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Bionicle - Legends of Novakia


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I should start off by saying I've always found new continuities that borrow from the original work more interesting and easier to get into since their lore can't be as vast as Greg's - I've never read his stories back then and, to be fair, I can't begin to get into them. The Legend of Ignaqua is my favorite fan story because it doesn't let itself be restrained by canon, instead it takes plenty of established characters and does its own things with them. Would you have expected Vakama and Nokama to fight Maxilo to save Hydraxon who happens to be prince? Yeah, me neither, and that's what I love about it. I'm also very invested in The Legend Rebuilt project, but I hope it will make the most of its new interesting setting and cast and manage to stand as its own thing.

All this to say that I prefer making Bionicle stories that are completely separate from canon, since I don't know enough about the deep lore to be able to exploit it. I've been tempted to write about a story similar to Ignaqua's, but for now, I've been working on a sort of "G3" with a whole new setting and array of characters. I will keep updating this topic as my ideas develop or change - if this topic gets attention, that is. And, who knows, maybe one day I'll actually write something, or at least try to MOC some characters with Stud.io.

For now, let's get into the basics and see if anyone's interested in reading more about it:


In the middle of an ocean once stood a paradise known as Novakia. For millions of years, its inhabitants prospered, living off the plentiful resources of the island. That was until a shadow fell upon the land and swarms of ravenous aggressors invaded the island to plunder it of its precious resources. At the cost of many losses, the inhabitants managed to fight off the invaders, but they did not leave without a gift that would change Novakia forever. The island was fractured and split into a multitude of smaller lands, becoming what would be known henceforth as the Novakia archipelago. 

For centuries now, the six tribes that once lived together have been maintaining tense relations. Resources are more precious than they ever were before the Great Split. They claim for themselves whatever land they can get, from the smallest isle to the greatest landmass, as long as there are resources to harness. This often leads to tensions escalating, at which point it is required for the tribes' Champions to intervene.

A Champion is a warrior who stand out among their fellow tribesmen by being taller, stronger and more enduring than any of them. Each Champions wields ancestral masks of great power passed down to generations. The original Champions once used the power of these masks to push back the invaders that caused the Great Split. Nowadays, the Champions' main duty is to protect their fellow tribesmen from the threats of the elements and wild beasts and to solve disputes between tribes during duel that decide which tribe obtains what good is being claimed - or at least a bigger portion of what they have agreed to share.

This tradition has kept the archipelago from erupting into full-blown wars for centuries, but soon the Champions and their tribes will have to unite. For malicious forces are looming slowly but surely over Novakia.


So this is a mix of 2001-2003 and G2 (mysterious island setting, six heroes protecting their respective villages) with 2009 (tribes settling their differences by having two fighters duel). I intend there to be more to it, but I don't want to throw everything at once - I believe it'll be easier for everyone to follow if I publish info little by little.

For now, have the names of the tribes and some of their Champions.

Fire Tribe: Magnos / Champion of Fire: Oda ()

Air Tribe: Veralen / Champion of Air: Netek ()

Water Tribe: Ocelia / Champion of Water : Lagna (...)

Stone Tribe: Kallyon / Champion of Stone : ... (...)

Earth Tribe: Gaverik / Champion of Earth: Koru ()

Ice Tribe: Tundris / Champion of Ice:  Tanika ()

Finally, note that some things are bound to change. That includes names of places and characters. I am not satisfied with the name of some tribes and I have yet to fully figure out the Stone and Water Champions. What's even to say some of these elements won't change?

For now, I am much open for thoughts and suggestions on the Review Topic !


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Here are the bios for the Champions I got figured out. I'm still hesitating on Koru's element and I, while I have concepts for the Champions of Stone and Water, I still need to write them down to fully flesh them out. I had a first concept for Lagna but I ended up scrapping it because it felt like a far cry from what blue sets were characterized as. For now, enjoy Oda, Netek and Tanika:

Oda - Champion of Fire

Oda never conceived he would one day be Champion of Fire, and if there was a way to resign, he would have done so long ago. Magmosians are either skeptical, worried or infuriated about his graduation, and for reasons he cannot deny. There were plenty of warriors the former Champion had personally trained to chose from, but the Mask of Fire inexplicably chose a young scribe who had never left his village or been formed in combat as its next wielder. All Oda ever aspired to was writing the memories of a Champion and being remembered for it, but now he doesn't know whether he will make history through acts of heroism or be quietly swept under the rug as a mediocre Champion. Despite feeling like an Impostor, Oda is conscious of his duties and will persevere trying to protect his tribe from external threats.

As Champion of Fire, Oda is armed with lava claws that can slice and melt through the strongest metal and absorb the heat in the air to create fire ball or spray flames from his palms. He still is trying to figure out how to huge his flames as thrusters to jet into the air.

Netek - Champion of Air

If Netek liked people as much as he loved nature, he would probably be the most sociable Champion. Once ostracized by his entire village when he was child, Netek gave up on civilization and decided to go into the jungles of Veralen, where no one dared to venture, to find and live with the Champion of Air, a mysterious hermit who was known to appear when people needed her help. The recluse woman accepted to take him under her wing and, during the rest of his childhood, he was taught the ways of nature and air. When the boy who had come to her so long ago became a man, the Champion decided her time had come and offered Netek the Mask of Air, asking her to watch over Veralen and all its living things. Despite his misanthropic nature, Netek honors his master's wishes by aiding his kind, but he disappears as quickly as they arrived and considers himself a protector of nature first and foremost.

Netek wields two boomerangs that he uses to glide from tree to tree when he is no hitching a ride from the many beasts he is friend with.

Tanika - Champion of Ice

Tanika is the most skilled and composed Champion of them all. She lets nothing perturb her out of fulfilling her duty and she will make quick work of her opponent in a matter of seconds...That's how she'd like it to be when she falls to another of her mistakes or blunders. Tanika trained with her sister for years under the care of her father, who was already the captain of Tundris' elite guard before becoming Champion Ice. As skilled as she was, there was still a gap between her and her sister she had been in rivalry with since they first started training and, even though she never admitted it, she could feel it. Her insecurities were exacerbated when her father died in action and the Mask of Ice chose her shortly after. She assumes the stoic and confident attitude that is expected from a Champion of Ice, but she is till marked by the loss of her father and burdened by the legacy she has to carry. If she opened up to others on her doubts, the burden on her mind and heart might get a little lighter.

Tanika wields an ice labrys that splits into a pair of ice hammers for when she feels like dual-wielding or needs to climb ice walls.

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