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Toa Lewa & Kongu


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A reimagining of Lewa and Kongu, built for New Elementary. You can check out the post and more images here: https://www.newelementary.com/2020/11/66960-lego-ninjago-energy-burst-hinge.html


Toa Lewa & Kongu

Inthert came up with the idea that inspired Kongu's mask.



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This a crime nobody has commented yet. It could be a little more colorful (way too much grey to my taste, especially for Air guys) but it's a real nice assortment of old and recent pieces! The little guy has a creative design, but I'm not really at ease calling him Kongu - he's just so different from the Matoran we know, you might as well give him an original name. Other than that, I think it's really cool!

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I disagree with the above opinion, I like how the teal seems to be Lewa's "skin" and the grey seems to be some armor of sorts.
I like to think the trans light green bits are leaves of sorts, and the armor is composed of some biomechanical flora.
I do have to agree that the little creature doesn't really strike me as Kongu...
It seems like he has been turned into a mascot-like moneky pet thing... But the design itself is excellent nonetheless!

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Great mixing of G1, G2, and even Slizers. The rubber bands also create some very dynamic angles.

The color I am unsure of. It definitely takes its tone from G2, but I suppose it's better than an overly busy color scheme.

I will never be able to see a specially-made hand piece without seeing it as a hand. I just see a five-fingered hand holding Kongu's legs where his crotch should be.

On the whole, though, excellent models.

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I don't think I really like the teal on Lewa.  I've never been a fan of teal outside of McToran Kongu, where it had lime green to offset it; on this MoC, where silver and other neutral tones are the most dominant colors, it just looks kinda ugly.

That said, these are some really good-looking designs (as is typical for Pohaturon MoCs!).  Whatever those silver/apple green armor pieces are, you've done a fantastic job with them.

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