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The Unofficial HF Continuation Thread

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Alright, everyone. I thought it was time to make a thread to consolidate everything about a Hero Factory continuation, be it theories, wants, stuff, etc. There are already quite a few threads with smaller parts, but basically just throw all your ideas here. So far, just explore pages 1 and 2 of this forum and there's quite a lot of stuff.

Anyway, my big thing would be a TT game, as I have FREQUENTLY stated in my previous posts. I already made a thread with some of my ideas, so you can check it out (but I'm not forcing you). For those of you who don't know (but I'm pretty sure you do know), TT, a.k.a. Traveller's Tales, have made almost all of the mainstream LEGO games since LEGO Star Wars (I think). You've got licensed serieseseses like Marvel, Batman, Star Wars and Harry Potter, and original LEGO works like Ninjago, Chima and City. The TT games are always great (almost finished Batman 1, and it's a blast) and I'm pretty sure there's at least one other person here who would like to have a TT Hero Factory game (even though, not be pessimistic or anything, it probably won't happen).

Maybe you would want a double, triple or quadruple TV special, like Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Or another Secret Mission book? Or maybe a Hero Factory FM episode? Or an Amuzo mobile game (hey, I'm just throwing everything at this topic)? Really, there's so many options. Feel free to discuss them. I'd love to hear!

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Well, I got these ideas: 



And of course, your thing (four on my comment over there, specifically): 


Well, I can also tell you this: If Bionicle were to come back in 2021 and 2022, depending on Lego Ideas’s Lego 90th anniversary project and Sokoda’s Bionicle Lego Ideas project on Brick Link, and if they go well if they become real sets, we could get Hero Factory, re-continue and end the HF story at last, have it and Bionicle 2001-2010 share the same universe (according to my topics and comments, and they’re very similar). I believe that could be possible if HF is a very good and honorable theme that kept Lego’s action figure category alive when Bionicle was gone in 2010-2014. Let’s hope for all of them.

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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I was just putting together some rough ideas for what a TT HF game would have and here are some new ideas I came up with that weren't on my other thread:

  • Have an optional multiplayer feature where you can play missions with your mates online
  • Possibly have a bit of squad-based stuff where you can maybe team up with other Heroes
    • A bit like in some of the other TT games where there are other characters that you can get later in the level and change to
  • LEGO SW III: TCW has an Indiana Jones mini-game in one of the Bounty Hunter missions, so...
    • Maybe you could unlock Creep Crushers, Jungle Crushers, and new mini-games like Villain Crushers, Brain Crushers, etc.
  • This idea I've been developing for quite a while. It's basically the ending to the game (yep, ending before the beginning) and what happens before is there's the final battle against Dark Maker, with him teleporting villains to the unknown final battle's location using his own Black Hole Orb Staff; you defeat him, he gets away, and this happens. Still in rough .txt form:

in final battle (possibly at power plant or some previously established location from books, amuzo games, etc.) stormer uses hero recon team's last teleport beacon to teleport to dark maker's location

dark maker attempts to use his black hole orb staff to teleport brains from an alternate reality to destroy the world, but stormer overloads the staff and both disappear in an electrical shock into the staff

furno and other heroes break into the room after finding its location and see that only the staff remains

cut to stormer's "funeral", attended by all the heroes, zib, quaddal, fortis, mr makuro and we see furno saying stuff about stormer and how he was a great hero, leader and stuff

while furno is talking, cut to some workers (like the ones at the beginning of ordeal) putting staff in something like a safe, camera moves forward towards staff and lets off shock as if pulling player into it

zoom into staff and we see many MANY planets (probably ones from other episodes, books and games), until we reach a planet with a storm above it

zoom into planet quickly and see a colliseum-like building, cut to a grandmaster-like figure announcing the night's match

cheering from crouds and from below we see stormer come out of one gate and looks damaged, now known as the "storm king", with ice sword, shield and battle armour, arena master announces reigning champion, heavy cheering going on, and the other gates are smashed open by -




core hunter has extreme battle armour and is VERY tall, approaches stormer and we see side view showing drastic difference in height between stormer and core hunter

core hunter starts spinning his modified core remover thingy and furno (voice over) finishes his speech by saying something about how he knows that stormer is still somewhere out there...


cut to black. roll credits. cue hero factory intro tune.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

I really just had to include this classic villain, even if in a small part. 


It would also sort of tie-up the sub-plot with Core Hunter and the Doom Box and maybe the Doom Box actually has the same sort of power as the Black Hole Orb Staff and yeah. And I know this really seems Thor: Ragnarok/Planet Hulk-esque, but I just need this to happen. Core Hunter must return...

Hope you like the ideas. Oh, and more insight into the original Alpha Team would really be great, Umarak. I would love to know more about the OG's, especially Thresher. He really should have been in more stuff. Definitely would love him as a playable character in a TT HF game.

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