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Akaku Nuva Drilled-Scope Mod

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I like the concept. I wonder if it's possible to sink it a little deeper, as the movie/artwork has the blue light recessed from the edge of the lens.

You mentioned in the video working on the Mata version of the mask. The two smaller lenses are approximately rod-diameter, so a lightsaber could be cut down and inserted into a carefully drilled hole. The largest of the three lenses is approximately the diameter of a stud, which presents a bit more of a challenge as that would mean the whole depth of the plate itself would be outside the mask. But it could be done with somewhat similar results to the original intention for the Nuva version.

I think three studs on the Mata might be overkill. :P

Give us an update here if you do go forward with the Akaku Mata!

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Thank you, you are right about it being a little more recessed, but if you push it back any more it the tapered end means it falls out.

Yes, once I took five seconds to actually look at the original I realised it was just two bar-size holes and another awkward stud. I have an idea though, so hopefully wont take long to follow up!

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On 10/28/2020 at 9:17 PM, Calamitous T said:


I added a translucent scope/lens to Kopaka Nuva’s mask. Does it look alright?



5 hours ago, Calamitous T said:

I also made a follow-up for the Akaku 'Mata' and Matatu!




It always felt like something was missing from those masks. You deserve a medal for that!

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