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Six Kingdoms: Apocalypse -- Rules and Character Creation

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Time for another port. 


  • Name: Vashni
  • Species: Toa of Psionics. 
  • Faction: Metru-Nui refugees
  • Brief Description: Her body is mainly a dark blue color with some gold highlights on her armor. Since her element is somewhat rare she's often mistaken for a Toa of different element such as water or lightning. She wears a mask of mutation, though the mask's appearance is rather similar to a Mahiki. though its slightly different. 
  • Background: Vashni has been adjusting to everything for the past month. With more changes to the world than she could really keep up with, she's been in Kini-koro, doing therapy work, since there are many people who need that. 
  • Flaws: Vashni doesn't have any weapons on her person other than her own powers, if she had to fight with her fists alone she would lose. Fighting multiple opponents at once would be troublesome for her as she prefers to focus on one opponent at a time. Overuse of her element can lead to severe headaches. Whenever she sets her mind to something, she becomes extremely determined to see it done, sometimes to her determent.
  • Powers: Vashni has the standard powers of a Toa of Psionics, which include but are not limited to mental energy blasts, telepathy, telekinesis, illusions that fool the senses, inducing dreams and nightmares in beings who are asleep, and hypnotic suggestion. Her mask of mutation allows her to mutate a target from a distance, though she can't do this to herself. 
  • Equipment: Vashni doesn't carry any Toa Tool because not only does her element not require one, she prefers not to have one. She does however have a hover bike that she uses to get around Metru Nui quickly, and being a hover bike it can conveniently transverse over water, it's big enough to fit two Toa sized beings at most. She also has Adaptive armor which was provided to her by Knichou. 


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My Bzprpg ProfilesGhosts of Bara Magna

Skyra | Hakari | Oceanna | Taleen | Arisaka | Zanakra | Kaminari | Drakkar

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I keep hearing in passing that Barius' War Skaks are in need of more members.

PC Profile:


Name: Krrenchk
Breed: Skakdi
Faction: Barius’s War Skaks 
Brief Description: Mostly tan with brown as a secondary color. Orange optics. Deep scars cover the front of his organic protodermis muscled face. Lesser scars cover the rest of his mechanical body.
Background/Occupation: Scarred most heinously on his face in a non-honorable way, Krrenchk is heavily ashamed of it and self conscious about it. He hides the scars by wearing the mask of a fallen foe. Ironically, he proudly wears his other, well earned, scars on the rest of his body.

He loves fighting above all else, as most Skakdi do. To maximize on this, he has followed Nektann the first, the second, and now Barius.

Psychological issue: He is severely self conscious of his facial scars and will retaliate if they are mentioned.
Physical limitation: Is missing two fingers on his left hand and one finger on his right.

Primary power: Inaccuracy Vision. When active, if someone can see his optics, or if he can see them, the farther they are from him, the more inaccurate they are in whatever they do. Within five feet the power is so weak to be essentially non-existent. Must be within unaided sight. Dots in the distance don’t count, he needs to be able to tell at least that they have limbs.

Secondary power: The Silver Blade. When active, a single section of his body becomes as durable as protosteel and as sharp as any blade despite not changing shape. He needs to actively mentally swap which body section possesses the power. He can easily swap between his legs in combat as he has trained the most with them. Body sections are as follows: Head, Torso, Right Arm, Left Arm, Right Leg, Left Leg. The section of his body that the power is active on turns silver.

Breed quirks: Element of Stone accessed through the consensual sharing of power with another Skakdi through physical contact or through special equipment. Ability to chew food as opposed to absorbing it. Larger than Toa and as strong, if not stronger, than most Toa. Cannot access Kanohi powers.

Equipment: Protosteel boots of elemental channeling. They can also channel his Silver Blade, becoming as sharp as any blade.

Great Kanohi of Repulsion.

A normal sized backpack that looks comically small on his back.




ACR Profile:

Destroyed by Marrow

Name of ACR: Crushing Foot (Though many instead call it Krrenchk’s minivan, or the support van, or sometimes the healsmobile)
ACR’s Faction/Homebase: Barius’s War Skaks 
Pilot of ACR: Krrenchk
Type of heartlight: Vortixx
Physical Description: Heavily armored war rig. The epitome of wheeled combat. The… the strongest in…

It’s a minivan.

An heavily armored minivan, but a minivan nonetheless.

Onboard Weapons Systems:

Primary (+weakness): Rhotuka Launcher. (Must have one hand on the controller in order to channel the user’s specific Rhotuka power/mentally guide the Rhotuka mid flight.) Krrenchk’s Rhotuka power is healing.

The healing Rhotuka is designed to cure the physical ailments of living beings. Therefore, it can cure disease or plague and insanity when it is caused by physical ailment, but not mutations by the Pit mutagen, Visorak venom, or infected Kanohi. Users cannot use their healing Rhotuka to heal themselves. The time it takes for the Rhotuka to heal an injury depends on its severity.

Secondary (+weakness): Zamor Launcher. (Mounted on an extendable arm on the roof. Must be pulled down and manually loaded and fired.) Krrenchk has a supply of yellow-orange Zamor Spheres that nullify the effects of enemy weapons. (Jovan’s Zamor Sphere power)

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@Snelly Vashni approved.

@Kal the Guardian Krrenchk needs a physical weakness. Fighting mainly with legs/feet is not a limitation, just as someone fighting mainly with their arms/hands is not a limitation. 

I really like his inaccuracy vision, and I think it balances itself out well by growing weaker as the opponent grows closer. That said, to put an explicit cap on the power level, I'm going to clarify that it can only work if Krrenchk can physically see his target without any external aid. I.e. the power will not work through telescopes, binoculars, etc. 

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Profile port of Zadred

Name: Zadred

Breed: Skakdi of Plantlife

Faction: Refugees

Brief Description: Diminutive for a Skakdi, standing between a head below the average Toa, Zadred cuts out a meagre frame. With a teal and muted lime colour scheme, and two amber eyes staring out of her sockets, she's about as frail in stature as a twig, and about as likely to break as one from the look of her.

Background/Occupation: Life on Zakaz was never easy for Zadred. Being a veritable runt of her litter, she was pushed around, bullied, and at times even beaten up by her fellow Skakdi, to the point where she became withdrawn and meek, seeking out isolation wherever she could find it, until one day she ran away. Eventually she found Xane, a Skakdi with a vision of a better Zakaz, one which she desperately desired. Joining him, she ventured to Metru-Nui on their ship, where upon the Cataclysm's arrival they were separated, with her waking up in a strange new land. From there, she eventually found her way to Metru-Koro, where she took up tending to crops and other flora in the settlement.

A week later, she agreed to explore the island with Atamai and the Odd Company, traveling with them to the ruins of an old Skakdi fort where they retrieved several tools and vehicles, and later to the Ruins of Stone. There she stayed behind to study its construction and the surrounding environment while the Odd Company moved on to Po-Koro, eventually welcoming Atamai back who had brought a box of Great Disks with him. Directing Atamai to Po-Koro, she once more stayed behind, guarding Atamai's box while he sought out the Odd Company, bringing them back along with the survivors of Po-Koro who went on to establish the settlement of Todbuk-Koro, which she helped establish and grow food for. 

Flaws: Zadred is a pacifist by nature, abhorring violence of any kind and becoming withdrawn upon any display of it. Her traumatic early life left a permanent scar on her psyche, where a more ferocious self lies boiling under her surface waiting for the right stressors to break her and let her loose, something not even she is truly aware of but is subconsciously terrified of. As a result of her pacifistic nature, she has no combat experience what so ever, nor is she willing to fight, running away from any combat where she can or curling up in fear when trapped.

Powers/Equipment: Zadred has the element of plantlife, an element she cannot access unless in conjunction with another Skakdi, or through use of her staff which allows her to channel her plantlife powers. Her vision power is one of telescopic sight, whereupon she can see things far in the distance as far as the horizon allows her, which as allowed her to evade threats throughout her life when on her lonesome. Her tertiary power is one she prefers never to use, as it allows her to turn things she touches into explosives where the amount of mass determines the size of the explosion. She has a staff which allows her to channel her element, a metallic staff of sturdy make that has many utilities outside of combat.


Demoting Ardoku to Fighter MC

Name: Ardoku

Breed: Toa of Plasma

Faction: Refugees

Brief Description: Ardoku is a rather gangly toa, standing at average height, with white armour and an orange secondary colour. His white cracked Hau looks remarkably more battle worn and damaged than the rest of his armour which looks almost new. Behind that mask stare vibrant blue eyes with an ever uncertain look to them, yet even then, a strong resolve shines through. Looking closely, one might notice the slight green in the blue of his eyes.

Role: Fighter, protecting Todbuk-Koro

Background: Toa Ardoku woke up in the desert of Zakaz with no memory of who he is or how he got there, remembering only the name Ardoku which he figured was his own. The only things he had on him upon waking up were a white sword with a hollow fuller running up the entirety of its blade, and the strange cracked mask he wears, from which he could glean little to nothing of who he is or his current circumstances. Since then he's slowly been regaining his memories, a fragment here and there of a life he feels distant from. Sticking around in Todbuk-Koro, Ardoku has provided the village with protection using his reflexive skills as a swordsman.

Flaws: One month ago, Ardoku woke up with no memory of who he was. Since then, he's slowly been regaining snippets of his memories, though there's still many concepts he has a hard time grasping and is occasionally tripped up by things others take for granted. He is also, as a result, somewhat naïve, relatively easy to deceive and manipulate. He consistently feels a sharp pain shoot through his right arm, powerful enough to throw him off physically, which means that although he is more skilled in wielding the sword in that hand, it is more reliable for him to wield it with the left hand which does not suffer the same surges of pain.

Powers/Equipment: Ardoku currently possesses the muscle memory of an expert swordsman, allowing him to wield his sword defensively and offensively with expertise. Though he is impeccable wielding it in his right hand, he also possesses great skill in his left, albeit not to the same extent. His only equipment is a white sword with a hollow fuller up the entire blade, and a cracked and powerless Hau that otherwise provides the benefits of a Kanohi mask.

As a Toa of Plasma, Ardoku is resistant to extremely high temperatures, and his eyes are naturally protected against bright light. He has, as of yet, been unable to utilise his element, still unable to recall how he did so before he lost his memories.

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@Eyru Am I still waiting for approval on his ACR, or is that included with you approving him?


Update: Eyru messaged me on the SK discord.


rootsYesterday at 8:28 PM
@Kal the Guardian  your ACR is also approved, mb

Crushing Foot is approved.

Edited by Kal the Guardian
Update based on off website verification.


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with the big jam post finally live, it's time to unveil Kat's new profile!


