’re making the Matoran Universe, they thought about making the completed mask, but they worry about the consequences if it is broken, so they split the materials for each of the halves up and made each half okay to be itself, like in G2. The halves can also combined. The material for the bottom half was given to Artakha for safekeeping, and when he worried about the consequences, too, he instead used the materials to make the Great Kanoka Disks in the 2004 storyline. The top half is also made by Artakha, but it is probably stolen by the Brotherhood of Makuta, and then put the mask in Voporak, which could be how he got his time powers. 
19. The reason why the Mask of Life turned the Toa Inika into the Toa Mahri is because when the first Toa who sacrificed his life to use the mask to heal Mata Nui brought his Toa Team during the time, the Mask based the Toa Mahri’s forms onto those guys. 
20. Makuta Teridax has probably used his Makuta Nui form in 2003 to fight against Makuta Miserix before he was able to overthrow Miserix. 
21. Nektann’s third mysterious power (not the vision power or the elemental power) could be growing his size, like Ant-Man from Marvel. It would explain why he looks tall in Destiny War while he is around Tahu’s height in the 2010 storyline. 
22. Ackar had trained Mata Nui on other fighting skills and using a Thornax Launcher. 
23. Some Bone Hunters may look like Atakus. 
24. After Spherus Magna was destroyed long ago, the Great Beings used a space ship to look for a planet to call home. They went to Earth first and learned the English language there. Then, here’s the good crossover part with Hero Factory: they probably went to a planetoid where they created Mr. Makuro because they don’t like problems in the problems, like ones in Spherus Magna, so that’s also why Makuro made the Hero Factory organization. Here’s the link for specifics: 

This would explain why HF’s heroes look like Glatorian and have the hearts of Toa. The Great Beings gave HF the English language. The Great Beings were hidden in the planetoid until they noticed that Spherus Magna is restored, so they left to return to their planet. 
25. Zirahk being the official name for the Rahkshi of Heat Vision. 
26. The Toa Metru has formed their Toa Kaita to fight against all eight types of Vahki, including the six-limbed one, at one time. Vakama, Onewa, and Whenua would have their own while the rest do, too. That would explain how they knew about the Kaita business. 
27. The Toa Hordika had encountered all of the small set and canister 2005 combiners before they got cured. 
28. The Toa Inika has probably formed their Kaita to fight some Nektann robots at one time. Then, the Toa Mahri formed their Kaita to fight the Barraki’s armies at one time. Jaller, Hewkii, and Nuparu has formed their Kaita while the others did as well. 
29. The Great Beings did make a female Toa of Fire, Toa of Stone, Earth, Air, Ice, Magnetism, Plant Life, Sonics, Plasma, Gravity, and Iron, and a male Toa of Water and Toa of Lightning, but they messed up, like Orde, who is the only male Toa of Sonics, so the gender-looking happened. It’s experimenting. However, the Great Beings may have made more Matoran people with swapped genders and more Toa and Turaga of Light in their hiding place before SM got restored just for fun and protection. 
30. In one of the pictures in the Mata Nui Saga, where he was exploring the universe, he may have encounter the planet Earth during its prehistoric times. It would explain the humanoid shape with a spear. 
31. Varian got freed from her stasis when people from the MU were dismantling their former world. 
32. I would like to think that the Elementals from The Legend of Mata Nui were creations of Teridax’s machine in the island of Mata Nui that were guarding the Makoki Stones. I wish the parts in the game where the Toa fighting the Elementals to get the stones is canon, like how the Fikou-Nui became canon, so we would know how the Toa were able to get the storms in the first place. 

So, there. It’s like making theories and fan stories that can fit the stories, like the one with Varian called “No One Gets Left Behind”. So, what story parts would you like to add, or do you agree with my parts? Don’t be pessimistic. Just try to calm down  and have fun while we keep on hoping for G1’s return. :) 

I already talked about my ideas of re-continuing and ending the G1 story here: 


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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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