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Bionicle Wins First Round of Ideas Fan-Vote - Final Round Open!

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Jacob from the LEGO Ideas team has posted the results from the first round of the 90th Anniversary Fan Vote and it looks like Bionicle came out on top! It's not over yet though, as the theme is joining Classic Space, Pirates, and Castle in the final round, and only one will be chosen as the theme to represent LEGO in next year's 90th anniversary set. Head over to LEGO Ideas between now and February 10th at 11AM CEST to vote! While LEGO will be keeping the results a surprise until the final set is announced, everyone should cast their vote and tell their friends!

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1 hour ago, Bambi said:

Awesome! However...

A little disappointed in the competition.

Yes, space gets representation all the time, castle literally just had a release in the blacksmith shop, pirates has the new creator ship and barracuda bay. 

What other chance will Bionicle get?




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As others stated, Pirates and Castle just got large sets through LEGO Ideas. And we also recently had tributes to Classic Space in the LEGO movie sets. Though given that BIONICLE just ended its second life in 2016, that's also pretty recent.

I'll vote BIONICLE, but I won't begrudge a Classic Space victory. Mostly disappointed Adventures didn't make the cut.

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I voted for Bionicle! Anyway, here’s what I said in the website: 

“Awesome that Bionicle has made it to the top three (or top four in this case)! Keep up the good work, Bionicle fans! For Unity, Duty, Destiny! Good thing that I voted! 
To those who are saying against Bionicle, keep your negative opinions to yourselves because we’re here to vote, not criticize. Let’s play fair.” 
“I dearly hope that if Bionicle wins and if a project is done well, hopefully, I could get these wishes to become true: 
1. Re-continue and end Bionicle G1’s story finally. 
2. Re-continue and end Hero Factory’s story, and say that both Bionicle G1 and HF share the same universe because of the similarities. 
3. Maybe a decent reboot for Bio and HF with the same feel as Bio G1 would be nice. 
So, there. I know that they are high expectations, but Bionicle is awesome, even on its time (same with HF since HF is like a son of Bionicle), and I have a feeling that it has great potential for so many things. I even heard in The Hollywood Reporter in May 2012 that Universal is planning to get the rights for a live-action HF movie (I would love to have a live-action Bionicle and HF cinematic universe with the present day Earth and humans). Bionicle (and HF) deserve a lot of recognition. 5 to 11 years without the themes is too long.” 
So, there. Go vote for Bionicle, y’all! Remember what this guy said: 
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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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Just submitted my vote for Bionicle, and in the accompanying description box for my submission, I said something along the lines of:

"I've collected Bionicle sets since the very beginning, and it would be nice to see a new one, if only to prove this theme deserves more respect. Since the building system for Bionicle isn't exactly available these days, perhaps a series of small playsets depicting each year of the original storyline might work."

Now it's just a matter of waiting to see what the final result will be...

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These days, I am perhaps best known for my obsession with all Lego video games.

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