Name: Katrin of the Flame

Breed: Toa of Fire (NUVA Proxima)

Faction: Tobduk-Koro/Kini-Koro

Description: Standing 1.4 bio tall with a dense, lean physique, Katrin has spent years of her life training as a monk of the Order of the Kanohi Dragon, and it shows. Her colors are usually quite dull, dark reds and greys, with the brightest colors being her striking purple eyes and heartlight. A Calix accentuates a face that is youthful and cheery. Katrin simply looks friendly. She has an almost unshakable relaxed demeanor that lends an air of trustworthy confidence.

NUVA Proxima Form: Following the Earth Ruins adventure, Kat has unlocked her NUVA Proxima form. Her entire body has become slightly taller(now 1.6 Bio), more muscular, and her colors brightened up, greys becoming black, and her dull red gave way to fiery primary red. Parts of her armor became alive with a metallic shine that seems to shift from brilliant gold to a dazzling polished chromium. Her eyes and heartlight now flare brightly,  having turned an almost pink color.

Background: Hailing from an island to the south, far from Metru Nui and it's politics, Katrin led a fairly peaceful life, part of a monastic order of Toa who had trained to link themselves more closely to their elements. These monks, the Order of the Kanohi Dragon, maintained a fierce neutrality, opting instead to open their teachings to all who chose to walk the path of the Dragon. Trained from her earliest days as a Toa by a Master Lhii and the other Dragons of the Order, Kat has abilities beyond that of a normal Toa. Aside from sparring sessions with her fellows and her victory in the tournament held among the students, however, her only real combat experience was a fight against a Manas Crab which had made its way to one of the island's caves. When the world ended, she found herself on a pilgrimage to the great city of Metru-Nui and afterward, among the refugees of Metru-Koro. It was here she met Arkius, a Toa of Earth gathering warriors, an endeavor that was interrupted by an attack on Po-Koro. Arkius and Katrin rushed to an airship called the Taku to rush to the defense of the village. They arrived slightly late, and Kat found herself in a standoff with Barius, a Skakdi with an ACR who had taken a Matoran hostage. The fight was short-lived, however, because Reson, a Toa of Sonics native to Zakaz, gave his own body in exchange for the Matoran's. Kat found herself rushing away again, promising to return as the Taku returned to Metru Koro following a breakdown in negotiations. There she witnessed the result of Taja's Desecration by Whisper, and participated in the Battle above Metru-Koro, where she severely damaged the Razorfish. She then returned to Po-Koro herself, as she promised, only to find the settlement was moving. She tagged along, and learned of a potential murder in the village, and had a brief sparring session with an Aspect named Ulkarr, and met Vahki for the first time. Her spar was cut short by the return of Arkius, who had become a NUVA Proxima, and promised Kat that she too could achieve such power.

Flaws: Kat has an almost pathological need to test her strength against high caliber fighters and beings. As such, she may throw herself into unwinnable situations just for a chance to get stronger or to fight someone powerful, whether as a sparring match or something more. With the power of NUVA Proxima, this has only become worse, with much more power to rely on, she feels more confident to take on even greater challenges. She also has an unfortunate habit of lowering her guard when she maybe shouldn't. Kat is notably not very good at puzzles, her straightforward thinking often leaving her completely lost when abstract problems are presented to her. Finally, her elemental abilities are so powerful that should she let them run unchecked, she could very well 'burn out' or more literally, start melting her own body.

Powers/Equipment: The Fighting Flame of the Dragon - Katrin's Elemental power of Fire is linked directly to her spirit. So long as she maintains the will to fight, her flames will similarly remain lit. This also means that the more determined she is to fight and win, the more powerful her elemental and physical abilities become. The upper limit of this ability is not known to her, yet.

NUVA Proxima - After her encounter in the Earth Ruins, Kat received a minor blessing of the Krom, unlocking new power within her. Her abilities are, by virtue of the way she is linked to her element, stronger than other NUVA Proxima, but are not on par with a full NUVA. additionally, because her powers have increased so suddenly, her body hasn’t quite figured out how to handle the new strength, and she struggles to gauge the proper level of power to use at times.

Teachings of the Dragon - These techniques, taught to Kat during her time with the Order, while not necessarily separate from her elemental abilities, allow her to use those abilities in certain ways, and fight effectively. They are a large part of her life. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vBelD-hIlDGePBG_7xEcIta6ye7Ev7sdfAUayOL5ziE/edit?usp=drivesdk

Tuning Fork Staff - After an encounter in Po-Koro, Katrin has a simple protodermis staff tipped with blunt metal tines, similar to a tuning fork. This staff once belonged to Reson, a Toa of Sonics who bargained his own life in exchange for that of a captive Matoran.

Kanohi Calix - This ordinary Great Mask of Fate was a gift from Katrin's mentor, Master Lhii, and has all the abilities of any other Great Calix, allowing her to perform at the very peak of her abilities. It has since fused with her face, a permanent reminder of who she is and where she comes from.

Kanohi Hanumi - Mask of Fusion - After her Calix fused with her face, Kat found herself in need of a new mask. She found one in the form of a Great Hanumi, Mask of Fusion, which she obtained from KKini-Koro This mask allows Katrin to fuse two or more living beings together, and help to maintain such fusions. To fuse with another person, Kat must have the consent of the creature.

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"I'm two guys now!"

Name: Arkius Onaku

Breed: Toa

Faction: Refugees 

Brief Description: A head and a half taller than the average Toa, and with an athletic physique. His armour is jet black with some sparse silver detailing. His vibrant green eyes shine from behind a grey metallic Pakari, a faint scar over his right eye though no damage can be observed on the eye itself.

Background/Occupation: The personality developed by an amnesiac Arkius over the course of his long life aboard the Ark, now detached from the presence he’d always carried in his subconscious that unbeknownst to him had poisoned his mind. Now with a clear consciousness, free of the taint of his counterpart, this defused fragment of Arkius seeks to put an end to the psychopath despot once and for all and redeem himself from the monster he was born of.

Psychological Flaws: Arkius Onaku, now freed from the mental and physical prison he’d been trapped in for the past month, finds himself an utterly changed person. Detached from the original Arkius, he finds himself missing fragments of his psyche he thought were natural to him. Without the burning underlying rage that drove him his entire prior life, Arkius Onaku now struggles with a lack of motivation and depression, and has latched onto a singular goal to keep himself going; to stop his counterpart, no matter what it takes. Despite being trained to adapt to being without his powers of earth or ability to use masks, he yet finds himself insecure in his capabilities and struggles with a lack of self worth.

Physical Flaws: Arkius Onaku is a Toa without the powers of a Toa, a being of mere physical prowess in a world of powers multitude that far transcend it. Due to this, he is left relying on physical strength and skill alone, and though is adept at this, it is a far cry from the behemoth of earthen might he once was. Without the physical diminutiveness of a Matoran, Arkius Onaku finds himself a large target without the powers to back it up.

Powers: Arkius Onaku possesses no elemental powers, nor the ability to use kanohi masks. Conversely, he is not weakened without a mask, and still possesses his innate strength and a deep well of stamina, as well as a wealth of training in various styles physical combat.

Equipment: Arkius Onaku currently wears a Pakari, though he cannot use it.


Name: Arkius, or Toa Arkius of the NUVA Proxima

Breed: Toa of Earth (NUVA Proxima)

Faction: Himself

Brief Description: Arkius is immensely large and muscular compared to other Toa. Where at first he was clad near entirely in black, he later wore a beaten metallic grey chest plate and pauldrons over his dark grey and black form, with occasional glowing green accents that matched his singular remaining eye. He wore a black Calix with one eyehole patched over that hid the silvery scar tissue where his right eye once was. 

With his NUVA Proxima transformation, the Calix has fused to his face, and the metallic grey armour he wore has taken on a refined silver look. The green glow his eye and armour accents had taken on a brighter, washed out emerald hue, with specks of what looks to be white embers trailing from the corner of his singular eye. Beyond even his previously immense stature, Arkius has now grown yet more in size, towering completely over the average Toa.

After being defused by Kilo, he is now missing both eyes, yet retains his other features as before.

Background/Occupation: Once awakening in a far away land, Arkius rose to become a prominent Toa protector. When the Legion began its conquest, Arkius stood opposed to them, eventually finding his way to Metru-Nui where he intended to provide the last line of defense against the encroaching Barraki horde. There he became entangled in a strange plot, whisked off his feet by Toa Stannis and his crew as they tried to figure out Turaga Dume's true intentions.

But when the Barraki very suddenly teleported into the underground of Ko-Metru to invade the city, Arkius had to leave the crew behind, travelling to Onu-Metru with Toa Nale and the Krahli designated "Kilo" to protect the matoran, or avenge them otherwise. In the end, the latter proved to be his true calling, where with Kilo he rained vengeance upon Mantax's men in the Archives, and battled the warlord before his eventual demise by the hands of his Krahli companion.

After this, he emerged to a world tearing itself apart, and with his compatriots emerged on the so-called "Zakaz" to build a new and peaceful life after the Cataclysm. Unfortunately, peace turned out to never have been an option. In this new land, aggressive and vile Skakdi revealed themselves to be the native flock, a people Arkius had never been fully comfortable with, but which here, as the Skakdi-Xa, proved to be even worse still. Arkius resolved to protect the Matoran at any cost... even if it meant the eradication of these vile Skakdi-Xa down to the very last.

Calling off a planned counter-attack on the Skakdi in favour of heeding Po-Koro’s call for aid, Arkius returned to Po-Koro in the aftermath of a Skakdi raid, where he remained to protect it as others flew to Metru-Koro on other business. Though he tried to help reestablish Po-Koro’s defenses in that time, the heavy rainfall in the shadow of a great Tahtorak proved it to be in vain, and after helping rescue villagers caught in the flood, he and the villagers relocated to the Ruins of Stone to establish a new village. 

Following old companions inside, he found himself exposed to the golden energies of the NUVA boon, unlocking his NUVA Proxima form and granting him greater stature, as well as returning the memories of his life before he awoke on the Ark, and with them the Arkius he’d forgotten he was. He has since ventured with Jutori, Kat, and Kilo, to the Temple of Earth, where he intends to fulfil his promise to Katrin and bestow her with the boon of NUVA Proxima.

Psychological Flaws: With a new personality made manifest, Arkius has taken to different flaws. Arrogant, Arkius believes himself to know best, and is slow to consider opinions that differ from his. Wrathful, Arkius carries a great turmoil of rage inside him as a result of repeat tragedy and betrayal, rage he sees little reason to keep in check. Prideful, Arkius sees himself as the peak of Toa potential, and sees Toa as inherently superior to all other species, responding wrathfully to anything that might disprove this notion. 

With the loss of the shard of his psyche that was formed from his amnesiac self’s memories and personality, he has grown unstable and paranoid, sitting precariously between coldly uncaring logic and intense burning rage that are no longer held in balance, not to mention utterly psychopathic due to being stripped of empathy and compassion following the defusion.

