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The Many Derps Of Toa Tahu.

Takaru 1111

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Ok, I got kinda bored, and decided to make a chose your own adventure comic.Rules:

  • [*]All BZP rules apply[*]Commands shoud: first have the charactor your command is for's name, second have the actual command(IE <charactors name="">, <command></command>.)[*]All commands must be PMed, not posted in the topic.[*]( this one's important )All commands must be silly! :D[*]( not really a rule, but it's still important )There is a slight plot to the comics

Archive#1#2#3#4CurrentYou begin searching for TOA GALI.5.pngYou soon find TOA GALI.6.pngShe does not seem pleased.7.png

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Hm.Why do i get the sense that this is partially, at least in some remote way, due to my CYOA?Oh well.I wish you luck on this!

A little, yes.And thanks.AlsoYou get an urge to use your FIRESWORD to cut branches.Either seeing no branches or not knowing what branches are, you cut down two trees instead.FIRESWORD is added to INVENTORY.2.pngFIRESWORD deals 20 damage to both trees.Trees have been defeated for 0 experience points.3.pngHowever, FIRESWORD also does 50 fire damage.The jungle is now a RAGING INFURNO.4.pngOops.
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Lol, thats life Tahu XP

Limbo is switching servers! Please calm you Lava producing farms... Christ.


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