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Was Rocka favoured too much by Lego?

Was Rocka favoured too much by Lego?  

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3 hours ago, Umarakthefan said:

He has 2 xxl sets, member of the elite team and got to fight the main baddie 3 times, despite being a fresh rookie.

This was kind of unfair to Evo and Nex. These 2 had a more fun and interesting personality than Rocka (who was the same as furno but more humble)

First Furno got an extra set with Wave 1, and Rocka is the new Furno, so yeah.

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Actually they have 7 sets both, not counting their Invasion from Below minifigures where they both appear in...then they both have 7 sets. Rocka could have beaten Furno if he had a set based on when he was in the ship and before his https://brickset.com/sets/2143-1/Rocka-3-0 lion 3.0 form.
One thing of note is that Rocka's Savage Moon XL figure is a LOT bigger than Furno XL from Brain Attack
But yeah he is gold so he seems to be a bit of a designers pet like Lloyd Garmadon (Who has the all powerful power of creation)

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