Physical Flaws: Arkius has lost both of his eyes, meaning without his earth sense he is completely blind. Additionally, even with his earth sense, he cannot see that which is airborne, meaning he is vulnerable to aerial opponents, unless he utilises his earth powers to generate a localised sandstorm, which is the only method by which he can ratify his aerial blindness, a method which cannot be sustained indefinitely nor utilised at all times.

Powers/Equipment: Arkius possesses elemental powers of Earth, powers which he has trained with extensively, and which have now grown immensely in scope following his NUVA Proxima transformation. With said transformation he has also gained the ability to share his elemental power with two other beings in his line of sight and elemental range.

Additionally, he has a strong physique, and an immense well of stamina. His already great strength has grown greater following his transformation. 

He wore the Kanohi Calix that has now fused to his face and become part of him, allowing him to perform at the absolute peak of his natural physical abilities (such as executing seemingly impossible leaps, dodges, flips, etc.) so that he moves and reacts better than any unenhanced member of his species. He can share this power with two other beings in his line of sight and elemental range.

In his journey to the Temple of Earth, he defeated a Mesi with a penchant for collecting masks as trophies, from whom Arkius acquired a Kanohi with the rough appearance of a Hau, though in truth it is a Mask of Charisma.

As far as his equipment goes, Arkius wields only his trusty protosteel axe, a weapon he has felled many a foe with and wields with great pride, greater skill... and deadly intent. With an axe blade on one end of the head and a long bladed spike on the other, the weapon is suited for chopping enemies or piercing through tough armour

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Name: Citizen Pacification Unit K1R1 Kilo-M9 NUVA

Breed: Kralhi NUVA

Faction: Refugees

Brief Description: Kilo-M9 was a standard Kralhi in shape and size, a scorpion-like mechanical creation about the size of three Toa clumped together. Since the NUVA transformation, additional armor plating and motors have been added to its chassis and limbs, increasing its strength and durability in addition to making it even larger. It has four legs which are able to grip all manner of surfaces and two arms that are usually holding its tools, two wide curved blades for defending itself and the remaining refugees. The back of its body has now been replaced by a silver replica featuring two more legs and a prehensile tail with two prongs for emitting energy bubbles. Small solar panels are scattered amongst its rear armor. Its forelegs and head are metru green, with the rest of its front body and arms being black for camouflage in its home metru, the paint having been refreshed after its transformation. Silver lines extend from the back half of its chassis, passing around to the front of the torso and over its mask before ending in larger blobs, similar to raindrops sliding down a window. Side compartments on the main body contain storage compartments for Kanoka discs and other materials. On its face is a permanent expression of determined authority which can come across as more terrifying than intended though its visage is now covered by the kanohi Hiko it wears. Unlike the rest of Kilo’s form the mask is much more organic in appearance and texture. It now has golden eyes during normal operations but will switch to a red-orange color during combat situations or dim them entirely for stealth. Though it still has two eyes, the visor on its new mask catches the light from its optics and appears as a solid gold or red glowing bar on its face.

Background/Occupation: Kilo-M9 is but one of many Kralhi that were created by Nuparu as a predecessor to the Vahki. This particular unit was assigned to the Onu-Metru region, warding overly curious tourists and archivists away from restricted zones and assisting with the often frequent break-out attempts by the exhibits. Unfortunately, the Kralhi’s method of enforcing order by draining the energy of troublemakers was deemed an issue as the affected individuals were too dizzy or exhausted to work for a while after an encounter with the law. Turage Dume commissioned the Vahki as replacements and ordered the Kralhi’s destruction, but the machines would not go quietly. Many rebelled against their fate and were forced out of the city. Others took up hiding in the various Metru. Kilo-M9 is one such unit. After fighting off several attempts at deactivation by Vahki squads the battered law enforcer took up residence in the deeper sections of the archives. The network of tunnels provided ample space to hide and make repairs. Despite its isolation and betrayal, the unit is still given purpose by the same primary objectives:

1.       Preserve this unit at all costs

2.       Bring efficiency to the city

3.       Protect and serve the Matoran

4.       Eliminate the kaiju that roam the island

Despite the necessity of staying hidden lest the Vahki resume attacking it, Kilo M9 has mostly resumed its primary duties patrolling the sublevels of the Archives, assisting individuals out of the restricted areas whether they want to or not.

Shortly after Turaga Dume’s announcement to search for the great discs, Kilo-M9 encountered a wandering band of disc hunters in the archives. After a brief altercation the machine joined them on their quest, leading it around the city. Eventually the mechanical enforcer found its way back to the archives, where it killed the warlord Mantax and his men with help from other allies. Upon escaping the archives, the end of the universe occurred.

Initially, Kilo-M9 ended up residing in the newly created city of Metru-koro. After an adjustment period, Kilo took up a role in patrolling around the city or taking watch on the wall for incoming threats. That lasted until being reunited with its Odd Company companions, along with new additions Zadred and the Collector. Together once more the group embarked on an expedition around the northern coast of the island. They encountered a fortress and the corpses of the once inhabitants before making their way to the Ruins of Stone. After completing the puzzles there and discovering the great discs, the group split up with Kilo in the group that traveled to the constantly under attack village of Po-koro.

After a brief confrontation with the Vahki that had arrived there, the group were immediately put to work dealing with a massive flod caused by the tahtorak Nektann. As the rains died down, Atamai returned after his trip to the past with 5 of the 6 great discs in tow. After moving the surviving villagers to the new settlement of Tobduk-koro outside the stone ruins, Kilo ventured in with its companions and witnesses Atamai and Arkius’ transformations into NUVA and NUVA proxima. Reasoning that the NUVA devices may empower the user with the kanoka power of the great disc used and knowing the hooros that the onu-metru great disc can inflict, Kilo along with Jutori, Arkius, and new companion Kat ventured forth in search of the ruins of earth.

Their search was successful, but tensions arose between Arkius and the others. Upon reaching the NUVA device a confrontation occurred during which Kilo was ripped in half by the earth toa’s abilities. As the struggle continued Kilo split Arkius into good and bad halves using the Spear of Fusion before making its way over to and activating the NUVA device.


Only as good as its programmer: Kralhi are able to analyze opponents and devise plans to deal with them based on their abilities and traits. However, the machines are limited in their ability to think on the fly, and quick improvisation can trip them up. Kilo-M9 is limited by its primary objectives and will follow them at all costs. It will not take violent action against Metru-Nui citizens unless hostile action is taken against it or there are conflicts with objectives 1 and 2.

Do not submerge: Kilo-M9 cannot swim and will avoid having to submerge its body whenever possible.

Additional NUVA Psychological Flaws:

Shout, Shout, Let It All Out/Mecha Protagonist: Kilo-M9 is unable to use its NUVA abilities unless it vocalizes the name of the ability in question. Louder vocalization results in stronger effects.

I am altering the deal: A new primary objective has been added to Kilo’s programming to eliminate the kaiju that roam the island.


Kralhi have strong mechanical joints making it somewhat stronger than the average Toa. It is able to climbs on walls and cling to ceilings with its clawed feet and can remain still and silent for long periods of time, making it surprisingly good at hiding. It is programmed to be skilled at hand to hand combat with its blades, and while it has primarily fought Rahi it is no stranger to having to engage in battle with the more sentient creatures of Metru-Nui. The robotic nature of its body allows for unnatural limb rotation ranges as well as a resistance or immunity to most abilities that specifically affect minds or organic material due to lacking either of those.

Its signature weapon is the energy bubble generator in its tail. The tail launches bolts of energy that when striking a target encases it in a bubble which lifts into the air and begins draining their energy into the Kralhi. Said bubbles can drain energy at a fast enough rate to knock out an unsuspecting Matoran or exhausted Toa within minutes. The bubbles are difficult to break out of from the inside and do not burst upon contact with walls or ceilings. Direct force needs to be applied to escape. Once trapped the karlhi can subtly influence the trajectory of the bubble’s drifting. Kilo-M9 also carries on its person a selection of Kanoka discs, usually 3 weaken discs and 3 regeneration discs of various power levels which it uses against opponents in combat and for field repairs, respectively. It acquires these from individuals it helps and from hunting stray Vahki units that wander into its jurisdiction.

Finally, Kilo-M9 features a voice recording functionality which enables it to play back any words or phrases it hears. While it can speak Matoran freely at ultrasonic frequencies much like the Vahki, it usually uses edited and rearranged phrases to communicate with Matoran and other sentient beings. The NUVA transformation has given it the ability to talk using its own voice, though it usually defaults to pre-existing phrases.

Since increasing its interaction with others the amount of words in its internal dictionary has expanded. In addition, its puzzle solving skills have increased since it started its adventures, and it has a low power speed disc with one charge left in its possession. During the evacuation of Metru-nui by the refugees, the kralhi was able to salvage a solar panel and integrate it into its body, enabling operations away from power sources.

Additional NUVA Breed Quirks

Kilo-M9 may wear kanohi masks and use their powers and is now able to use the elemental power of air at an extremely high level. In addition the kralhi can now concentrate and fire a beam of energy with the reconstitute at random ability at a target within its sight.

These breed quirks can be shared with up to two other willing creatures within line of sight and elemental range.  

Kilo-M9 can also place a portion of its elemental power into a pre-specified elemental effect that can be delayed to a time of its choosing. Until the pre-specified effect occurs, it can share its Elemental Power, Breed Quirks, and NUVA Kanohi with one less willing creature per elemental effect for a maximum of two delayed elemental effects.

Kilo is now the living key for a Kaita ACR Patiwairutiki and is its primary pilot.


In addition to the standard curved blades of a kralhi, Kilo-M9 carries a variety of kanoka of weakness and regeneration in varying power levels. It also has the great disc of ga-metru that Atamai retrieved from the past Zakaz.

Kilo now wears the NUVA kanohi Hiko, the great mask of jumping. The Kanohi Hiko allows the user to jump between real locations in a flash. The Hiko allows for unlimited distance between locales, since it is not based on direct sight, but rather on images. The user can simply look at a picture of a location, or recall a memory of a location, and instantly "jump" there. If the location is unknown, then the picture must be explicit for the Hiko to work, for there is no room for error; any confusion in the moment of the jump will have grave and potentially mortal consequences. The user can also transport up to twice their own body weight with the mask, meaning they can jump with up to two other people or equivalent equipment. The Hiko does not allow for transportation through time or new dimensions.

In the Temple of Water, Kilo-M9 obtained a set of adaptive armor made by Knichou. This nanite-based construct forms a film on the NUVA's outer surface that can adapt to changing environmental conditions. It also obtained a kanohi akaku with telescopic lens as well as a kanohi rau.

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I'm around. If you really need me and I haven't responded quickly, send me a pm.

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Name: Zekev

Breed: GSR Ko-Skakdi

Faction: Barius’ Warskak, nominally

Description: Clad in white,blue and silver, Zekev is a stubby Skakdi with straight spikes forming his organic spine, his face almost permamnently distorted by a grin that gives an impression of amusement. He has a prominent chin, and large, two-toed feet. In general, he is as big and brutish in appearance as most Skakdi.

