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What Takanuva in The LEGO Movie 2 Could Have Been Like

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You might remember from back in 2019 when concept art from The LEGO Movie 2 featuring Takanuva was discovered. Since then storyboards of a scene featuring a very different Takanuva have surfaced, which you can check out at the BioMedia Project. Additionally, Tammy Calamity has done some rough animation and a voiceover of the boards, which you can watch on their YouTube channel: Takanuva's Cut Intro from The Lego Movie 2. It's an interesting, if brief, scene, and while it would have been cool to see Bionicle get a role in the film, I don't think it would have had a huge impact and might have confused people by adding yet another character to the mix. I'm still glad we got to see this though!

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I also bet that Takanuva was going to say that his planet was defeated by Makuta Teridax. Lol. 

Boy, it would have been nice if Bionicle had appeared in the film. It‘a disrespectful for how there’s that deleted scene being a deleted scene. Talk about a waste opportunity and potential. I wonder why Lego deleted this scene? :( Anyway, if there were a live-action Bionicle and Hero Factory Cinematic Universe (I seriously suggest Lego to do that for the themes), I would imagine the Toa being that tall compared to humans because they are 7 feet tall. :)


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To be fair, Rex having any kind of friend or crewmate apart from the raptors would alter his arc significantly since he’s obsessed with the idea that he doesn’t need friends.

The only way around that would be if he doesn’t actually consider Takanuva a friend or even really a person, just a big cool robot he found, and Taka eventually rebels from being treated that way.

But it is delightfully ironic that they were going to have Rex, this guy obsessed with his hardcore macho image, pick up a Toa for his crew, and who does he get?

The one with actual literal friendship powers.

Who sparkles when he uses them.

That alone could have been comedy gold.

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I think it would have been an amazing idea to include Takanuva mainly because Lego would have the opportunity to possibly release a better version of the 2010 Stars Takanuva. Also, it would be highly unlikely for a small cameo to spark G3, but it would at least contain a nice homage to a very important theme.

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