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Masks & Sets for Sale/Trade G1 & 3D prints

Max Nui

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Hello! I have a number of extra masks and two sets that I would like to sell or trade:


The two sets are a Kikanalo and Maxilos.

Message me if you're interested in anything here, or even if you're looking for a part I don't have listed. I might not have included it!

If you would like to trade with me, here are a list of masks I am currently looking for:

  • :huna: Noble Huna: Light Gray, Light Tan, Lime
  • :rau: Noble Rau: Orange, Light Gray
  • :matatu: Noble Matatu: Orange, Light Blue, Tan, Lime
  • :komau: Noble Komau: Light Blue, Lime, Copper
  • :mahiki: Noble Mahiki: Light Blue, Tan, Dark Gray
  • :haunu: Hau Nuva: Silver, Black, Green, Brown
  • :pakarinu: Pakari Nuva: Silver, White
  • :kaukaunu: Kaukau Nuva: Black, White
  • :mirunu: Miru Nuva: Red, Blue, White
  • :kakamanu: Kakama Nuva: White
  • :akakunu: Akaku Nuva: Black, Blue
  • :kaukau: Great Kaukau: Light Translucent Blue
  • And ofc any misprints/prototypes, but at this point that kinda goes without saying. :smilewinkgrin:

Thank you!

Edited by Max Nui
Forgot Copper Komau

:m: :a: :x:    :n: :u: :i:

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