Background/Occupation: For lack of a better word, Zekev is detritus. He has been, at various points, a criminal among the clans of Old Zakaz, a hired sword for the Barraki army during the invasion, an unwitting cultist swept up in the fallout of the Impact, and now a criminal again, living on the edges of Warband settlements. If nothing else, he has learnt to pick his fights and leave to fight another day.

Personality: Zekev always looks out for number one. When he can get away with it, he will indulge himself and look for quick ways to profit. However, when faced with actual danger or risk, Zekev will find any way to minimise or offload such risks. While he is self-serving and cowardly, he is not twitchy or paranoid when dealing with dangers. After all, that would not benefit him in the slightest.


Despite, or perhaps because of, his continuous bouncing around, Zekev cannot stand to be alone when he could be lost in a crowd, nor will he stay in one place for too long when he could be stealing from somewhere else.

His cowardice and self-serving manners are to the detriment of earning any goodwill or trust from others.

Zekev’s only real experience in combat swings between two extremes: using brute force to overpower a weaker foe, or letting others take the attention of a stronger foe while he shanks them from behind. Apart from being inexperienced in proper one-on-one combat, this also means that he is, despite appearances.


One primary element/power: Laser vision

One secondary power: Zekev has the ability to induce limited amnesia among a person in his line of sight, causing them to be confused or forget recent events. They usually recover from these effects within an hour, though the memory of those forgotten events is imperfectly reconstructed. However, every usage of this power removes part of Zekev’s memory, usually something in his long-term memory, which likewise returns as an imperfectly reconstructed memory.

Breed quirk(s): Can use the Elemental power of Ice in conjunction with another Skakdi


A hefty war axe and shield, treated to resist changes in temperature.

Retractable arm blade. The blade comprises of a central body, allegedly the spike of a great beast slain by the blade’s maker, roughly the length of a forearm, with metal welded along its edges to provide a jagged cutting surface. It is usually hidden under a bracer, tucked along the back of the forearm. Upon activation, a spring-loaded mechanism snaps the blade outwards. A wrist-mounted control switch allows the blade to be electrified.

An unusually pointed helmet that has saved his skull multiple times.

A journal that details past events in Zekev’s life, lest he forget.

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Figured Tobduk-Koro could use more MC to flesh out its industries.

  • Name: The Big Bruiser
  • Breed: Steltian Bruiser
  • Faction: Tobduk-Koro
  • Brief Description: bulky two-eyed green and white Protoderm who is a member of Krekka’s species, hangs around by the Forge of Vakama when not mining to watch Kanoka being crafted
  • Role: Fighter who works as a Miner in between scraps
  • Flaw: The Big Bruiser is not very intelligent, and is insecure about her limited intelligence. 
  • Powers: Has enormous strength and is able to fly under her own power
  • Breed quirk: cannot use nor wear Kanohi
  • Equipment: large pickaxe she uses both for mining and as a war hammer
  • Name: Sucordak
  • Breed: Su-Matoran
  • Faction: Tobduk-Koro
  • Brief Description: off-white and burnt- orange Matoran of Plasma wearing a powerless off-white Noble Kiril 
  • Role: Quest Giver
  • Flaw: While a more skilled Disk Maker and Mask Maker than Kanohi, he also is only practiced at making Kiril, Jutlin, and their respective disks. Uneasy doing tasks unrelated to forging, so might try to push others to solve problems.
  • Powers: None
  • Breed quirk: more resistant to high temperatures than Ta-Matoran, and eyes resistant to bright lights, requires a mask to stay conscious
  • Equipment: Firestaff, object tools for forging disks and masks
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"He may seem slow and strange to you, but his simple words often carry a hidden wisdom"-Turaga Vakama on Kapura

Kanohi: Stories of a Matoran Vigilante The Impact of a Rebirth: a Kanohi Fanfic The Willing Exiles: a Kanohi Fanfic SKA PC Profiles: Kanohi, Collector, Mahrika Kardaka BZPRPG Profiles Avatar by @Harvali 

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 @The UltimoScorp Am I correct in assuming Katrin's new mask is the same mask of fusion listed on BS01? That's what I'm guessing, but there's no mention of the name "Hanumi" anywhere. If you are going to use a custom mask, you need to detail its powers.

If this is in fact the same mask, just with a custom name, then please post its BS01 powerset with one alteration: fusing with another character requires the consent of that character's player.

Also, can you clarify what this means? 


she has instinctively found a way to “put away” the power of NUVA until she releases it.


@Onaku Arkius 1 and Arkus 2 approved.


@pokemonlover360 Kilo NUVA approved.


@NorikSigma Zekev approved.


@Harvali The Big Bruiser and Sucordak are approved.

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Yet another port lol.

  • Name: Exo-Toa Unit D-6793 v2.0. Designation, "Varian"
  • Breed: Exo-Toa/???
  • Faction: Himself/???
  • Brief Description: They look exactly like a standard Exo-Toa.
  • Background/Occupation: This Exo-Toa recently reactivated after being dormant for some time on the island of Zakaz. It's purpose is unknown, but it roams the island in search of something. Whatever "Varian" is looking for, it won't stop until it finds it. 
  • Flaws: This unit has the standard flaws that any Exo-Toa has, being particularly weak to things that most machines are, such as EMPs and being highly magnetic in general. The fact that it cannot feel pain can also be a detriment if it's sensors do not detect it's being damaged. Despite being a machine, "Varian" seems more than capable of feeling emotion, and is prone to sudden uncontrollable fits of rage if pushed the right way. 
  • Powers/Equipment: Like most standard Exo-Toa, Varian has incredible physical endurance and strength, far beyond what most organic beings do. In addition, they have various sensors such as heat sensors, x-ray, etc that let it detect it's surroundings with ease. Varian is equipped with two weapons, a boxing claw that can extend, and an Electro-Rocket in the other hand, which fires missiles of considerable firepower. One unusual ability this particular exo-toa seems to possess is the ability to talk, it can have conversations just as well as most sentient beings, though it speaks with a very robotic voice. 
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This is Zai, one of Dane's characters who was a foil to Korio on the Tactical Panda II. To preserve that dynamic and keep continuity of the Panda'sroster of crew, she is ported over as a Minion Character until, and unless, Dane returns and wants her back. Until then pls let me have her as a mook.


Zai, the Fanatical Minion

Name: Zai

Breed: Female Wasteland Ta-Skakdi

Faction: Yumiwak's warband

Brief Description: Crimson, tall, terrifying. Somewhat sickly in build, but this is remedied by the unnerving look she has, with smaller spines and spikes across her arms and back, standing up behind her frills making her look almost like an angry hedgehog and red eyes that stare, constantly accusatory. She carries a long, thin scar across her left cheek. 

Role: Fighter

Flaws: Suffers from psychosis and is clearly unwell; hearing can sometimes not work properly; is obsessed with Yumi and probably has a terrible traumatic attachment disorder.

Powers: Her Skakdi Ability (Primary Ability) is a blade of pure energy she can summon from her chest. The ethereal sword does not do any physical damage, instead causing immeasurable, excruciating pain. The blade itself is a glowing red when summoned, and can be used at any time. Her vision power (Secondary Ability) is Impact Vision.

Breed quirk: Innate elemental fire that she cannot unlock without another Skakdi.

Equipment: A large kukri that she keeps strapped to her leg, a couple throwing knives, and a rigged up weapon built from a Kanoka launcher, that fires superheated metal discs (utilizing her element to heat the discs up).

Edited by EmperorWhenua
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Returning character in the form of an MC. The intention was that she'd be tied to Skyra and work as a marine for the Taku (but not a crew MC), but I confess this is an area in the MC rules I'm not 100% clear on.

Name: Rose

Species: Female Toa of Fire (she/her)

Faction: Metru Nui Refugees/her wife Skyra/the Taku

Role: Fighter

Description: Rose can be best described as the definition of "beef"--her body is bulked out, naturally muscled from years of training following the destruction of her home and conscription into the Metru Nui military. Rose's armor mostly conforms to her body. In terms of height, she stands half a bio taller than most Toa. She has abandoned use of her mech armor after it was damaged during the fight with Pridak, and because doorways are much easier to get through without it.

She wears a Kanohi Hau, the Mask of Shielding, which has been forged into a unique shape. Her armor is almost entirely Mata red, save for areas of exposed muscle that are grey, and her eyes are a striking blue. 

Equipment: Besides her mask, Rose carries two firework revolvers now which she keeps in a double shoulder holster.

Powers: Rose possesses the Elemental Power of Fire, allowing her to create, control and absorb fire and heat, only limited by the need to wait for elemental fire energy to recharge after she runs out of it. Her Kanohi Hau allows her to protect herself from any physical attack that she is aware of by generating a force field. She retains the great resistance to heat and flame all Ta-Matoran possess.

Personality: Hard as they come, Rose is loud and proud and doesn't take karz from anyone. Her one and only soft spot is for Skyra, and the rest of her allies are just fellow soldiers. Although she dislikes authority, if that authority is leading her into combat, she will gladly follow orders.

Background: Rose is a veteran of the Metru Nui-League conflict, present for most of its battles. She has witnessed the rise of the undead and the invasion of the City of Legends firsthand, and has a trail of bodies behind her to prove it. During her time serving, she became close to a fellow soldier and Toa of Air named Skyra Daring, and following the pair's survival of Pridak's Ko-Metru attack and the collapse after Mata Nui's head becoming severed from his body, the two Toa settled on Zakaz in the then-recently constructed village of Metru-Koro and were married.

Despite a brief time where not much happened and the pair lived in "retirement," the war still went on in a cold state following the impact, with some of the Matorankind seemingly considering it over. The pair were soon recruited to assassinate Pridak, who had stayed behind in the damaged Metru Nui with the League, claiming it as their own. The mission was successful, and Aurax was put in power as the state-sponsored leader of the Metruan people's former enemy. After that...it gets a little hazy, but eventually Rose came to Kini-Koro with the others, settled down once more with Skyra, all along itching for another conflict. Something to get her blood pumping.

Serving as a Taku marine is just what she was looking for.


Death Wish: Rose is unafraid of death (or perhaps she simply accepted it long ago) and will gladly throw herself at dangerous situations, even if there is no chance of winning.

The Heavy: Her size and strength are impressive, but Rose has never been particularly agile, and is noticeably slow in combat--a fighter with better movement and skill could easily take her down.

Edited by Tarn

(shout out to max)

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Hopefully this is just temporary, but for now, this might be necessary for the plot going forward. Plus Tren Krom knows I have MC slots open. 

