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The New Largest LEGO Set is a Giant World Map

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This morning The LEGO Group shared a press release announcing 31203 World Map as the newest addition to the LEGO Art collection. Weighing in at 11,695 elements, it takes the crown from the Colosseum as the largest LEGO set by piece count. The set releases on June 1st and will retail for $249.99, which is a steal for that many parts. It looks like there's some nice customization options, from what continents you center the map on, how you use colors on the oceans, and even 'push-pins' to show your favorite places to visit or your travel bucket list. I'm not sure that I'm a fan of the style with the white land masses and multicolored oceans - I think I would have preferred a more realistic representation - but that's just me. Let us know what you think of the set and if you plan to pick it up in the Talkback!

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I like maps. Once I get that Space Shuttle Discovery set, I'll see about possibly getting this one as well. I don't have much on the walls of my room, so at least I'll have a rather convenient place to put it.

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As someone who currently makes maps for a living ("living") I find this.... actually really boring. It's cool to see the bathymetry rendered in LEGO but I just don't really see the appeal. I think it would have been cooler if it zoomed in on continents instead of fitting the whole globe on the panel. That way you could show topographic detail and still show the bathymetry.

I reallllly like the mini build with the numbered tiles though. I'm currently building the John Lennon mosaic and that looks a lot more useful than sharpie-ing bags.

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