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BZPower Staff Information

Black Six

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BZPower Staff Information


Roles of Staff Members


BZPower Administrators: There are three Administrators/principal owners of this site. Kelly (Binkmeister), Jon (Dimensioneer), and Andrew (Black Six). All three are equal partners in this endeavor known as BZPower, and all have an equal voice in its direction. If a member of the Administration makes a decision, do not go running to another Administrator looking to have the decision reversed – it’s not going to happen. Once an Administrator issues a judgment, it is as good as written in stone unless they change their mind at a later date.


Forum Administrators: The role of the Forum Administrators is to run the forum and assist in the setting and enforcement of policy.


Global Moderators: Global Moderators have moderation powers across the site and assist the Administrators in enforcing the rules as well as running individual forums like the Forum Leaders (below).


Forum Leaders: Forum Leaders run the day-to-day operations of the forums. They are chiefly responsible for the enforcement of the BZPower Rules & Guidelines. When a Forum Leader issues a reprimand or a judgment, it is to be followed. A Forum Leader’s decision will hardly every be reversed by a member of the Administration. Forum Leader decisions are not permitted to be reversed by another Forum Leader. Should you have a problem with a decision a Forum Leader makes, discuss it with the Forum Leader or an Administrator.


Forum Assistants: The Forum Assistants exist to assist Forum Leaders in their role as policy enforcement officials.


Blog Leaders: The Blog Leader is like the Forum Leader for the blogs of BZPower. They are responsible for enforcing the rules and assisting in the setting of blog policy.


Blog Assistants: Blog Assistants help the Blog Leader in monitoring the blogs and enforcing the rules therein.


Reporters: Reporters are responsible for posting news on the front page of BZPower.




Which Admin does what?

This section is designed to help explain the work breakdown among the Administrators of BZPower.


BZPower Administrators


Binkmeister: Kelly serves as BZPower's Chief Programmer, so if you have a technical concern with the site, talk to him. He set up most of the functions of the forum, so if you have a problem with something technical regarding the forum such as registration issues or notice a bug in the forum software, he's the one to go to.


Dimensioneer: Jon is BZPower's domain owner & Chief Financial Officer. He is also the manager of Premier Memberships.


Black Six: Andrew is in charge of BZPower's forum policy. This includes, but is not limited to, setting the rules of behavior in the forum, staff appointments, and managing affairs between members. In addition, he serves as a the News Manager.


It should be noted that although each admin is given specific responsibilities, each one is equal in final authority. All pay the bill evenly, discuss most issues with each other, and are always looking out for what is in the best interest of BZPower.


Forum Administrators


Kaiapu: Michael assists Andrew in managing and setting forum policy.


Tufi Piyufi: Jennifer is responsible for the majority of day-to-day activities on BZPower and assists in staff selection.


If anyone has any questions, you can send a PM to Black Six or Tufi Piyufi. Again, please try to contact the right people when looking to ask an admin about a certain issue.

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How do you become Staff?

The Administration is approached regularly by members interested in becoming staff. Unfortunately we do not always have the time to reply in a prompt manner.


BZPower appoints members to the Staff as needed them, not as a reward or a favor. The Administration appreciates that there are many, many members interested and willing to give some of themselves to benefit the community being building here. Being a Staff Member tends to be a thankless job, and those who want to contribute their time & energy to the cause are greatly appreciated.


There is an expression about 'too many cooks in the kitchen' - if everyone who wanted to become a Staff Member was appointed, pretty much everyone would be on the Staff and it would be very difficult to organize or get anything done.


How Staff are chosen:


A Staff position becomes vacant when a current Staff Member leaves their post. They can either resign, be removed from their post, or may just lose interest and float away from BZP. Either way, when there is a need for a new staff member the search will begin.


Three people make up the BZP 'hiring team': Black Six, Tufi Piyufi, and Kaiapu.


Blog and Forum Assistants are chosen by taking note of how helpful a member is. One item looked for is people reporting posts. This is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Also, posting in the Q&A forum, properly answering questions can also get you noticed.


Forum and Blog Leaders can be chosen from current Assistants or the membership body as a whole. When a Leader position becomes available, the 'hiring team' will look for people who will best be able to fill the hole left by the departing Leader. This qualification may be different each and every time a new Leader is chosen, so its hard to say what is being looked for.


Reporters are chosen from members who have shown their ability to write and express themselves well in addition to being active and respected members of the BZPower community. They are the frontmost-facing Staff Members, with their work appearing on the front page, so care is taken to select individuals who are trustworthy and responsible.


Tufi Piyufi has just as much input into Staff selection as Black Six. Therefore, you should try to display your best to the Forum Administrators when desiring a staff position on BZPower.


It is understood that a Staff position on BZPower is a very desirable position, and subsequently the competition is very high. The best advice is to keep doing what you do in terms of being a good member, and you never know if one day you might be contacted by an Administrator.

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