Name: Ollem

Breed: Onu-Matoran

Faction: Mahrika and Ollem

Brief Description: Average-height Matoran with black coloration. Heavyset for a Matoran. Wears a brown Great Kanohi Kakama, the Mask of Speed. Clothed (not by choice) in worn garments, prefers to dress in black and red, wearing two Boots

Role: Fighter (I guess, though he can be skittish about danger, so he might try to avoid fighting. But he’s not a Quest Giver, and we don’t have a ship. So I don’t know, this is likely temporary anyway, mods can offer advice here)

Flaws: Ollem is highly resistant to authority, especially that of Toa, Vahki, and Turaga-- all the symbols of the society that had tossed him aside. Unfortunately, this can sometimes cause him to disregard good advice if it's delivered in the wrong way, or by the wrong person. On the other hand, Ollem can be somewhat skittish in the face of danger, especially when the source of that danger is much larger and more powerful than himself. (Psychological flaw)

Ollem is inexperienced with fighting thanks to his skittishness, and if forced to fight he would be at a severe disadvantage to experienced fighters (Physical flaw)

Powers: None

Breed Quirks: As an Onu-Matoran, Ollem has greater stamina and physical endurance than most beings, as well as excellent night vision. 

Equipment: Ollem possesses a marvelous device that bends the light around him in order to render him invisible to the naked eye. It works while moving, but is less effective, based on how skilled the user is at making smooth movements. It also works better the farther away an observer is; in close quarters, an attentive eye could pick out even a stationary user by the tell-tale heat-like distortions the device creates. At long range however, it renders a user effectively invisible. The stealth field also dampens any sounds he makes. Ollem is still somewhat inexperienced with the use of the device, though he has had plenty of practice over the past month and a half. (Primary equipment)

The Onu-Matoran is also equipped with a simple, handheld firearm that fires slugs of elemental iron. It gradually replenishes its ammo by drawing metal from the environment. (Secondary equipment)

Ollem has an ongoing registration with the Suva of Fire.

Lastly, he holds a Great Kanohi Kakama, the Mask of Speed, taken from the Stone Suva. However, as a typical Matoran, he is unable to access its power. He also wears the Boots of Impact, which can transfer his speed into powerful kicks. 

His pack also contains a collection of bent and otherwise damaged Kanoka disks, taken from the Ruins of Water, some of which may still have weak and sporadic power left within them.

Edited by Harvali

"Danger is the anvil on which trust is forged"-Jaller(Jala) :smilejala: 
"We're on our own here-like we've always been-and we'll stand or fall on our own"-Tanma
"He may seem slow and strange to you, but his simple words often carry a hidden wisdom"-Turaga Vakama on Kapura

Kanohi: Stories of a Matoran Vigilante The Impact of a Rebirth: a Kanohi Fanfic The Willing Exiles: a Kanohi Fanfic SKA PC Profiles: Kanohi, Collector, Mahrika Kardaka BZPRPG Profiles Avatar by @Harvali 

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Understood, how is this?

"Danger is the anvil on which trust is forged"-Jaller(Jala) :smilejala: 
"We're on our own here-like we've always been-and we'll stand or fall on our own"-Tanma
"He may seem slow and strange to you, but his simple words often carry a hidden wisdom"-Turaga Vakama on Kapura

Kanohi: Stories of a Matoran Vigilante The Impact of a Rebirth: a Kanohi Fanfic The Willing Exiles: a Kanohi Fanfic SKA PC Profiles: Kanohi, Collector, Mahrika Kardaka BZPRPG Profiles Avatar by @Harvali 

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Name: Kantai


Breed: Toa of Ice

Faction: Kini-Koro

Brief Description:

Kantai is unassuming and lean, of average build. If he is seen at all, he is usually setting traps for animals or meditating in his abode. He is usually clothed in grey-blue robes, a cloak, and a wide-brimmed hat, rounded to keep the snow from piling up on the brim.



Kantai makes a living as a Trapper in Kini-Koro, living just outside the Koro proper in the valley in a hut. Most of the time, however, he spends his time meditating on the Principles of Mata Nui, exploring the religious sites of the valley.

Before the Impact, Kantai lived on an island near the Continents. Its position allowed its inhabitants to divine the will of the Great Spirit, attracting Seers and scholars from all lands, transforming it into a religious centre. When the League expanded into the neighbourhood, the ruling council saw the way the winds were blowing and decreed that all divinations and astromancy readings were to be scrutinised for “applicability” to the new order. Kantai, a guardian for the Temple, was roped into an underground movement among some of the scholars who were ill at ease with the League’s rhetoric and perceived hypocrisy. They secretly continued to study the Principles and scour the night sky, withdrawing into hermitry while Kantai began to learn of their ways.

Their research revealed prophecies that foretold ruination upon the League, among other important insights. It also led them to the location of a cache of Toa Stones deep inside the island, and an ancient temple capable of transforming Matoran into Toa. By now, such transmutation was seen as heretical defiance against the League by the island’s council, so Kantai and the team set off in secret. After a series of tribulations, during which enforcers pursued them and killed the rest, Kantai reached the Stones, injured and damaged. It appeared to be the end for him. Then, a miracle.

The machinery of the temple activated, and one of the Stones released its energy, transforming Kantai and healing his wounds. He defeated the pursuers and escaped the island, fleeing to the one place where the knowledge his team had found would be put to use: Metru-Nui. He was in the city when the Impact happened, and miraculously, survived again. Since then, he has thrown his lot in with Kini-Koro. While he understand that the Great Spirit is no longer around, he has resolved to piece together the history of the island, while preserving the prophetic and historical fragments of the old world, and continue the legacy of His teachings.

Personality: The miracles that saved him at the temple and the Impact have had a profound impact on Kantai. He now believes deeply in the virtue of Peace and self-aware Will, moving in accordance with the cosmic dictates of events. It might have once been called Destiny, and perhaps Kantai still believes in that, even with the death of the Great Spirit. He has also dedicated his energies to living in accordance with the Principles and Virtues, and the path of the idealised Toa according to the Code.


-        The Code: Kantai has devoted himself to the Toa Code, and holds himself strictly to its dictates.

-        Peace shows me my Destiny: While Kantai is largely unflappable and takes events in stride, he also believes his misfortunes are in some way supposed to happen, or that events in the future will exonerate them. As such, his acceptance of negative outcomes can be detrimental to both himself and others’ perception of him.

-        One-two, one-two: Trained as a guard of the Temple, Kantai’s training is in infantry combat at a slight distance with a polearm and in a unit, which is not always optimal in this new world. He has had some training in mounted combat as well, but outside of these, he is not especially skilled in combat.

-       Kantai is almost completely new to his powers and inexperienced with using them. Likewise, although he has been instructed in the use of weapons, this training is limited and not backed by much experience.


-        Elemental control over Ice

-        Kanohi Matatu

-        As a Toa of Ice, Kantai can withstand extreme cold.


-        Kantai’s main weapon is an unassuming metallic staff, worn and plain.

A hidden mechanism inside the staff can be activated by Kantai through the use of his mask, or controlled thermal contraction using his ice powers, which unlocks its more destructive potential. In this state, on the sections of the staff not covered by his hand, the outer surface bunches up as if it were a Ferrofluid under a magnetic field, forming spikes along the staff. The spikes are imbued with destructive energies that allow them to chew up surfaces in contact like a chainsaw despite not moving.

Should his grip change along the staff, the spikes retract along with the hand, spiking out on the vacated space.

This aspect of the weapon only activates when he is wielding it, and only when it is activated by the hidden mechanism.

-        A dao sword with a slight curve to it, letters in an unknown language along its blade

-        Straw hat, furs and cloak

-        A collection of tablets detailing prophecies and teachings of Mata Nui

-        Sets of animal traps



Name: Sanso


Breed: Toa of Air

Faction: Refugees

Brief Description:

Clad in green and teal, Sanso carries himself with a certain amount of easy charm, friendly to all he meets. He always carries a set of bags slung across his shoulders, carrying instruments and notes. He wears a prominent emblem denoting his membership in the Dawn Society.



Sanso is a travelling Musician and chronicler of arts, learning and teaching songs and collecting small trinkets and artifacts.

For most of his life, Sanso has been a diligent and faithful member of the Dawn Society, dedicated to praising the works of the Great Spirit through the preservation and cultivation of art. While travelling the world, Sanso proved himself to be an eager and diligent chronicler and performer.

As the League began to expand throughout the world, Sanso was tasked by the Society, which had some connections to the League, to tag along in the wake of the Barraki’s armies; observing, preserving and chronicling the legends, songs and art of the disparate species of the League while, if possible, ensuring the survival of Matoran culture by spreading its stories to them. It was certainly a long shot, and largely a move of desperation among the remaining open Mata Nui adherents in the Society, but Sanso took to his new task with dedication.

For the next few years, he travelled in the wake of the warbands, legions and retinues of the Barraki, both teaching and learning the stories and music from both civilised and “uncivilised” groups. Through his interactions with them, he has come to amass a large mental collection of folktales, stories and music, as well as a nuanced personal connection to them that would not have been possible to another Toa.

Since the end of the world, Sanso’s mission has become even more important: not only to preserve what remained of the old world, but also to chronicle the cultures of the new one. He has taken an interest in the protection of the many Refugee settlements on Zakaz, having spent years in the proximity of such people displaced by war.

Personality: Sanso has a tolerant and peaceable nature, happy to learn from people from all walks of life, willing to listen to even the most violent anti-Matoran radicals. He is inquisitive and attentive, doing his best to catalogue and chronicle events as they pass him by. This is not to say he is naïve, as such a Toa would not have been able to survive as what some might consider a spy on the outskirts of the Barraki army.


-        Can’t we talk this out? Sanso is agreeable and non-confrontational, perhaps to a fault. When it might be expedient to strike first and ask questions later, Sanso will always try to seek out peaceful solutions, willing to bargain away more than he really should if that is needed.

-        Faith holds me aloft: Sanso is willing to place a lot of Faith in those he considers friends and his actions, which can manifest in being betrayed or not considering the risks of his actions.

-        Iron fist, glass jaw: While he can land solid hits, especially with the use of his Pakari to surgically enhance his blows, Sanso can't really take a hit. This forces him to rely on his agility to dodge or, when desperate, using his battle gloves to parry strikes.


-        Elemental control over Air

-        Kanohi Pakari

-        As a Toa of Air, Sanso is athletic and nimble


-Due to being a Toa on the outskirts of the Barraki army, it would not do for one such as Sanso to outwardly wield a weapon. As such, he has become proficient in unarmed combat for self-defense. To aid him in this, he has acquired a pair of Caesti battle gloves, made up of alloyed protosteel straps and studs bound across a hardened flexible metallic glove. On the upper wrist section, the Caesti are covered in a layer of thick metal, alloyed with protosteel, strong enough to, with training, deflect weapon blows. Contrary to making it harder to play instruments, the gloves’ inside palms are designed to fit into the shape of his instruments, giving them an usual shape. On his feet are Feet Additions, capable of giving good kicks to drums, keep his feet from tiring when travelling, as well as enhancing his kicks in combat.

