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Lego themes that you would want in a Super Smash Bros game?


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Hi, guys. I’ve seen people making memes about Bionicle being in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. So, what themes would you like to be included in the game (or a sequel)? For me, well, I wish Lego would allow its themes, Bionicle (most likely), Hero Factory (mostly likely because it is looked at as a part of Bionicle’s 2001-2010 version), Ninjago (most likely) Legends of Chima (most likely because it is a part of Ninjago), Nexo Knights (most likely because it is looked at as a part of Ninjago), Mixels, Monkie Kid, and The Lego Movie (most likely). It would be perfect for Bionicle’s 20th anniversary and Ninjago’s 10th anniversary.

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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A smash-style game with characters from Bionicle, Hero Factory, Ninjago, Monkie Kid, Power Miners, Mars Mission, Nexo Knights, Alpha Team / Agents, Knights Kingdom, Exo-Force, Adventurers, Hidden Side, and other Lego IP's would be such a dream to play, I personally would probably main Hikaru's stealth hunter from Exo-Force!

Some characters from across the themes I think would make great playable characters in a game like this:

Bionicle: 6 Toa Nuva, Tahnok, Teridax, Lerahk, Takanuva, 6 Toa Metru, Brutaka, Axonn, 6 Toa Inika, 6 Piraka, Vezon

MK from Monkie Kid, Wu and the Ninja from Ninjago, Witch Doctor and Von Nebula from HF, rock monsters from Power Miners, aliens from Mars Mission, the knights and Jestro from Nexo Knights, Ogel from Alpha Team, the knights, Vladek and the king from Knights Kingdom, honestly anything from Exo-Force, Johnny Thunder from Adventurers, and so many others I'm forgetting / not familiar with.

This was a cool concept to think about, thank you for the discussion prompt!

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