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Instructed Building VS MOCing- Which Brings You More Joy?

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Do you find greater fulfillment from instructed set building, or MOCing? 
(I personally enjoy MOCing more. I have a terrible habit of losing interest in instructed builds halfway through.)




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They both have their ups and downs. MOCing makes you think creatively, official building makes you think spatially and objectively.

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For myself, I'm terrible at MoCing! I've not really tried it seriously since I was a kid, granted, but I just find that, even when I have something in mind that I want to build, I have trouble translating the idea in my head into something that actually can work... even though my mind works visually, I don't really think in Lego Bricks xD I guess I just find it hard to get started in general, when I don't have instructions to follow, since I'm not really familiar with all the useful parts or how to use them to best effect, so my efforts tend to end in frustration very quickly!

I'd say I find building from instructions more enjoyable, since that way I'm learning new pieces and new techniques that are already proven, which I find far more interesting than trying to come up with them on my own. Plus, I like knowing how a model is going to look from the outside, and then watching it slowly come together and discovering how it was achieved; I find that immensely satisfying ^^

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MOCing for sure. I think it's partly because it feels more fulfilling to create something on my own than to follow instructions. Of course, getting new sets is exciting, but I find that most of the excitement is the anticipation of the new set, seeing the finished product, and knowing that when I'm ready to take it apart I'll have all those new pieces for MOCing, rather than from the building process itself.

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It all depends on size, repetitivity, and part selection for me. I just love it when a build looks great, is fun to play with and Isn't repetitive to the point of being boring. Unfortunately for my collection, it just seems that I usually like to follow instructions more, but I have a goal of eventually getting to a point where I make MOCs. Over the next few months I'll be on and off building a shadowbox with a cover to house my krana collection. (Why have a cover? to protect from UV radiation and keep the krana as fresh as possible for as many years as possible, since rubber breaks down over time.) Most of the MOCing I'll be doing before my collection is expanded and sorted enough will be building displays and making my collection beautiful and orderly.

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Bazinga! I've been a Bionicle Fan since early 2015 and have been aware of it since 2008. Was a bit late to the party due to my age, but that doesn't matter now. Looking for krana and sealed G1 sets at below market value if possible, (otherwise it'll be a few years before I care to collect sets I don't care as much about) Bohrok Kal and Krana Kal Mask Pack sets are ones I am particularly looking for atm.

I go by Nektann or Marcato usually online.

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On 3/19/2021 at 4:11 PM, Mushy the Mushroom said:

greater fulfillment from instructed set building, or MOCing? 

That is an interesting question, depends on my mood and headspace. I collect vintage sets and those can be very therapeutic to build, simple techniques (and sometimes ahead of their time builds too), along with unforgiving instructions that force you to focus, but I love it, many good memories of building a set on a "hiking" trip or a rainy day at home. Also getting sets I "missed out on" in the 2000s is nice, for example 'Sonic Boom' a Creator Jet, it even has functions and the process leading up to those has so many "aha" moments.

But on the flip side, I have fond memories of times where all my old sets were pulled apart, and I built a town with the shops and houses I wanted. Over high school and tertiary it's been hard maintaining my "creative" identity and I've doubted if I still have "got it." So, sitting down and building has been one way to stretch creative muscles. I couldn't build what I do if I hadn't learnt techniques from building sets. So, I think I enjoy a mixture and I hope to continue doing more Mocs as many of my sets don't get enough attention to warrant staying built up.

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