-Apart from Caesti, Sanso also wields a salvaged jian sword. As far as he can tell, it does not appear to have any special properties except that its blade appears shrouded in shadow in light, while glimmering softly in the dark.

-A set of music instruments, most prominently his favourite Flute.

-A large selection of hymns, songs, and notes on cultures

-A worn talisman that marks Sanso’s membership in the Dawn Society

-A collection of sharp crystals, twisted metal and wooden splinters


Name: Prasral


Breed: Maduralian, related to Carapar’s Species

Faction: Independent

Brief Description:

Prasral stands a head taller than a Toa, his body covered in the distinctive natural carapace of his species, coloured royal blue and yellow. He carries himself humbly, with an air of quiet majesty. His equipment, especially his mask and armour, are distinctly Maduralian, drapped with trailing metallic strands and largely hewed from the burnished metal of the south.



Prasral is the latest in a line of warrior-kings, rulers of the island of Madurali, part of a larger island chain. It is known for two things: its resource abundance and being the final location where the seasonal megastorms of the island chain dissipate. This combination has allowed the Maduralians to profit off the island’s bounty while warding off invading armies.

When Carapar revolted against the Turaga and Matoran, Prasral’s predecessor assisted due to the kinship between the two species, and was rewarded by the victorious League. In the ensuing years, the Maduralian kings lost influence amongst the Horned Lord’s court, and Prasral’s immediate predecessor was framed by a rival vassal of the Barraki and executed.

It was in such circumstances that Prasral came to power, a young warrior elected to the position by the advisors of the old king. In the years that followed, Prasral dutifully obeyed his overlords, providing provisions, conscripts, and advice to the Barraki, keeping a low profile. Under this arrangement, Madurali flourished, becoming an island of stability as petty warlords competed for prestige and the attention of the Horned Lord. It was Prasral’s suspicion that, with few Matoran left to conquer and destroy, the League could very well collapse in on itself, and that Madurali would have to be prepared. Thus, he kept a tight rein on finances and re-invested much of the influx of labour and wealth to securing his borders, training his militia to a better standard, and improving the industry of the small island.

When the campaign against Metru Nui was declared, Prasral found himself appointed, against his will, to participate in the invasion with a suitable large army. Openly, this was because his fiefdom was suited to providing large numbers of high-quality troops for this grand campaign, but Prasral knew that this was to bleed Madurali of its newfound prosperity. Nonetheless, with little political sway amongst Carapar’s closest advisors, Prasral was forced to submit, and personally accompanied his detachment north.

When the world ended, Prasral was in the midst of the battle. Inexplicably, he survived the Impact, though several weeks removed from it and with no sign of his cohorts. He now aims to find some sign of his people, and should his task come up short, to avenge them.

Personality: Prasral is generally amiable and patient, which has been of great value during his reign. He prefers to present an agreeable facade while keeping his opinions close at hand. Inside, he is a cautious and careful man, placing a premium on the value of considered thinking.


-        It can’t end with me: Prasral has a deep-seated need to prove his worth as protector and ruler of his people, fearing that he could very well be the last king of a dead people. This might, in extreme cases, lead to overly self-sacrificial behaviour if he believes it might benefit his people.

-        Attention averted: Due to the circumstances of his reign, Prasral has developed distaste of the spotlight and is warry of being the centre of attention, both positive and negative, even among his advisers and allies.

-        (Do Not) Ride the Lightning: Despite having lived for centuries in a location filled with frequent storms, Maduralians have inherited Carapar’s Species’ weakness to lightning.


-        Like all Maduralians, Prasral has natural tough armour, much like their cousins. This armour is not normally as tough, but the armour plating may shift to provide equivalent defence to the thick carapace of Carapar’s species. This requires concentration and is restricted to only a portion of the body. This also leads to slight imbalance as Maduralians are not used to such a state.

-        Maduralians are also gifted with great strength.

-        Prasral wields the Helm of Tsaelon, a Great Kanohi Sanok passed down through the line of kings of Madurali. It is crafted in distinctive Maduralian style, covering less of the side of the head and placed slightly forward of the face proper. It is marked by distinctive lightning bolt motifs.


-        Vaya’s Strike: A 6-feet long javelin/spear, the Vaya’s Strike is an ancient artifact of war, with varying myths as to how the first king of Madurali came to possess it. It is partially sentient, able to sense if its wielder is the current lawful ruler of Madurali. If so, the weapon is able to partially “link” with the wielder’s mind, subtly influencing the wielder to correct for errors in form, on both the defence and offence.

The shaft, carved with the names of Maduralian heroes and etched in blue and gold, ends with a main spearhead on one end, shaped like a lightning bolt, and a smaller spike sticking from the rear end. A ring of overlapping flanges sticks out from the base of the main spearhead, designed to catch the blade of an enemy.

In the old days, it was said that Vaya’s Strike could smite the foes of the Maduralians, becoming as lightning. Whether or not that was ever true is unknown, as the only lightning powers the spear has is limited to a particular affinity for retaining an electrical charge and natively generating enough to give any opponents a nasty, but generally non-lethal, shock. Strangely, likely due to its semi-sentient nature, it never discharges its power onto its rightful wielder.

-        Omegon: A great round shield, the head of a great Rahi affixed to its centre. Its craftsmanship evident in its gracefully curved edges. The front is adorned with carvings and runes of ancient design. The shield can absorb the energy of impacts, with kinetic energy being the most efficient. The shield can only store the energy equivalent of several strong blows before the energy must be released, either as heat, sonic waves or enhanced kinetic blows.

-        Ceremonial war armour, consisting of a plumed helmet and a decorated cuirass that flares out near the torso, ending in tapering narrow plates of metal that reach the ground.

-        Travelling items, carried over from the march to Metru Nui.

-        A composite recurve bow and a small supply of arrows.


Name: Krozen


Breed: Shadowed One’s Species

Faction: Independent

Brief Description:

Krozen stands slightly shorter than an average member of his species, his face obscured by a war-mask modelled on a Rahkshi head. Physical injuries have caused his posture to be slightly stooped. He dons the Armour of Tyrants, white and red, cybernetically linked into and fitted over most of his torso, upper arms and thighs, giving a slightly bulkier appearance. Due to its incomplete integration, several parts of the Armour appear to be in a state of disrepair.



Before his fall from power, Krozen was a respected and feared warlord. A member of The Shadowed One’s species, Krozen was a warlord who left the godforsaken pit that was his homeland and struck out for glory with a warband fleeing defeat and shame. He found a fortunate alliance in the form of the League, and conquered Osseti, an island to the east, taking on the title of Tyrant. A strict ruler, Krozen quelled dissent with an iron fist. When the League began to expand rapidly, Krozen reaped the fruits of his alliance and expanded to a much larger island in the region, toppling its Matoran rulers and greatly expanding his kingdom.

His victory was not to last. Loyalists to the previous rulers remained, both underground and openly, in the market squares of his villages, the streets of his factoria, and in the halls of his new palace. His advisors counselled patience and restricted reprisals against the headstrong Matoran, reasoning that a safe life under Krozen’s rule would ameliorate the fear his new subjects would have for his League connections.

Krozen complied for a time, until several sabotage plots were discovered, some of which succeeded in killing his inner circle and some which disarmed his regime’s army. At the urging of his League masters, who had ramped up anti-Matoran sentiment, and eager to fix what he perceived as his mistake in allowing dissent, Krozen retaliated with overwhelming force, razing settlements, sinking atolls and openly displaying the mangled corpses of suspected traitors.

This only intensified opposition, and the old Loyalists succeeded in striking a bargain with a faction within his court that preferred another of the royal clan. They plotted and succeeded in toppling Krozen and his allies. Worse, his enemies did not grant him a warrior’s death: the Tyrant sustained physiological damage that permanently stunted his elemental powers and strength, and was now forced to live as a slave to the new warlord with the silent blessing of the Barraki.

Though they broke his body, his mind remained, and he bided his time, hatching a plan to return to power in the long-term. He complied with the wishes of the new Tyrant, waiting hand and foot on him, enduring humiliation and hardships. Krozen even betrayed his own surviving allies to the new regime when he learnt of their plans to restore him to power. He eventually succeeded in cultivating a subservient, softened image with the very courtiers that had overthrown him, and entered the warlord’s inner circle.

Krozen bided his time, slowly manipulating relations between court factions while the League soured on the Tyrant’s Matoran-accomodating policies. Eventually, tensions between the many factions of the kingdom exploded and a civil war erupted. In the chaos, Krozen slew the warlord and stole away with his corpse. Bringing it to one of his last few allies, he extracted the warlord’s cybernetic armour, which had been a gift crafted by the League’s artisans for Krozen, and installed in on himself. Before the complicated process could be completed, the Barraki finally intervened and attempted to slay him while he lay in stasis. He was evacuated off the island to Metru Nui by his supporters, the last place outside the League’s reach.

Miraculously, his stasis pod survived the Impact, its auto-repair subroutines still running. Krozen has now awakened on the shores of Zakaz, still unused to his new armour, eager to enact his revenge and take back his throne.


Krozen is proud, self-righteous and competitive, always aiming to be supreme in his field. He is also headstrong and prone to anger, especially when his authority is challenged. When his temper is in control, he can restrain himself from acting impulsively, biding his time and patiently waiting for opportunities and optimal situations. He has a long memory of grudges, and will make sure to repay all boons and banes in kind.


-        Outrageous!: Krozen is usually composed and patient, but is prone to outbursts and rage if his authority or expertise is challenged, especially by people he sees as beneath him.

-        Long memory: Krozen might be considered petty and vindictive, holding grudges and keeping a mental tally of wrongs done to him. These wrongs are not always paid in kind immediately, having now grown a taste for repaying with interest when one least expects it.

-        Pain, no gains: Krozen’s mechanical damage has mostly healed, but he has long-term biological nerve and tissue damage. He no longer possesses the great strength that his species has, and extended physical strain is likely to cause flare-ups of pain and seizing of muscles


-Krozen has some control over heat and fire. Specifically, he can absorb ambient heat, lowering the temperature of an area while achieving extremely high temperatures in his immediate viscinity, capable of setting nearby flammable material aflame. He can also release this heat, creating a wide-area blast of heat. He can also use superheated air to boost his jumps slightly in different directions.
-Krozen also has natural claws and a prehensile tail strong enough to cause physical damage when hitting someone.

Equipment: what worldly goods do they possess?

-        Armour of the Tyrant: A full-body biomechanical system, the Armour was the property of the usurping Tyrant of Osseti, intended to be implanted into his body to enhance his natural powers. Now implanted into Krozen’s body, the Armour assists him in his movements, alleviating some of his physical weakness and restoring his strength to somewhat below the average of his species. It is also capable of withstanding both extremely high and extremely low temperatures, insulating Krozen from the worst effects of his powers.

Currently, the Armour, partially sentient, has not fully integrated into his body, partly due to lack of time and partly due to botched operations. Until then, the Armour’s full power is not unlocked.

