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What Titan combo sets would you want to happen?


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Hi, guys. As you know, in Bionicle G1’s history, there are four sets, and each set is made of two or three Titan sets. They are: 

1. 2003 - Takutanuva (Takanuva and Makuta) - includes the movie version of the Mask of Shadows. A Toys R Us exclusive. You can find the instructions in Takanuva’s instruction manual. 
2. 2004 - Ultimate Dume (Turaga Dume & Niwark, Nidhiki, and Krekka) - includes a version of the Mask of Shadows and two pins that weren’t present in any of the three sets, and you can fit it over the big guy’s head. He’s the second largest set. A Toys R Us exclusive. You can find the instructions in these component sets’ manuals, and UD’s own box has a manual that tells you how to put the mask over his head. 
3. 2005 - Voporak (Keetongu, Sidorak, and Roodaka) - just a box that includes a manual for this guy. Plus, a Target exclusive. He wasn’t featured in Webs of Shadows movie. 
4. 2006 - Vezon and Kardas (Axonn, Brutaka, and Vezon & Fenrakk) - just a box that includes two manuals for the pair, but no manuals for the component sets. A Target exclusive. The set is the largest set on record. That year never had a movie for some reason. 

I wish that Voporak would come with a Mask of Time while Vezon and Kardas with a normal version of the Mask of Life (as well as the manuals for their component sets). 

I must admit. These giant sets are one of the reasons why Bionicle is so good. Anyway, if you want another BIONICLE year to have its own Titan combo set, what would it be? For me, here’s this: 

2001 - the Rahi Nui - made of four of the five Titan Rahi sets (Nui-Rama, Nui-Jaga, Tarakava, and Muaka & Kane-Ra). 
2002 - some Rahi monster or or mech that can demolish a lot of Bohrok - made of the Bahrag, Boxor, and Exo-Toa. 
2007 - a giant and dangerous Rahi monster with Gadunka’s head for a head - made of Gadunka, Hydraxon, and Maxilos & Spinax. 
2008 - Makuta Triglax or some Rahi monster? Hard to tell. - made of Takanuva, Toa Ignika, Mutran & Vican, and Icarax. 

I don’t know about the vehicle sets in the later years, though.

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I just remembered that Rahi Nui doesn’t look like a Manas

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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I certainly find this idea intriguing. I recently acquired enough of the Titans to build each of the four combo models you mentioned, and I was very disappointed there weren't more. I like your suggestions, especially the Rahi Nui of 2001. I've always desired a physical depiction of the creature, and that would have been a perfect opportunity.

I think the 2007 combo could be for another prisoner of the pit. There was a contest that meant to add more prisoners, but it was never fully canonized. 

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I'm kind of a sucker for combo models that are just absurdly large. In 2004 we had Ultimate Dume, and in 2006 we had Vezon + Kardas, both of which were combinations of (almost) all the titan sets from that year, and they were pretty majestic. So I agree with you (Lenny7092), a giant sea monster made of all the 2007 titan sets would be pretty awesome. I'd also love to see a combo of the 3 big 2008 vehicle sets.

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