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Let's talk about Toa builds


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I'm curious what the general consensus is about opinions surrounding the various Toa builds. I've heard complaints that the Inika build is overused in the later G1 years but I find that to be preferable imo. I always spent more time building my own characters, so I like that it serves as a consistent template that makes swapping parts with later years straightforward yet offering a lot of room for creativity. I think one downside is there's no official technic gear functionality like the first few years had, but maybe that doesn't matter to everyone.

I don't have any sets from '04 or '05 so I don't have hands-on experience with those, what are people's opinion on them? I actually like the hordika, at least visually, but I don't think I'm a huge fan of the spinners.

How about G2, what are people's experiences with their build? How easy/difficult is it to customize them? I have an interest in the sets with purple pieces and I'm wondering how well they mesh with the G1 system. I'm not super familiar with the ccbs skeletal framework so I'm curious if there's any limitations I should know about.


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I like the customization from the Inika build but the shoulders on the Inika torso (not on the piraka) do often seem seem ridiculously wide. The Piraka torso not many options for putting armor on the chest/back for basic builds. The 5 axle width on the Hordika torso did seem great except the odd gaps and head placement.

G2 Does have a its own weakness. the new rubber parts are extremely tight and they broke a white hero factory foot on 2015. It happens if the sets are stiff and mostly posed and left on shelf. Also lack of printed or engraved details on limb shell pieces means they can all look smooth and bland.

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I can see what you mean about the Inika shoulder width. Seems at least some shoulder armor is required to balance out the proportions.

Yeah I'm not sure how I feel about the G2 armor, the smooth shell armor doesn't have quite the same biomechanical feel of the old sets.


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Sometimes I am an odd one out, but I absolutely adore the CCBS system. I popped off "the hood" of a few of the official G2 sets to show what I mean, with Skull Basher, Onua (2015) and Lewa (2016). I removed their chest armor and right arm and leg armor but left on their left limb armor to show the contrast of how the pieces fit over the skeleton. 


Three sets, each one with a distinct differences in body build and function all achieved by the skeleton variations. Onua has a gear function akin to 2001 sets, Skull Basher has a relatively unique boxing function that allows its arms to swing to cut with its axes. Lewa has a waist swivel function with custom upper arms and lower legs that are build using the old 2009 shell piece as a base piece and with other Technic and CCBS parts to lock it together. Lewa's old Bionicle heritage is not just visible in the 2009 shells, the classic 2002 Bohrok eyes are there along with the 2009 Glatorian necks (also used on Skull Basher) are both used too, of course not counting the Technic pins and axles that have been around forever now. Yes the armor shell textures are not as detailed as the original single mold parts were, but what they lack in detail they make up in versatility. Three sets, three unique functions all released within a year apart. 

CCBS is just a robust and very flexible system, but its important to remember its 100% backwards compatible with original Bionicle parts too. I have a few MOCS that try and blend both systems because honestly they all share the same ball joints and the same Technic pieces, so don't limit yourself to just one or the other. CCBS gains in robustness and versatility what the Inika build (2008 and 2009 in particular with their cursed sockets) lacked.  

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