-        Sword of Ausar: A finely crafted double-sided straight blade, its appearance harkening to the earliest blade designs of Nynrah, and thus appears simplistic. However, its blade almost never blunts, and is perfectly usable in melee combat.

It is also capable of drawing heat energy. Most commonly, Krozen will feed absorbed heat energy stored in him into the blade. Due to damage sustained long ago, the weapon combusts surrounding air and appears to burn when in this state. Apart from being able to superheat objects in contact with the sword, Krozen can release the energy stored in the blade through blasts or superheated plasma that frequently explosively react when hitting a solid surface. At most, Krozen can only store enough heat in his body to do this twice at a time.



Could I also request that my characters be allowed to go on/be given quests to unlock the full power of their equipment with GM approval and assistance?

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@Harvali Ollem approved.


@NorikSigma Kantai needs a different physical flaw. Having combat training is not a flaw, even if that particular brand of training isn't particularly useful in this setting.

Sanso also needs a different physical flaw. Different parts of his profile appear to contradict each other, saying he is both proficient in combat and not really competent at combat. 

Prasral approved. I like that his primary weapon uses electricity, but he's also weak to it.

Krozen approved.


GMs will provide quests if necessary, but also keep in mind that there are several PCs already in-game with the knowledge and skills to forge, craft, and repair equipment. A more organic way to to "level up" your equipment would be to meet up with those characters and go on quests for them in exchange for their help. For example, Viltia (played by Kal the Guardian) is a skilled crafter who lives in the heart of the Fau Swamp. She might be able to help repair some equipment in exchange for someone helping her acquire more Vuata Maca crystals. Knichou (played by Bulik), an ex-Nynrah Ghost, would probably improve your equipment if you promise to help with his plans to thwart Aurax and his army of Vahki. Those are just the two off the top of my head, but it should be enough to get you started. GMs will keep an eye on these interactions and assist when required to make sure enough effort is being put in to justify the reward.

tl;dr yes.

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@Eyru  I changed the physical weaknesses for the two Toa.

New to this: Kantai is almost completely new to his powers and inexperienced with using them. Likewise, although he has been instructed in the use of weapons, this training is limited and not backed by much experience.

Iron fist, glass jaw: While he can land solid hits, especially with the use of his Pakari to surgically enhance his blows, Sanso can't really take a hit. This forces him to rely on his agility to dodge or, when desperate, using his battle gloves to parry strikes.

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PC Profile:


Name: Crucia
Breed: Skakdi-Xa
Faction: Riggers
Brief Description: Blue. Yellow Optics. Average height.
Background/Occupation: Former fisherman in search of power after a constantly disappointing life. After the destruction of the Rig, wishes for even more.
Psychological: Afraid of flying.
Physical: Horrible sense of smell after years of gutting fish.
Primary Element/Power: Impact Vision - Produces a powerful concussive force.

Secondary Power: Kraata of Cyclone Stage 2 - Desecrated by Whira

Stage 1: Instinctively influences wind currents for speedy travel.

Stage 2: Able to raise a defensive field of cyclone wind.

Breed quirk(s): Physically imposing creatures with sharp claws and large teeth. They are as strong as—if not stronger than—most Toa. 

Possesses an innate connection to Water, but these powers can only be accessed by combining them with the powers of another Skakdi.

Although they can physically wear kanohi masks, they cannot access their powers, and they do not require masks in order to function properly.

Ability to chew food as opposed to absorbing it.
Equipment: Water Harpoon: Vezok could use this harpoon to move through rough currents or as a water jet to propel him through water. On its opposite end is a buzzsaw that can launch Water daggers. Vezok used this weapon so as to not have to work with another Skakdi to use his water powers.

Various nets used for catching prey.

A boat large enough to have a cabin and a hold to store caught fish.

Edited by Kal the Guardian
Crucia has died.
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--------- “BRUH” -Makuta, probably ---------


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MC Name: Kargon

Breed: Bo-Matoran

Faction: Refugees, Kini-Koro

Brief Description: Teal and blue colours, with a teal Kanohi Kaukau over lime coloured eyes. Sturdy build, well suited for manual labor like farming. Tends to Kini-Koro farms and sells produce from harvests at the Kini-Koro market.

Role: Quest giver

Flaw: Phantom pain in the leg, has a prosthetic leg after losing it in the bombing of Metru-Koro. Requires Kanohi to stay conscious.

Breed quirk(s): Innate understanding of plant attributes.

Equipment: A farming hoe, gardening clippers, and a trowel.

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- Character Profile -

Name: Tihun

Breed: Vortixx

Faction: League of Six One Kingdom

Brief Description: Tall and lean like most Vortixx, the only particular oddity with Tihun is his complexion, which unlike other Vortixx who are a sleek black color, he is instead a dark mottled brown color, truly an oddity that marked him even more inferior to other Vortixx other than him purely being just a small and weak male of his species. He is shorter than most Vortixx, only being half-a-head taller than the average Toa, with a scrawnier physique than most of his kind. In addition, he seems to constantly be sick to some degree, usually having a leaking nostril most of the time.

 At all times, Tihun wears a pressurized, air- and water-tight, self-sustaining life-support providing suit that encompasses his entire body.

Personality: Snobbish and high-brow, Tihun considers himself to be above the common rabble. He is an intellectual and a self-proclaimed connoisseur, having worked hard for his once-station in life...which has now been taken away from him by the end of the world. A fact that incenses him with anger at how all of his efforts were ruined and lost. He is quick to offense and is unlikely to accept criticism, him personally thinking he is the smartest and most sophisticated person in any room, with a loathing for menial labor.

Background: Disadvantage at conception, Tihun, through countless decades of work, sucking up, and extra labor, managed to eventually reach a point in his life where he could live comfortably on Xia. Unfortunately, his efforts were constantly either stolen or underappreciated, with the females of his species constantly seeing fit to tease and taunt him, forcing him to do their bidding. This continued till he at last had a chance, after sneaking a peak at some shipment orders for a trade negotiation, Tihun took the initiative and proceeded to conduct the trade deal with none other than the Barraki, who were constantly demanding more weapons to fuel their war on the Matoran. Reaching where the Barraki were currently gathered at Metru-Nui, he was caught in the crossfire as the world around him began to collapse, him miraculously surviving the Crash. Stripped of his former station and honors, he now works to build himself up to the top once more.

Powers - 
Tihun, like most of his species, has an extensive and intensive understanding of technology and machinery in nearly all of its forms, him able to easily work with base materials to build objects to satisfy his own needs or modify pre-existing devices to do the same.

Equipment -
Kanohi Ruru, Mask of Night Vision: 
Tihun wears a great version of the Ruru. Wearing the mask, it allows Tihun to see in the dark as well as grants him a minor level of X-ray vision. In addition, the mask has been modified to grant telescopic vision, allowing him to extend his vision as well as a welder's visor.

Environmental Suit: Tihun constantly wears a large and bulky environmental suit, the entire thing being completely air and water-tight, pressurized, and self-sustaining with in-built filters that can easily be replaced if needs be. The suit's outter and inner layers are made of a tough leather-like material made of a cross weave of high tension fibers and protodermic filaments, making the suits resistant to most minor cuts and scrapes, though a strong thrust could easily pierce the suit. The suits main view port is a metal-reinforced glass sphere that grants Tihun a 90* angle line of sight ahead of him, though he is forced to turn his body to look to side-to-side.

The suit also minorly enhances his strength, reducing the strain on his own body while lifting or carrying, with the largest portions of it also being lightly plated. But, due to the design of the suit, it is relatively cumbersome, making movements semi-sluggish and limiting his overall speed.

Technician's Toolkit: Tihun always carries within himself a set of tools perfectly fit for minor repairs or overt modifications, the only real limit being the materials and resources he has on hand. He always carries these items on his person within one of the numerous sealed pockets of his suit.

Flaws -
Frail Little Thing: 
Tihun was born both sickly and weak, him lacking in both physical strength and constitution. This has forced him to keep himself separated from the rest of the world through a sealed environmental suit, which both mildly enhances his strength and protects his body from disease. But, without the suit, he could be easily overpowered, with even a Po- or Onu-Matoran being able to overpower him, as well as him being prone to falling severely ill.

Dirty Work is not for Leaders to Do!: Tihun is adverse to both filth and menial labor, with him easily being disgusted and deterred by excessive waste. He is also reluctant to doing any form of menial work himself, with him being more than insistent that others should do it instead of himself.

 - Vehicle Profile - 

ACR’s Name: The Hydruka
ACR’s Faction: League of Six One Kingdom
Pilot of ACR: Tihun

Physical Description: The Hydruka is a submersible two-being vehicle capable of underwater exploration. Originally intended for the use of Matoran sea-explorer's, Tihun has since repaired and claimed the vessel as his own, regardless of the fact that he can only just manage to squeeze into with his suit and all. The vehicle has a very bulbous shape made from two spheroids, with it looking like it has a head where the cockpit is located. The vehicle propels itself through self-cycling protodermis thrusters with two large cylinders alongside its main body where fluid is taken in.

Onboard Weapon Systems -
Air Burst Launcher: The Hydruka is built with a singular Air Burst Launcher, the under-mounted weapon capable of firing condensed sphere's of air that burst in a concussive wave upon making contact with a surface. With fired at an aquatic creature, the bubble burst can momentarily disorient the creature by depriving it of water briefly and knocking it away, though the weapon is incapable of doing series harm. In addition, the weapon only has a limited number of charges, requiring it to surface or finding a source of air to refuel itself.

Emergency Flares: Less of a weapon and more of a tool, the Hydruka is capable of releasing blinding flares through emergency ejection ports as well as ordinary flares. The flares are able to easily lighting up an entire cavernous space, and with the blinding flares, can distract and blind attacking predators. The only limitation is the flares need to be manually loaded each time they are used and the blinding flares are indiscriminate in who they effect.

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Name: Patiwairutiki

ACR Faction/Homebase: Builders/Kini-Nui

Primary Pilot: Kilo-M9 NUVA

Great Disk: Reconstitute at Random

Physical Description: Patiwairutiki stands 100ft tall and is primarily black from head to foot. Its limbs are powerful in appearance, though somewhat lithe. The head is similar to that of a maskless toa or matoran in structure, though the presence of six eyes sets it apart. There is a compartment on its back that holds the cockpit of the ACR. Though much of it is mechanical, one can also sense that the ACR is alive in some way. The main pilot seat has adjusted to the needs of its primary pilot, becoming a chair suited for a kralhi’s physiology.

Breed Quirks: Piloting is thought based through paranormal means. Due to this pilots can’t use any abilities, breed quirks, or other powers to affect anything outside the walls of the cockpit. Kaita ACRs are super strong and ignore damage from creatures less powerful than kaita. Patiwairutiki’s arm can convert into a gun that shoots beams of reconstitute at random (probably a war crime).

