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G2 is a simulation ...


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Let me explain ...

So there are obviously ridiculous amounts of parallels between G1 and G2, or not so much parallels as rehashes. But what if this wasn't just a marketing ploy, what if these connections actually hinted at something bigger? (Okay, they obviously don't, but it's pure headcannon from here on so sue me.)

The way I see it, the whole of Gen-2 is actually a prequel to the original series. Ekimu is Artakha in disguise (this is far from big stretch, they both have the same mask and fulfil similar functions), and he created the whole of Okoto to test out the Toa Okoto (later to be Toa Mata) before deployment. The whole thing is one giant crash test. He knew they'd be up against Makuta, so he created a fake to serve as an enemy (along with fake matoran, fake adversaries, he's basically testing his creations). Nothing more to it really but it makes things very nice and neat in my head.

Anyhooooo ...

Matoro is dead. (Lol)

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Personally I don't think a simulation was ever the intent of the G2 story team, but instead they were very heavily suggesting something happened with the Mask of Time itself. This is their words in the 2015 story bible. Take the translation a bit loosely since it was likely written in English, translated to Russian which is the language fans got a copy of it in, then translated back into English; but the original intent of the story bible is very much intact:

"We want to draw from the original [initial] plot of BIONICLE®, but not to be limited by it. We’re going to achieve this with the following trick. The original story involved the Mask of Time, which granted its owner the ability to alter the flow of time. But the Mask of Time was a half-mask. Here is our trick: the second half of the Mask of Time is located on the island of Okoto. The six Protectors use it to summon the Toa."

"We believe it will be enough to link the two plotlines and awaken the imagination of the longtime fans. With this, we encourage them to come up with their own explanation. What exactly “happened” is not important to us, but we need this trick, because it allows us to tell the story of BIONICLE® anew."

"Thus we’ve come to “the beginning”, but the circumstances have changed. The characters are the same, but the island and the plot have changed." 

"This allows us to achieve three goals:" 

"1: We’ve come up with a new beginning, “not burdened” by what happened in the past." 

"2: Using the mask known to longtime fans, we support [maintain, encourage] their interest – encouraging them to fill in the blanks and come up with the story that links the two worlds of BIONICLE®." 

"3: We can use the treasure trove of previously created content, but do it dynamically. We can use it as a source of inspiration without getting bogged down in the details."

On the next page, there is a rough timeline of the G2 world history showing (although not detailed) that G2 was created by the Great Beings followed by an ancient "pre-historic" era before the arrival of the Mask Makers Ekimu and Makuta leading into the G2 story bits we are familiar with. 

Now how the Mask of Time played a role in creating G2 is left open ended, but it really does seem to support that G2 is a very real and very existent world in the "Bionicle Multiverse" and that the Great Beings we are familiar with from G1 had a strong hand in creating it (sort of meta commentary there since I always felt the Great Beings were almost author inserts for the teams at Lego and Advanced in both generations of the franchise... but oh well :P). So I feel pretty confident in saying that it being simulated can be ruled out quite easily (the G1 Mask of Time of course being created after the creation of the Toa Mata and them being placed in stasis), but how G2 was created is still unanswered and left to the imagination of fans. I bet an Olmak user in G1 could easily hop to G2 though if they wanted though if G2 is indeed a parallel universe of sorts. 


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Wow, I never realised so much had been written in an attempt to tie things into G1. The mask of time being involved truly would make things interesting. I'm not sure why I posted this thread so randomly off the top of my head but at least I learnt something new!

Matoro is dead. (Lol)

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