Abilities: The kaita ACR can use up to three abilities or breed quirks excluding equipment powers at a time from all onboard pilots (max 3). The powers are increased to the levels of a kaita. The abilities can be swapped out in a post and resets when all pilots fall unconscious, die, or leave the ACR. The cockpit must be fully sealed to work and you can’t use powers from people that are unconscious.

Patiwairutiki can pull up to two one-handed or one two-handed weapon from the Suva Kaita as long as it is within two hexes (not counting the one it’s in).


Imma just head out now: If not restrained Patiwairutiki may wander away trying to find Rite-born to kill.

Oi, where you at: The primary pilot is required to be onboard for Patiwairutiki to start.

Keep your hands and feet inside the ride: Pilots can’t use powers to affect anything outside the cockpit.

Heated Gamer Moment: If the primary pilot falls unconscious or dies the kaita spirit inhabiting Patiwairutiki goes berserk until it’s destroyed or the primary pilot is removed.

I’m tired of these monster-sized kaiju on the metru-nui shaped island: Patiwairutiki wants to kill kaiju super dead. Nothing else matters.

Don’t step on the Lego bricks: Patiwairutiki cannot condone the destruction of Builder civilization.

Mild Kaiju racism: Patiwairutiki won’t ally with riteborn monsters ever.

I don’t really see color: When berserk, Patiwairutiki sees other Kaita ACRs as riteborn monsters.

Edited by pokemonlover360
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I am pokemonlover360, master of hardly ever posting. You might know me from the many posts that I haven't made.
I'm around. If you really need me and I haven't responded quickly, send me a pm.

BZPRPG 2021 Profiles Six Kingdoms Profiles: Kilo-M9 NUVA, Ysocla Naenoic

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Spiriah, Aspect of Faith

Breed: Aspect of Makuta (6th milestone completed)

Faction: Aspects of Makuta

Description: In the thousands of years since the departure of the ark, Spiriah has ascended beyond the need for a physical form and now exists as a deity for the mesi peoples in the darkness of the underground. He is the shadows beneath the earth. In order to interact with the world, he usually possesses one of his many desecrated mesi.

Background/Occupation: An elder aspect near the completion of their Grand Wish. Spiriah leads the mesi as their god, gaining their full support and religious zeal. They worship him by creating large pits where shadow lingers, and they provide offerings to these pits in the hopes of hearing Spiriah’s commandments. As such, Spiriah can freely call upon the NPC horde that serves him.  


  • Spiriah is conflict seeking, and enjoys toying with his victims. He is stubborn and selfish. He loves a good "villain speech" and revels in the suffering of those who cross him. 
  • Spiriah is terrified of losing his power. He believes the weak exist to be dominated.
  • Spiriah no longer has his own physical armor, as it walked off one day and never returned. He now must exclusively possess his followers. 


  • Primary: Elemental control of shadow
  • Secondary: 6th level kraata power of confusion
  • ??? [interact to reveal more!]

Breed quirk(s):

Spiriah has successfully completed six of his milestones. He now seeks to accomplish his final milestone and achieve his Grand Wish.

Grand Wish: ??? [interact to reveal more!]

  • 1st Milestone Completed: Telepathic audio communication with an individual desecrated follower currently on the same plane of existence. 
  • 2nd Milestone Completed: Kraata power stage 3, see through the eyes of their desecrated on the same plane
  • 3rd Milestone Completed: Kraata power stage 4, remotely possess their desecrated through shadow puppetry
  • 4th Milestone Completed: Kraata power stage 5, teleport to one of their desecrated’s shadows.
  • 5th Milestone Completed: Kraata power stage 6, teleport their desecrated to their shadow.
  • 6th Milestone Completed: Kraata power stage 7, all previous ascension perks now work between planes

Known Taboos:

  • Rites of Desecration
  • Rites of Infectious Kraata
  • Rites of Kraata Sense
  • Rites of Repose


  • Great Disks (rendered from Arkius Nuva Proxima)
  • The backing of his Mesi servants
Edited by Eyru
added the existence of mysteries yet unlearned
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Name: Whakamahu, Toa Kaita of Remedy

Breed: Toa Kaita

Faction: Refugees

Brief Description: Standing three times as tall as a regular Toa, Whakamahu possesses a sleek yet athletic figure. Their armour, an iridescent blend of gold and bronze complemented by a similarly iridescent mixture of white, teal, and blue, is ornate though not ostentatious, finely crafted and of sturdy make. Crimson sigils of ancient medical traditions adorn their armour in key visible places, in addition to adorning a white cloth tabard hanging from their waist and a white half cloak that covers their right shoulder and their back. From behind a bronze and gold mask in the shape of an ancient Mahiki gaze pale golden eyes.

Background/Occupation: Formed from the fusion of Iradra, Triage, and Vashni, Whakamahu’s purpose is to try and reverse the mutations the afflicted matoran at Ko-Pou have suffered in Metru-Koro. To that end, they will rely upon the combination of their masks and elements.


Weak arm: The shoulder of one arm is weak, and the hand of that arm is shaky.

Power Migraine: If Whakamahu overuses their elemental powers, they get a strong headache that lingers and amplifies depending on the severity of the overuse.

Shalt Not Kill: Whakamahu is psychologically incapable of killing another living being, or deliberately taking action that will knowingly lead to another's death. They are also unable to stand by and let someone die if they know they can save them.

Memory Leakage: Each Toa making up the fusion leaves it with fragments of memories from the others they fused with.

Empathic Link: For a short period of time, the Toa making up the fusion can feel hints of what the others they fused with can feel, with pain as an example. This effect gradually fades over the course of a day or two.

Powers: As a Toa Kaita, Whakamahu possesses greater elemental power than their three component Toa, and can wield them in combination. These elements are Plantlife (Triage), Light (Iradra), and Psionics (Vashni). The Kanohi the three Toa wear have also merged into a new mask that contains the powers of Healing, Illusion, and Mutation.

With the healing powers of Iradra incorporated into the Kaita, Whakamahu can at will imbue any of their elements with healing properties, allowing them for example to heal wounds, restore missing body parts, and cure the effects of toxic substances, mutagens, and diseases.

Equipment: Whakamahu wears the Mask of Remedy, which has the powers of Illusion, Mutation, and Healing. Additionally, the weapons Iradra possessed, a couple of curved blades and her staff, have combined to form a large double ended glaive.

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Name: RipperDoc Dagrut

Breed: Ko-Skakdi (Irnakk's Prized)

Faction: Riggers

Role: Fighter (Crucia)

Brief Description: A once-renowned doctor upon the Rig, Dagrut had to go into hiding after a surgery upon a particularly noteworthy Skakdi captain ended in a disastrous failure (that and his underground business of sneakily taking parts from his patients while they were under, but that was for scientific betterment). 

Dagrut, at his full height, his menacingly tall by Skakdi standards, if a bit lopsided. This height is usually hidden by his hunched posture. Awkwardly-proportioned, he has a stout posture with mix-matched gangly limbs, literally so. Replacing his left hand from the elbow down is the hand of a Ta-Skakdi, while his left leg is that of a Po-Skak, making his body posture skewed toward his left. Dagrut most of the time wears a large tattered doctor coat that hides most of the self-inflicted scars from his surgeries and his true staggering height. He also keeps with him a stethoscope and surgical glasses for when detail matters.

Powers - 
Elemental Power of Ice: Dagrut, like all Skakdi, has a latent elemental power, his being the elemental power of ice. Dragut is only able to access his elemental power when in physical content with another Skakdi. Dagrut’s association with ice gives him a resistance to the cold but he is vulnerable to extreme heat.

Vision Power of Severing/Binding: Dagrut has the vision power of severing/binding. This allows him to sever anything upon a molecule level, leaving a clean and sealed wound in its place. In addition, he can also use his vision to fuse any two things together, create a perfect seal and even allow control of the attached object.

Noted though, that anything attached with this vision power can only be used if it is replacing something else and that it'll only function as the replaced thing. So, to replace an arm with another arm, it'll work like a normal arm, but, to replace a leg with an arm, it'll only function as a leg. Though with practice and care, you could learn how to access additional functions or use the replacement for what it originally was meant to do.

In addition, the power can only effectively work if both Dagrut and the subject is remaining relatively still. So, if he was to fire the beams at the feet of a running target, it would only really tickle at their heels while with a standing target he could bind their feet to the floor.

Equipment - 
Surgical Tools: Dagrut always carries with himself his personal doctor case, the satchel filled to the brim with medical tools both outdated and modern (though the term torturer’s tool would be more appropriate for some of them). His list of tools also includes various embalming equipment and a few choice pieces he had been carrying about since his lab got raided.

Hacksaw Blade: Dagrut’s favorite piece of surgical equipment is the large sword-like hacksaw that, although he would get far better cuts with his own vision power, prefers to use when he has the time to commit to proper surgery.

Flaw: Although Dagrut has Crucia to thank for harboring him aboard her boat, he isn’t quite loyal enough to her to fight and give his life for her. Though he will help her in a fight, he won’t put himself in overt danger to do so, much more preferring waiting for the scrap to end so that he can collect whatever choice parts he can find and fixing up Crucia’s wounds.

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Name: Vex

Breed: Onu-Skakdi (Irnakk's Prized)

Faction: Riggers

Role: Fighter (Crucia)

Brief Description: A large, bulky black and brown Skakdi, heavily muscled and constantly scowling. Quite loyal to Crucia, would give his life for her, even.

Elemental Power of Earth: can only be used in conjunction with another Skakdi

Vision Power of Spellbinding: vision power that Thok had in canon; disorients the target but only as long as Vex stares at them and concentrates

Equipment: Vex has two spiked gauntlets, one for each hand, as he prefers to get up close and personal with opponents.

Flaw: While Vex has good reflexes, his size and bulk make it hard for him to run long distances or for extended periods of time.

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On 3/20/2021 at 4:42 PM, Sparticus147 said:

Vision Power of Severing/Binding: Dagrut has the vision power of severing/binding. This allows him to sever anything upon a molecule level, leaving a clean and sealed wound in its place. In addition, he can also use his vision to fuse any two things together, create a perfect seal and even allow control of the attached object. 

@Sparticus147: this particular vision power looks very easily abused. Please provide a limitation to the current power prior to approval. :) 

@~Xemnas~: Vex approved. As a note, maybe amp up his flaw so it might actually see use. :P 

Happy chat.


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@Sparticus147: I'm still concerned about the auto-hit potential of the vision power. Please establish a limit on the vision power's effectiveness, such as requiring concentration, a specific duration of time (at minimum) or some such. Otherwise the power basically could be seen as saying "I look at you and you turn into sushi." I currently would see approving it as a potential slippery slope towards further powers that basically read as an auto-hit waiting to happen. I am sure you don't intend to use it as such, but the past (SKE) is a clear indicator that auto-hits can and do occasionally occur. 

Happy chat.


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